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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


I groaned and shuddered in rising pleasure as the thick, slippery tentacle of muscle pressed up against my sex, following my body even as I arched up into a kneeling position in an effort to escape the constant erotic torment. I was really stuck, my arms held down and covered nearly to my elbows in the putty-like flesh of the creature. My feet and my calves were practically submerged in the same pinkish gray mass, and I could even now feel more of the creature’s slimy fingers slowly climbing my parted thighs, sucking at my legs and locking me down as though I might somehow float away.

My panties were long gone, as were my shoes and socks, but the rest of my attire was pretty much untouched. I was obviously regretting the choice of a skirt instead pants that morning, but my cotton blouse and traveling cape would have been fine if I hadn’t literally stumbled into the Flesh Pit Raper on the way to Gran’s house. Those damn things are seriously hard to spot. My mother warned me to stay clear of the forest, and in hindsight she was obviously right, but it’s a really long trip around and I wanted that extra time to rifle the tillerberry patch near Gran’s place.

Flesh Pits aren’t the worst thing you can run into in the forest, but they’re one of the most insidious. I’m not at all sure what they do with human males, but any female that happens to step into one will find themselves tripped and snagged almost at once. It’s a little like stepping onto a really large jellyfish, only covered in a really slick ooze. They hide using a rather cool form of chameleon-like color shifting that is so realistic that it renders them nearly invisible until they move. I caught my foot on the edge and fell forward instead of on my ass, but the effect was the same. First my hands, then my feet were wrapped up in thin, quick little tendrils that were really there as more of a distraction while the bigger, stronger but slower tentacles of flesh were able to bind me more securely. They’re not very smart, and really don’t move that fast, so as long as you can keep at least one hand free, you just have to slowly and carefully detangle each trapped limb while you make your way to solid ground and freedom. But in order to keep myself from doing a face-plant, I instinctively put both my hands out in front of me. When I realized what had happened, I quickly tried to pull my arms up out of reach, but it was too late. I was lucky to even get myself upright.

Solidly trapped, the pit assessed my position and decided that it would have better access if it parted my thighs, so over the next five minutes or so, my knees were very slowly pushed apart until I was spread wide and already tiring. What can I say, I was panicking. The creatures were called Rapers for a reason, so I had a pretty good idea what was coming. The more primitive part of my brain was telling me to fight, and fight I did. I thrashed and struggled and cursed until I was panting, my thighs burning with use. And the worst part was, I was acting exactly as the Flesh Pit wanted me to.

Like most animals in the forest, the Flesh Pits were tough on the outside, but soft and squishy on the inside. They weren’t about to bring a wildly struggling morsel of food into their belly where it could do serious damage, so they did various things to their prey beforehand to ensure that they were completely exhausted and drained of all fight. Only when they had wholly given up would the mouth of the creature open and suck them down into itself where they would be slowly digested.

So after ignoring the more intelligent part of my brain until I had accepted that I really wasn’t going anywhere, I actually calmed down and remembered that the way to beat a Flesh Pit was to wait it out. It wasn’t easy, but if you could keep yourself from getting out of control and exhausting your strength, the Raper would eventually give up and let go. It would take hours, maybe even the better part of a day, and I would have to endure an insane amount of forced sexual pleasure, but as long as I retained control the creature would be unable to tire me enough to bring me inside. At least that was the theory. In practice it’s a pretty daunting task to sit still and remain calm when you feel something wrapping around your panties underneath your skirt, especially when you know that those same somethings are going to be doing everything and anything they can to get your rocks off in just a few short minutes.

I was no virgin when it came to sex, and this wasn’t even the first time I had been caught by a Flesh Pit. Frankly, they weren’t even considered very dangerous due to their slow speed. The last time only my legs got tangled and I was out in less than five minutes. I didn’t know anyone personally that had been forced to resort to the “wait it out” method of escape, but it was something the elders drilled into you every chance they got. Of course, they also told us to stay clear of the forest in the first place.

There was a ripping sound and I gasped feeling a sudden rush of cool air over my privates. My undergarments slipped out from under me and I never saw them again. Any frustration over the loss of my clothing was replaced almost at once by the wave of adrenaline that surged through my body as the first slow, slick fingers of the creature licked along my petals. Needless to say, I jumped and tried to sit up. I couldn’t go far, basically from a sitting position to kneeling. But for a moment at least, the warm, wet, slippery pressure was gone. When I looked down, my skirt was blocking my view, but I just knew that fleshy appendage was slowly reaching up between my thighs and would be on me again any moment. And this time, I wouldn’t be able to pull away. The anticipation of this event only increased my heart rate, and my arousal. I unconsciously found myself testing at the bonds around my arms as my panic slowly grew, and had to literally remind myself out loud to conserve my strength and remain calm. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing, and was actually making a difference when something touched my apex.

“AHH!” I cried aloud, startled by the sudden warm contact, and the gains I had made to calm myself were lost in an instant. “Ohhh, shit…” I muttered as I twisted and rocked my pelvis in an effort to escape the oily fingers at my sex, but as predicted, I could no longer move away. The creature followed my movements, growing bolder by the second. The appendage must have split at the tip, because I could feel myself being opened and probed by a number of thinner fingers.

I knew I had to override my growing fear if I had any chance at all, so I steeled myself and accepted that I wasn’t going to avoid getting seriously felt-up by my slippery nemesis. My sole focus needed to be keeping myself from getting so aroused that I lost control and literally fucked myself into exhaustion because I simply couldn’t help it. I wasn’t going to be able to keep the creature from raping me, and I probably couldn’t keep it from getting me off. It was slow, but it was relentless. But if I kept still and tried to relax, I could beat it.

And so it was that I was gritting my teeth, trying to get myself to unclench my rock-tense thighs as an increasing length of warm, very well lubricated muscle slowly eased itself into me, when I heard a noise behind me.

“Well, well… What do we have here,” the somewhat gravely male voice behind me said. I jerked instinctively and instantly regretted it since the motion was repeated and amplified ten fold as pleasure from my hips.

“UGHNN! Wha..!? Who’s there? Please, help me!” I twisted my head around as much as I could, but couldn’t see the individual.

There was the sound of footsteps, and then a tall man in boots, black leather pants, and a loose white shirt stepped into view to my left, just off the road. He was a bit gruff, sporting what looked like several days worth of unshaven beard and a full head of dark black, somewhat unkempt hair that was held back with a ponytail. His features were relaxed and youthful, but his eyes… Looking into the man’s eyes made my heart race even more quickly than before, and I swallowed in nervousness. Dark as night and somehow familiar, he stared down at me as a great hunting beast salivates over a cornered meal.

“A Flesh Pit?” He said, the tone of his voice bordering on hilarity. He crouched down so that his face was almost level with my own. “Did you actually manage to get yourself stuck in a Flesh Pit Raper?”

I blushed, more than I already was, and frowned. “I fell, okay! Please,” I entreated. “Ugmmm… It’s… Ughn… Please, just help me out, okay?” The semi-solid phallus within me had begun to slide in and out. It was ridiculously slow, but I knew it wouldn’t matter in the long run. Eventually, the motion would be enough to bring me over the edge.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” replied the man calmly and then shifted himself so that he was actually reclining on the ground right next to me.

“What?!” I said, stunned. “This thing is trying to EAT ME!”

“Oh, it’ll be hours before it gets to that,” he replied, shaking his head.

I was so shocked by the stranger’s attitude that I was momentarily distracted from the very arousing things happening under and inside me.

“You can’t be serious?!”

He made a very unsettling half grin.

“Look at it from my perspective,” he said smiling. “I could pull you out right now, and probably get a slap in the face for my troubles…”

“I might slap you for being an uncaring wretch!”

“…Or,” he continued, ignoring me. “I can relax comfortably in the shade and watch a beautiful young woman as she writhes and gasps in wonderful bliss over and over again.”

My mouth dropped open. “You bastard…” I cursed, the slow motion in my sex becoming more and more pronounced. I knew that my body was reacting, no matter how much I wanted to deny it.

He clicked his tongue at me. “Do you really think that insulting me is going to help your situation?”

I bit my lip, both to keep myself from saying what I really thought, and to distract me from the constant pleasure.

“That’s more like it. Now, I think introductions are in order, are they not?” He was smiling again. “My name is Peter. Peter Wolfe.”

I groaned against the sensations building in my flower. “I… ughnn… I’m Scarlet.”

The man looked amused. “Scarlet?”

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth in frustration. “Scarlet Hood.”

“Scarlet,” he repeated to himself. “That’s such a… harsh name. How about I just call you… Red.”

I sighed in resignation.

“So, Red, what has you out and about on this lovely morning?”

I had to really concentrate to keep my body still. I knew that any motion of my torso would dramatically increase the stimulation from the Flesh Pit. Anger and frustration over my situation was making that harder and harder so I decided to try and use the conversation as a distraction.

“I was on my way to… ummm… my grandmother’s house. She… ughnn… lives just the other side of the forest.”

“Ah, I see. It’s always a good idea to stay in contact with your elders. And it’s a beautiful day for traveling. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Now, day before last… that was miserable. Why, you could have drown just…”

“Ughnnn… oh god.”

“Hmm, the Pit is starting to get to you, is it?”

I gave him a dirty look.

“You’re really very pretty when you’re mad, but…”

“B-but what?!” I snapped.

He was leaning back and forth. “I can’t really see you very well. Something is impeding my view.” He leaned a little closer. “Oh, of course,” he said moving a little nearer to me. “I see the problem now.”

The next thing I knew he was reaching right over the Flesh Pit to the buttons of my blouse. My eyes went wide.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Improving the view,” he said simply as his fingers popped the top-most button and started work on the next.

Livid, I closed my eyes for a moment to keep from screaming. I had to remain calm. Even the increase in my breathing was adding to the sensations from my apex.

“Look, Wolfe… Peter… Please, just get me out of here and…”

“And what?” He paused his work, holding my eyes expectantly. I swallowed, knowing that I had better be careful what I promised to the man.

“I… ughnn… I’ll… um, bake you a really nice pie?”

He looked a bit disappointed. “Not exactly the meal I was thinking of,” he replied and I found myself blushing anew.

“Come on,” I pleaded. “Do it because… because you’re such a nice guy…ummm…”

“I’m not a nice guy,” he answered smiling as he continued with my buttons.

“Aw shit…ughnnn…”

When he had reached the bottom, he tugged the garment loose from my skirt and then slowly drew it open, revealing my bare chest beneath. I didn’t have much of a bust, and hated confining clothing, so I rarely wore a brassiere. The cool morning air on my nipples caused me to gasp, and I could feel them pulsing with arousal.

“Oh my,” he said, leaning back for a better view. “Yes, that’s much better. Red, you have a wonderful chest.”

My face burned, and I looked away. “I’m… ughnn… so glad you approve,” I replied with venom.

“Oh, I do indeed,” he continued with his critique. “Nice and taut, with such large, perky nipples. Truly such treasures beg to be touched… licked.”

I was trying so hard to ignore the man’s comments that it was several seconds before his words hit me. When they did, I turned back to him in a near panic only moments before his slightly rough fingers brushed over my left breast, his thumb and middle finger gently settling on the hard nub at its center.

“Ahhh! Stop that!” I squealed, a quick flash of pleasure causing me to jerk back. But the rat followed me just as the Flesh Pit down in my lap, and moved his fingers playfully over the inflamed peak. I was suddenly so aroused that I could hardly focus my eyes. My breathing came in quick gasps until he let me rest an undetermined time later. By then, I was a quivering mass of lust, just holding on to control.

“Ughnnn… D-damn you! Ummmm…” I panted.

He chuckled. “What’s the matter, Red? Having a hard time holding still? I’m sure that the Pit has got to have you pretty close to the edge by now, am I right?”

I gritted my teeth and fought to keep my hips motionless. “Go to hell! Ahh… ughnnn…”

“Is that any way for a young lady such as yourself to talk?” He chided. “Such lack of manners… I think I’m going to have to penalize you.”

“P-penalize?! Ughnn… W-what do you mean?!”

Suddenly there was a pressure at my hip, and then some tugging.

“Hey!” The skirt I was wearing was a wrap-around job with simple buttons at the overlap. My personal voyeur had popped the top set and was already working on the lower ones. “Oh! Come on!”

As the garment fell away, Peter whistled softly.

“Wow,” he exclaimed as he stared openly at my naked hips. “And I thought your chest was sexy…”

“You are… ummmm…. a complete beast!”

He met my eyes for a moment, and I was instantly taken aback, frightened of him for reasons other than was obvious. And then his crooked smile returned and he was his normal comic self.

“Hmm, that’s gonna cost ya, Red,” he said, staring slightly down at me. What shall it be then? A titty tongue lashing? A nuzzled navel? Oh! I know! How about a little helping hip action!”

“What?! Oh, god, no, please… wait! UGHNN!!”

The man moved so that he could place one hand just at the base of my spine, and his other on my bare belly. Then, with a gentle but firm pressure, he pushed my whole pelvis forward. Since my legs were locked, the motion basically rocked my hips, drawing the creature slightly from my sex. A moment later the hand at my front pushed my body back, causing the liquid phallus to slide back in, but even deeper. I knew I was in trouble when he repeated the motion a second time with devastating results. By the third repetition my thighs were quivering in uncontrolled passion, and by the fourth time, he no longer needed to push my pelvis back. My mind had lost control of my body and I was gasping into a shuddering orgasm as my hips ground against the slick lover below me unchecked.


My ecstasy seemed to go on for far longer than I thought possible, due to the fact that I couldn’t pull away when things really exploded deep within my flower. The pleasure was so intense that I very nearly gave myself whiplash in my frantic need to escape the fiery touch of the creature inside me.

My lower body still spasming, I fell forward and simply tried to catch my breath as my eyes rolled back and I slowly came down from the mountain of pleasure. The Flesh Pit Raper was still living up to its name, so I never fully regained my composure before I felt a nervous warmth building again in my middle. Suddenly, there was a light touch at the top of my buttocks and I jumped.

“Ahh! P-P-Please… Oh god, no…” I pleaded, knowing who it was tickling me. The sharp caress slid sensuously around my side and I gasped in rekindled arousal. Slowly lifting myself upright, I let my body sit on the bulk of the creature below me and turned to my other tormentor. Peter Wolfe was grinning in a way that made me even more nervous.

“That was exquisite, my dear.”

I just sighed and tried to keep myself from coming again so soon.

“You are most angelic when you peak. Your face is literally radiant. So beautiful…” he reached out and placed a hand on my chest above my breasts and I frowned in despair. He wasn’t going to allow me to rest, and there was nothing I could do about it. Gently again, he lightly pressed with his warm fingers, forcing me to lean back. Sitting flat, the creature had taken advantage of my position and reach over my thighs to lock me down. I could no longer raise myself up to my knees, so my reclined position changed the angle in which it slowly undulated within me, forcing it to press more aggressively against the front of my tunnel.

“Look down at yourself,” he said, letting his other hand lightly stroke my belly. “See how lovely you look, your skin slick and alive with the Pit’s juices.” At his words, I did look down, and was shocked at the erotic display.

“See how you glisten, your nipples like glowing spires in the morning light. And at your hips,” he continued, his fingers inching down the front of my body. “You can actually watch the Flesh Pit work you. Easing in… and out… of your delicious flower, penetrating you right to your core, my lovely Miss Hood. It’s mesmerizing, isnt it?”

It was indeed, and I stared down my body, my eyes still half-lidded with ecstasy, watching with an almost detached fascination as my slow rape continued. I could feel every millimeter of the slick muscle sliding within me, bulging and undulating more like a thick slug than a human phallus. And yet it was firm enough to be pushed deep, deep inside me until it felt as though it were hitting my cervix, then ever so slowly withdrawing again until it was nearly pulled from my flower. And then the motion would repeat.

The only thing that saved me from coming again right away was the fact that my hips were no longer adding to the rhythm. My current laid-back position made any motion of my pelvis much more difficult. I was shaking slightly, but again, if I could only hold still, I might have a chance. Then I shivered and gasped as Peter’s fingers traveled down over my bare belly.

“St-stop… ughnnn… please…” I entreated, the queasy sensation below my navel warning me that I was close to ecstasy again.

“So soon?” He replied in mock horror. “Oh no, no… We’re just getting started, lover.” I watched in growing arousal as his hand moved lower and lower, inching erotically over the swell of my Mons. He teased me, coming almost to a complete stop near the top of my sex before very slowly allowing his fingers to move down over me. When I realized what he was about to do, my eyes grew wide.

“Wait! N-n-nooo…ummm… not my cl-cl-clit!”

But it was too late. His middle digit found the hardened nub of my clitoris and gently caressed the jewel, stroking me and sending sharp waves of pleasure jolting through my body. That, along with the ever present intercourse of the Flesh Pit, was simply too much. I jerked and spasmed as another orgasm crashed over me, my pelvis trembling in overload. Crying out, I screamed in ecstasy as the unstoppable passion went on an on. To my horror, my personal voyeur was being as unrelenting as the alien creature within me, torturing me by randomly stroking my center, keeping me in tense orgasm for longer than I thought possible. I pulled and twisted to free my stuck limbs, frantic to draw away from the firey pleasure that was quickly driving me insane. Again and again I gasped and pleaded for mercy as my helpless body arched and bucked out of control.

At my side, Peter only chuckled, his fingers never giving me a moment of rest.

“So beautiful,” he commented, his upper hand moving to my breasts. He took a nipple between his thumb and finger and gently mirrored what he was doing down in my lap. I came without warning, the burst of pleasure so intense that I saw sparkles of light at the edges of my vision. My body arched up and tensed, unable to even breath, for ten… twenty… thirty seconds.

Finally, with a great shuddering groan, I collapsed back and gasped for air. My muscles burned with fatigue, and the world swirled and tunneled as my mind fought to control the passion that was burying me.

“You can’t escape, Red,” whispered Peter Wolfe seductively in my ear, his fingers thankfully still for the moment. “It’s going to consume you…”

Fear brought me a momentary bit of clarity and I turned my face toward his.

“Pl-please…” was all I could manage. But the man slowly shook his head.

“No, lover. This is just too much fun.” I felt his lower digits coming alive again.

I moaned. “N-n-noooo… too t-tired…ughnnn!”

“Well, isn’t that the whole point, Red?” His upper hand shifted to the other nipple and I sucked in my breath sharply. “To exhaust you? How is the Flesh Pit ever going to eat you with your body thrashing around like that?”

“Nooo,” I whimpered in frustration as I was unable to resist what was already building again in my apex. Peter’s fingers were growing more bold, reaching right into me along with the ever moving phallus of the Pit. I saw him smile, and then lean over my chest and I suddenly knew what he was about to do. In a panic, my heart rate jumped and my breathing started to come in quick gasps even before his warm tongue settled over the closer peak at my breast. My head snapped back even as I cried out and shook into yet another moment of impossible arousal. His mouth suckled the hard cone, his tongue wrapping and teasing the engorged nub, until I was screaming again. Down lower, his fingers were sliding in and out of me at about twice the speed of the Flesh Pit. He was curling them down over my my clitoris and in along the top of the phallus so that it felt as though the creature were actually penetrating me much more vigorously. The constant friction on my jewel was unbearable by itself, but with the more active thrusting and the warm wet sucking of my nipples, I was powerless to resist the erotic torture, my body no longer under my conscious control.

Even through the fog of orgasm, I could feel my pelvis rocking against the phallic limb of the creature, and I knew also, Wolfe’s hand. Together, my two tormentors worked me unceasingly into orgasm after orgasm, never letting up. I have no idea how long they pleasured me, as I lost all sense of time. But when I finally did come down enough to refocus my eyes, I was hardly more than a twitching doll, my breath nothing but shallow gasps, my body utterly exhausted and limp.

As my vision and the “now” returned, I became aware of a number of things. First, was the smiling face of Peter Wolfe above me. I felt his hands on my face and behind my neck and realized that he was holding my head up so that I could see what was happening. I figured I must now be laid out, literally laying on the creature with my parted legs folded to each side of me. My thighs burned and ached, but it was nothing compared to the afterwash of pleasure that still flowed through my mind. I recalled an elder warning about never ever letting a Flesh Pit get you onto your back, and now, I could see why. As if realizing that its prey was nearly ready for consumption, short, thick appendages reached up all around my supine body, my hips, sides, upper arms, even loosely around my neck. The fleshy limbs stretched and elongated, slowly reaching over my naked form until they connected with a tendril from the other side. I watched in dizzy distraction, unable to look away from the creature, and then in horror when I saw the ends of two tentacles meet and fuse into a single unbroken band of muscle across my midriff. Over and over the strange action was repeated, sometimes with three or even four tendrils meeting and fusing over my body. In a few moments I was covered in what appeared to be a thick web of living tissue, which I could feel tightening and shifting around me, locking in my fate.

“That’s right, Red. There’s no escape now,” said the voice of Peter just to my left. “Even if you had your strength, it’s doubtful that you could break free of the tangle it’s put over you. It only does that when it’s committed. You can’t wait it out anymore.”

“Oh g-god, nooo….” I whispered, barely able to catch my breath enough to speak.

“But not to worry, lover,” he continued. “It wont be long now.” He reached out and tweaked my left nipple, instantly pushing me right to the edge of ecstasy again. “And from what I understand, it doesn’t stop fucking you, even when it’s drawn you into itself, in fact the whole inside is a wriggling mass of tendrils, all eager to please. And please they will. It seems there’s something about its digestive juices that cause you to feel only intense pleasure. It’ll be days and days before you finally expire, but it’ll be nothing but pure, wonderful orgasm until you do.”


“H-help m-m-me…ughnnn…” I pleaded, my body nearing peak yet again, the slow but steady thrusting of the Pit getting the better of me all on its own now.

“Oh, yes,” he smiled wickedly. “I intend to help. Indeed, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” With that, he let the back of his hand lightly tickle and caress the exposed sections of my body, starting with the swells of my breasts, and slowly making his way down toward my lap.

I could do little more than twitch and shiver in rising passion, knowing that in my overly aroused state, he’d hardly need but touch my flower to send me into bliss. Even as his feathery torture started over my Mons, I felt a change in the creature below me. Something was shifting under my buttocks and lower back… spreading, or loosening.

“UGHNN!! AHHH!!” I gasped in rushing pleasure as his fingers found their target and I fell out of time again. I must have tossed my head back and forth and screamed for several minutes, because when I finally rolled my neck forward, I started weeping at what I saw.

My body from my navel down, was now out of sight and engulfed by the main body of the creature. It was as though I was being sucked into some giant sphincter, which undulated and burped semi-clear fluid as it gradually pulled me in. I turned my head loosely to my left and saw the grinning face of Peter Wolfe as he reclined on the grass by the path and merely watched as I was very slowly swallowed. His face seemed almost expectant, as though he were waiting for something.

Suddenly, a deep, pleasure seemed to cover my legs and flow around my pelvis as though a thick, warm liquid was being poured into my lap. It was a wet heat, so erotic that it momentarily took my breath away. I just stared at Wolfe, unable to believe the sensual bath that was flooding over my sex, slowly working its way through my petals and inside me by the ever thrusting motion of the Pit’s phallus. And as wonderful as the tingling liquid warmth felt on the surface of my thighs and hips and Mons, it was ten times more arousing to the velvety, sensitive flesh of my inner sanctum. A gentle blush washed over me, my eyes fluttering even as I came.

The most amazing sense of bliss seemed to slowly envelope the lower half of my body, gently spreading upward as though the hot, sensuous liquid was literally filling me up. The soft orgasm was completely unlike the ones that had been forced on me before, and it took me a bit to understand how it was so different. Whereas my past arousal had been focused and sharp, originating in my sex and nipples, this new passion was more generalized. It was my whole pelvis that seemed to radiate ecstasy, even my thighs and belly were adding to the growing pleasure. It was coming from every part of my body that was out of view… already swallowed by the Flesh Pit.

“Yes,” said Peter watching me intently. “That’s it… you feel it now, don’t you? You feel the juices.”

I could do hardly more than breath, my mind caught up in the constant ecstasy. I was vaguely aware of his words, and his presence on the grass nearby, but the world was slowly fading from me as more and more of my trapped torso slipped down into the mouth of the Pit. And with every inch, the warm, wet pleasure only grew and grew.

“It’s already affecting you, keeping you in that wonderful state of euphoria. Well, soon, your whole body will be bathed in that liquid passion and you will stop caring about escape, or the world you knew, or anything at all… you will experience only the pleasure until you are finally absorbed into it. I so enjoy our time together, Miss Hood,” he said, somewhat cryptically while placing a hand on my breast. The sharper pleasure at my nipple caused me to shiver slightly, but was otherwise drowned in the river of ecstasy that ran over me. “And I shall watch you to the very end, savoring every…”

Suddenly, the man turned, staring back down the road. He gazed once more down at me, his cold, dark eyes seeing my very soul, and then he was gone.

Never before had I felt so incredibly alone and helpless. Bound, trapped, and completely enraptured by the very chemicals that would eventually digest my body and take my life, I was utterly powerless to stop my gradual descent into the belly of the creature. I could feel every inch of my flesh as it was sucked out of view and washed in the thick deadly liquid. And every inch that it touched only added to the bliss which was steadily overloading my senses. I knew, that in only a few short minutes it would be as Wolfe had said and I would stop caring about anything else but the pleasure. Already it was close… my vision was faltering, tunneling into darkness. My breasts met the surface of the creature and I had a brief moment of renewed clarity as I was jolted by the sensation of my nipples brushing against the opening into the innards of the Pit. My eyes went wide and my head rolled back as I tried to fathom the ongoing orgasm.

Below, inside the Pit, I started to feel the twisting, writhing tendrils that Peter had spoke of, each seeking to caress and fondle me. They were reaching around my thighs, over my belly, and along my sex, arousing me in ways that I never even imagined possible.

I had just decided to let go, to let the Flesh Pit have me, consume me, and was closing my eyes to that fate, when there was suddenly something blocking the sun above me. I recall a voice, and then hands on my shoulders, fingers reaching under my arms, pulling me. I remember the creature gripping me more tightly, unwilling to give up its meal so easily, and a nearly violent sense of orgasm as the Flesh Pit’s phallus came alive inside me, twisting and pulsing in an effort to distract the morsel of food it had put so much energy into. Only it wasn’t me. Oh, certainly, I made a feeble struggle as I was tormented anew with sharp sensation within my sex, but the wave of pleasure literally knocked the breath from my lungs and sent my mind into the solitude of unconsciousness. The very last thing I saw was the face of a man with red hair, then nothing.

White cotton sheets and the smell of fresh tillerberries. That was the first thing I noticed when I awoke. Sitting up slowly, I puzzled over the familiarity of my surroundings while I tried to understand what had happened. Was it all a dream?

“Please, miss,” said a man’s voice nearby. “You’re safe now.”

I turned toward the sound and found myself looking into the face of a redheaded man sitting on the edge of the bed, with short, well groomed hair and green eyes. He had a friendly enough countenance, somewhat roundish and oddly attractive. He looked to be about thirty. I glanced about the room, which I suddenly recognized, and I put my hands on my eyes, pressing to try and wring forth any tiny memory that would help explain things.

“The Pit,” I said, my own voice sounding a little horse. “What happened?”

The young man frowned. “Well, I can’t speak for how you came to be in that situation to begin with, but I found you just in time, I would say. A few minutes later and I think it would have had you.”

I shuddered, recalling both my fear, and the pleasure. Then I remembered something else.

“It was you… It was your face I saw over me, just as I was… oh god…” I closed my eyes again, trying to push back the feelings. It wasn’t working and my body started to tremble.

“Hey, hold on there,” he said, his hand coming to rest on my bare shoulder. I jumped slightly at the warm touch but did not pull away. The entirely human contact felt very comforting. “It’s okay… like I said, you’re safe now.”

He started to remove his hand, but I reached up and placed my own over his fingers, holding him there. “You were the one who pulled me out… You rescued me.”

He looked slightly embarrassed. “Just doing what any honorable citizen would do, ma’am.”

I found myself smiling again and then remembered my last state of dress. Looking down, I discovered that I was wearing a clean night dress.

“Uh,” started my savior, pulling his fingers free. “I, um, well, you were a bit of a mess, being covered in… I mean, you really needed a bath, and um, it’s not like I, er… oh hell.”

I looked up at the man, grinning. For some reason I found it oddly comical that the idea of having to bathe a nubile female made him so nervous.

“I suppose I should thank you, having saved my life and all,” I said meeting his gaze. There was something about his light green eyes that made me nervous as well, but I was pretty sure I knew why. I caught him glancing down at my chest and let my head drop. My erect nipples were pretty clearly visible through the light cotton gown.

“What do you say we start over,” I said, taking a deep breath. Then, putting out my hand I announced, “I’m Scarlet. Scarlet Hood”

The man’s mouth opened in surprise before he fumbled to return my grasp, then answered, “Dan Woodman.”

I held on to his fingers, loosely finding comfort in his touch. “So, Mr. Woodman, you obviously freed me from the Flesh Pit…”

“You were pretty far gone, right up to your shoulders,” he explained. “I had to reach into the thing to pull you out, and even then it was really resisting.”

“Tell me about it,” I said shivering again.

“Luckily, that species isn’t very strong or you’d have been toast. Once you were about hip deep again, the creature gave up and released you. You were pretty out of it I’m afraid.”

“I’ll bet,” I agreed.

“So I picked you up and brought you here. You were mumbling something about your grandmother’s place at the edge of the forest. I found a note from her by the way. It said she won’t be back until the end of Bright Festival. Something about a conference?”

“That’s gran all right. She isn’t happy if she isn’t learning something new all the time.”

“Sounds like a smart woman. Anyway, I had to break a window, but I got you in and washed off. You don’t want to leave that digestive slime on your skin, even though it mostly becomes inert outside of the creature’s body.”

“You sound like you’ve done this before, Dan.”

The man blushed. “Well, actually, I have. I’m sort of an expert on the indigenous life forms of this planet. I’m a research scientist.”

“Really? Well it was awfully good luck that you dropped by when you did. I assume you then put me to bed. How long was I out, by the way? I’m starved.”

“Uh, well…”

I frowned. “Come on, it can’t be that long.”

“The better part of two days.”

I was stunned. “Holy shit…”

“Sorry. I thought about calling the local hospital, er… but most females that have gone through an encounter like this usually don’t want the attention of the authorities.”

I nodded. “Yeah, no kidding.”

“The rest has just been biding my time until you woke up. How are you feeling?”

I let go of his hand and considered his question. How did I feel? Aside from some stiffness in my legs and arms, I didn’t seem to be hurt. “My skin is tingly, especially, er…”

His eyebrows rose a bit as he watched me stare into my own lap. “That would be the digestive fluids. It would have taken many hours of exposure before it started doing any real harm, but the chemical effects on your skin are almost immediate. The sensations should pass in a few days.”

I found myself rubbing my bare arm. Even the light touch of my own fingers sent muffled waves of pleasure through my body. The gown, though soft and light, felt almost as though it were made of feathers that tickled my skin everywhere it shifted even slightly. It was no wonder my nipples were practically pulsing as they rubbed stiffly against the front of the garment.

“I suppose I can stand it for a couple of days,” I commented with a half grin. “It could have been a lot worse.”

“Indeed. So how might I serve you, Miss Hood? You mentioned you were hungry?”

My breath caught. I was hungry alright, in a number of different ways. I took a deep breath and pushed my libido back while I concentrated on my stomach. As if asserting itself, there was a low growl from my belly.

“Please, you saved my life… Call me, Scarlet. Ughmm… It would seem that I’m starving!”

“Thought so,” he said nodding. “When I heard you waking I grabbed this Mumba fruit.” He placed a large object in my hand and continued. “I fear it’s going to take something a lot more substantial to fill you, but the fruit is juicy enough that it should help with the thirst you haven’t noticed yet. There’s a pitcher of water and a glass by the bed as well.”

I was surprised to find that he was right. I was thirsty, parched even.

“I’m going to go downstairs and make you a real breakfast. You just rest and try to collect yourself. Do you need anything else right away, Miss… er, Scarlet?”

I stared down at the bright blue fruit in my hands and my mouth started watering. I licked my lips and shook my head.

“No, thank you. This will do fine for the moment.”

He smiled. “I’ll be back in a few minutes then.” Standing, he left the room.

As soon as he was out of sight, I tore into the hard rind of the Mumba. Like most of the indiginous plants, it was just like any normal Earth fruit save for the color. The Mumba was a bit of a cross between an orange and a strawberry. The outer shell came away easy enough and I found that my hands were shaking as I pealed away a slice and hungrily stuffed it into my mouth… and then another. I can’t remember ever having enjoyed a simple natural food so thoroughly, and I was about halfway through when my face flushed.

In my haste to shove the succulent morsels into my maw, I had made a real mess of myself. The light-blue juice covered about half my face and had dripped over my chin and neck and then right down my chest under the gown. The light cotton shift would stain for sure, but I was more concerned with how my body was reacting to the thin runnels of citrus between my breasts.

My lips parted in deep arousal and I gasped softly. Perhaps it was the acidic nature of the juice, or a reaction with what had been done to my skin, but I could suddenly tell exactly where every tiny droplet of Mumba juice had slipped over my front. A soft, buzzing euphoria spread out from wherever the fruit’s blood had touched me. My hands were literally vibrating.

“Oh god…”, I panted, feeling that one of the wet blue trails was still inching down over my belly toward my lap. I set down the remained of my snack and moving the covers aside, I carefully stepped out of bed and tried to stand. My knees almost gave out on me, but I managed to remain upright by holding on to the bedpost until my strength returned. Then, moving very slowly, I padded to the bathroom to clean up. There was a large, full-length mirror in the room, which doubled as a changing space, and I gently eased the straps of the gown over my shoulders and let it fall from my body… And immediately had to brace myself as a wash of erotic pleasure threatened send me over the edge into ecstasy.

It wasn’t the fruit juice that got me, though that was certainly contributing, but rather the friction of the gown sliding down off my body. I was stunned that something so innocuous could have such a profound effect on my arousal. When I had my heart rate under control again, I stood up and looked at myself in the nude. Beyond the mess the Mumba had made, I seemed no worse for wear. My skin from the neck down did seem a little pinker than usual, but nothing more than a light case of sunburn might produce.

I resisted the urge to reach up and smear the juice over my breasts, and instead reached for a washcloth. The cool water felt wonderful, and when I was clean, I made full use of the toilet and bidet, the later nearly sending me into orbit. Refreshed and still hungry, I stopped again in front of the mirror. My nipples were still flushed and hard at my chest.

“Yeah, yeah…” I said softly to myself. I found I was idly stroking my belly and frowned. I’d probably want to do a more intimate inspection later, but my sex seemed to be handling the pounding it had been given rather well. I felt a little stretched, but not unpleasantly so, and the nice thing about being raped by a slimy creature is that it’s a lot less likely to rub you raw inside.

That line of thought brought back memories that caused my nipples to pulse in arousal. I also felt myself grow wet and shook my head to clear away the erotic cascade of images that readily came forth. I was surprised that among the visions of Peter Wolfe’s hand in my lap, and my slick body half swallowed by the Pit, my imagination also created a version of Dan. Naked, and stepping from the nearby shower, my lust-befuddled brain saw him as not just my savior, but also as a bedmate…

“Ughnn…” I groaned, realizing that I was trying to come off of literally mind-numbing levels of pleasure cold turkey. I needed food, for sure, but what my body really wanted was sex.

“Right,” I exclaimed with a sigh and headed back to the bed.

“I hope you like eggs, Scarlet,” stated Dan as he carried a tray of food through the doorway. “I wasn’t sure if you’d want poached or scrambled today, so I made both. I’m afraid the only jam for the toast is tillerberry, but… er… I…”

He had stopped in the middle of the room, staring at me. I was sitting up in bed smiling. The covers were pulled to my waist. The reason Dan was staring was that I had decided to leave the gown in the bathroom to soak and hadn’t bothered with a new one.

I just grinned. “I love tillerberry jam.”

“Uh… do you want me to come back,” he asked, turning slightly to the door.

“God no!” I exclaimed in response. “That food smells heavenly!”

His eyebrows went up a bit as he set the tray on my lap, but otherwise he didn’t oggle me too heavily. It’s almost impossible for a healthy male to be that close to an actively sexual female’s bare chest and not look, especially given the highly aroused state of my nipples. Still, Mr. Woodman came off as a gentleman. The problem was, I didn’t want a gentleman. What I wanted was to be ravaged.

He started to leave while I greedily stuffed a bite of toast into my mouth and I grunted and patted the covers of the bed with my hand, urging him to stay and sit. He hesitated only a moment and then did so.

“Ummm,” I groaned, swallowing. “This is fantastic. Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure.”

I’m sure it was. “So,” I continued, after a mouthful of scrambled eggs. “Tell me, what sort of research do you do, Dan?”

“Uh, er…” I caught him distracted by my chest and smiled. “Do you want me to get you another gown or anything?”

“Nah. It was driving me crazy. I assume, Mr. Woodman that there’s nothing you haven’t seen before, yes? Especially since you did bathe me…”

He paled. “I… ”

“I’m not complaining, sir, really. I owe you my life. You have a right to see me naked any time you wish.” I took another bite of toast a then washed it down with a mouthful of fresh juice.

The poor man’s eyes grew wide.

“Miss Hood, I can assure you that I in no way rescued you in order to, er… uh..”

“Get into my pants,” I finished for him as I slurped a crescent of melon and held his eyes.

He watched me with his mouth open for a moment, then said with a sigh, “Well, technically, you weren’t wearing any… Pants that is.”

I felt myself grow warm down in my lap. “That’s true,” I commented, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. “And I suppose that you could have taken full liberties with me while I was unconscious and I’d have never known…”

“I… I would never…” he stammered.

I chuckled. “I’m teasing you, Dan. So far as I am aware, you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman, which in this day and age is something of a rarity.”

He was frowning at me.

“But,” I said, setting down the melon rind. I reached out and gently took his hand in mine. “I was serious about me owing you my life. You are more than welcome in my pants, or my bed, any time you wish.” I made sure I had his complete attention as I spoke.

He was silent, but I could tell, considering my offer. I decided to fan the flames a bit and quietly moved the tray off the bed so he could see me unimpeded. “Look at me,” I asked, holding my arms out away from my body. “Would you say I am fully cognizant of my surroundings and capable to making rational judgments?”

“Yes,” he replied with some reservation.

“And you do find me attractive, don’t you?”

“Very much so.”

I sighed and let my hand fall back to the bed. “I’m of age, willing, and frankly, horny as hell, Dan. I know I may be a little younger than what you’re used to, but right now I need someone to make love to me, bad. My body is screaming for sex, and I’m afraid I’ll go literally insane if I don’t do something about it really soon. So what do you say? Are you going to ditch those clothes, climb into bed and rock my world, or am I going to have to walk to Allanon Station and find some random stud, because I assure you, I AM going to get laid in the next twenty-four hours.”

“You hardly know me,” he said quietly, but with all seriousness.

I shrugged my shoulders. “You saved my life. What you might not know is that just before you arrived, there was another man with me at the Flesh Pit. Instead of rescuing me, he was only interested in watching as that thing raped me into a coma.”

“Why would he do that? I mean… I know why… but how could any colonist not aid a fellow human in need… unless…”


The man was thoughtful. “Well, I know this might seem strange, but perhaps he wasn’t human.”

Now it was my turn to frown. “What are you talking about, Dan?”

He stood from the bed, pacing slowly as he thought. “How much do you know about this planet’s history, Scarlet?”

I shrugged. “The usual stuff they teach in school I guess. Why?”

He waved off my education with the flick of his hand. “They hardly touch on what the colonists found when they first arrived here. They called it a wasteland, with little or no potential for higher life forms. But there _were_ indigenous sentients.”

“Are you saying that the Founders lied to us? And even if they did, what does that have to do with Peter, er… the guy that originally found me?”

He sat on the bed again. “Okay, I want you to take this with an open mind, okay?”

“I suppose,” I replied, genuinely curious.

He sighed. “The Federation knew almost nothing about the life forms that were originally here, except that they were highly adaptable. They had to be in order to survive in such a wildly changing environment. Federation technology has since quieted down the weather, but there are other things that forced the higher life forms to change as well. Human presence alone created massive shifts in the behaviors that the lesser life form exhibited. Take your Flesh Pit. How could such an organism develop? Humans haven’t been here long enough for a normal organism to adopt highly specific behavioral traits through natural selection alone. We learned that almost all the indigenous life had the ability to change its shape at the very least. You experienced that most personally I’m afraid.”

“That’s an understatement,” I agreed, and blushed, remembering the way the Flesh Pit’s phallus undulated within me.

“And its ability to change its appearance to match its surroundings,” he continued. “Rendering it nearly invisible.”

“Okay, so?”

“About seven years ago a body washed ashore near Larkin Island Port. It was thought to be someone who had gone missing in a boating accident a month or so earlier. But when authorities did an autopsy, they discovered something that caused the whole story to get a lockdown.”

“Sure, I remember it. The Central Government claimed it was a matter of national security or some such.”

Dan was shaking his head slowly. “No. They gagged the results of that autopsy because the body wasn’t human.”

“Oh come on. What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that my research out in these forests has led me to some very interesting discoveries, one of which is that humans are _not_ the only higher lifeforms on the planet.”

I was incredulous. “So… what? Are you saying that some other intelligent race is somehow going around impersonating humans?”

“Think about it for a second. They can change their appearance at will, and not just to a human form. You might have walked by one many times and never known. They could look like a tree, or a rock, or they could just blend into their surroundings and become invisible. I’ve seen structures and writings that match no known human forms. And they wouldn’t be bound by the same set of ethics that human colonists share. In fact… they might be pretty miffed at what humans have done to their planet.”

“And you think that the man that I met that afternoon was one of those… aliens?” I could see the truth in his words even if I had a hard time accepting them.

“Well, technically the humans would be the aliens, but yes,” he answered.

I thought about it for a while. It would certainly explain Peter’s willingness to just let me die. I shook my head. “I don’t know. Maybe. How the hell did we get on this conversation anyway?”

“I mentioned that you hardly knew me, and you used the actions of that other man… Peter, as an example of how not all men are chivalrous.”

“That’s it,” I said, snapping my fingers. “Which only further strengthens my point. I didn’t know him, whereas you’ve already passed the knightly test and come through with flying colors. I trust you.”

Woodman stepped closer to the bed. “You still don’t know me. One simple act does not a righteous man make. For all you know, I could be an ‘alien’.”

I reached out and started working the buckle of his belt. “Perhaps, but even if that were the case, I don’t care. You still rescued me, and I still owe you my life, and frankly, still want you in my bed. I need this, Dan… NOW. Human or not, I want you to make love to me until I’m screaming in orgasm. I need you to do whatever it takes to purge the memory of that Flesh Pit from my mind. Tie me up, hold me down, make me come until we’re both sweaty and exhausted beyond reason. Please…”

“You’re sure about this?” He asked one more time. “I can’t say that someone so young and sexy doesn’t attract me…” I had his pants pushed down around his ankles and was working on his boxers. When Dan’s very large manhood sprang loose, I gasped and suddenly found myself as wet as a river.

I moaned and grasped his shirt on either side, pulling him forward and to my left on the bed. He rolled as he fell and then grunted as I tossed my leg over his torso, straddling him.

“Oh yeah,” I panted, staring down at him. “I’m sure.” Then, without waiting for a response I sat up slightly, reaching under me. When I sat back down I let his shaft ease right into my honey. I was coming before he was even all the way inside me.

It felt so wonderful to have a regular human phallus impaling me, that I started laughing as I pumped my hips atop his. I couldn’t help it. Whereas before, I was trying to resist, now, I was doing everything I could to let myself go. I wanted to come. And I did, again and again and again. And to my delight, so did Dan. I basically rode him for nearly an hour, my pelvis gyrating and humping his groin until I finally screamed out one last time and slumped forward onto the man’s chest, completely exhausted again. I was asleep in seconds.

I awoke again to white cotton sheets and the smell of berries, but this time, there was also a warm body snuggled behind me. I smiled as I came fully awake and pressed myself back against my lover. I felt him stir, and then to my delight, reach his hands around my waist and up over my breasts. My sensitive skin still reacted and I was quickly gasping and undulating my hips in a motion as old as humanity. I was only a little surprised to feel his hard member at my back, sliding sensuously between my buttocks and moving closer and closer to my sex with each rolling wave of my body. Finally, the hand at my belly moved lower and urged me to part my thighs. I did so happily, and was rewarded by his fingers reaching down into my lap and opening me. When I came forward again, his manhood slipped right through my slick petals and pierced me to my core in one smooth motion.

“UGHNN!” I groaned, momentarily unable to breath, let alone move. But my lover had other ideas and gently pushed his own hips forward, forcing me to rock my body, his phallus sliding languidly within my velvety passage. It wasn’t long before I was caught up in the deep, slow rhythm, and though I was frantic the last time we made love, this time I wanted the passion to last as long as possible. As if sensing my desire, my lover held our pace and refused to allow me to increase the frequency of his undulating penetration. I grew more and more aroused with each thrust, until my body was trembling with need. At last, I could hold back no longer and cried out in fiery orgasm, my whole body jolted by the intensity of my moment. His arms held me tight, denying escape while his hips continued to roll forward and fuel my ongoing ecstasy until I had shuddered into bliss two more wonderful times.

We laid together, his member still semi-hard and pressing seductively at my gates for several minutes. I was more than tempted to fall back into sleep, my strength having been sapped yet again, but I wanted to thank Dan for the wonderful wake-up call.

“Ummm,” I sighed. “That has got to be the very best way to start a day. You can do that to me anytime, lover.”

The man said nothing in words, but began to stroke my breasts and belly, his fingers doing very erotic things with my nipples that left me breathless and squirming. While one hand played with my chest, the other moved my body, guiding my arms above my head. I closed my eyes and let him lead me on whatever sensual adventure he wanted to take, and soon he had raised the other arm as well. He was stroking my wrists while his lips kissed and suckled at my neck and shoulders. Down lower, his fingers were sliding over the swell of my abdomen, tickling me into slight shivers as his digits inched further and further down my body. Finally, they brushed over the short hair of my pubis and I smiled, knowing what was coming. I parted my thighs, wrapping my leg back and around his. Held open in this way, my lover had full access to my sweet flower, which he readily exploited. He teased me by letting his fingers lightly slide back and forth over my petals. His feathery touch had me shivering in delight and literally dripping with arousal in no time. Only then did he then let his digits slip more deeply. I was making little intakes of breath each time he touched me, which turned to outright cries of passion as he slipped over the jewel of my clit on each pass.

Two minutes was all I could stand before I started to twist and shudder as I closed in on orgasm, the sharp pleasure simply too much for my tired body to stand.

“P-p-please… ugnnnn…” I begged to my lover to let me have release as I pushed my pelvis into his fingers. But he only slowed his touch, tormenting me. On and on he would slowly stroke me, the tips of his fingers just brushing over my button on the way out each time. It was maddening. I had to come, I simple couldn’t resist any longer and went to draw my hands down. I’d press his fingers deep into me… Surely that would be enough at this point…

But my hands were held. I pulled a bit harder, and was surprised that Dan was able to keep my arms above my head. In confusion, I looked up and saw that my wrists were wrapped in something as though tied to the bedpost. Even as his fingers continued to work me, I twisted my upper torso as much as I could, and found myself staring up into the dark eyes of Peter Wolfe.

Sudden fear gripped me even as he smiled and slipped his slick digits deep within my sex, his thumb sliding over my clitoris. It was too late to try and hold back my ecstasy, and the man grinned wickedly as he brought me to a hard orgasm.

When it was over, he left his hand between my thighs, lightly resting on my sex. The other hand was gently stroking my cheek.

“It was you,” I whispered, barely able to draw breath. “It was you all along…”

“Yes,” he answered simply.

“You’re one of the original inhabitants…” I panted. “A shapeshifter.”

He nodded. “Keep going.”

“There was no second man to rescue me… It was you.”

“Very good.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. “You’re the research scientist. That’s why you are an expert on indigenous lifeforms.”


“I’m such an idiot!”

He tilted his head to the side. “Why is that, Red?”

I met his eyes… those dark, dark eyes. I could see myself reflected in those black glistening pools, my body stretched out, naked, and as always, trapped. “Because I should have seen it. I should have realized that you weren’t even human.”

He chuckled softly. “I think you’re overestimating your powers of observation, love. I can pretty perfectly mimic your species.”

“Visually, yes. But there were other signs. You said it yourself, er… or rather Dan did… or you as Dan. You said that no human colonist would ever fail to come to the aid of another.”

He nodded slowly. “True. I see your point.”

“So why have you bound me?”

He brought his hand down to my chest, his fingers lightly playing over my nipples. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the rising sense of lust that washed over me.

“You like to be restrained,” he answered simply, concentrating on the pattern he was making on my chest. “It excites you.”

“Oh really?” I tried to catch his attention, but he purposely ignored me. “Did your vast knowledge of human emotional response tell you that?”

“No. Just your scent,” he replied, his digits moving a little lower to my upper abdomen, then back up again to the hard nubs at my chest. I swallowed in arousal.

“My scent?”

“Yes. Humans have pheromones that change based on your various sexual states. Just because I look like you, doesn’t mean that I’m limited to your range of perception. I can smell when you’re aroused, like just now when I grazed your nipples.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I turned my head and tried not to think about what he was doing to me, and how I felt about it. He continued to play with my libido, his other hand gently cupping me, almost petting my flower.

“You’re conflicted,” he said, watching the slow movements and twitches of my body with a near obsessive intensity. “You can’t deny that what I’m doing feels good, or that you haven’t enjoyed the last twelve hours we have been together, even if you thought it was someone else. The fact remains that you wanted me, that even now you want me inside you again.”

“Ughnnn…” I moaned. “No, let me go.”

“Are you saying that you didn’t enjoy our lovemaking?”

“I… ummm… oh god, stop that… okay, okay! Yes, I enjoyed it.”

His fingers cupped me more firmly. “And even now, knowing what I am, you want more.”

“Ahh! P-please…. ughnnn…. Why are you doing this?”

His hand abruptly moved away from my apex. To my surprise, I found myself disappointed.

“I’m changing you,” he said as he pinned me down with his eyes. His face was deadly serious, and for perhaps the first time, I was truly frightened. Not of him directly, but of his words. There was something about them that chilled me.

“I… I don’t understand.”

“When humans first came to our world, we acted as our species always has, hiding or blending-in instead of facing a threat. It’s what we are genetically programmed to do. We adjust. But your race is exactly the opposite. You come to a world and change it to suit you. You alter the weather, eliminate threats, and dominate any intelligence that tries to resist.”

“But… we didn’t know…” I replied weakly.

He squinted at me, his face becoming a little dark and fearsome. “Your government knew. We tried to speak with them, but they rejected us as savages and buried our presence from the general populous. They went on changing our world, and us with it. We had no choice. We were forced to adapt to your norms of temperature and weather, your invasive plant and animal species, even your sprawling expansion as colonists settled further and further from the central cities. We helped some of the natural life forms to shift themselves into creatures that might instill fear and compel you to remain in your cities…”

“The Flesh Pit Rapers,” I whispered.

Peter nodded above me. “But it didn’t work. To our surprise, YOU adapted. You changed some of your social patterns and started educating each other about the dangers that lurked in the forests, and how to deal with them. But although we had failed to slow your urban sprawl, it did illuminate something important… You were malleable.

“The process was far slower than we were used to, glacial by our standards, but it wasn’t your physical bodies we needed to change, but rather your minds, your very culture. And in that, you are more pliable.”

Still confused, I stared up at the being and panted. “What are you doing to me? You said you’re changing me… Changing me how? If you want me to listen, I will, I promise. I could take your words to someone in authority and…”

“No,” he replied without malice. “They wouldn’t listen to you. Oh, they would hear your words, but they would merely have you disappear so that you couldn’t spread your message of fear to anyone else. No, I am changing you in a different way. It takes a very long time, but simply put, I’m making you tolerant.”

“Tolerant? Of what? Your people?”

“My people, my world, our attitudes and culture. Everything. Your race, by nature fears that which is hidden. Our race, by nature fears that which does not adapt. Overwhelmed by the sheer force and tenacity of your species, I am seeking to remove your fear of us, of what we can do. The only way to accomplish this is massive and prolonged exposure. Pleasure is the key. Your race is remarkably open to conditioning via the use of pleasure.”

“Conditioning?!… Oh my god, you’re brainwashing me!”

He tilted his head and half nodded.

“In a way, I suppose I am. I’m connecting something you don’t like with something you very much do. When you no longer have a fear of another species sharing this world, then you’ll be ready.”

“Ready? Ready for what?! I don’t fear you… Really, I don’t. You said it yourself, I want you, even now…”

“Yes, and your conditioning is almost complete. It has taken a long time, but your mind has almost fully accepted me.” His fingers were playing with me again, the ones at my chest were drawing lazy spirals around my breasts, and down lower he was lightly brushing his fingertips through the soft hair on my Mons. My heart rate climbed rapidly.

“Ughnnn… Three days,” I gasped as I suddenly found it much harder to concentrate. “Is not that long.”

He gazed down on me with an expression that seemed compassionate, even sad. “Oh, my dear Miss Hood. This is not the first time we have had this conversation.”

“I… I don’t understand.”

“Back in the Flesh Pit, right before I rescued you, do you remember how you felt? How the warm digestive juices aroused you into an ongoing orgasm that wouldn’t fade?”

I suddenly did, and my body reacted to the recalled sensations. “Ummm… y-y-yes…”

“That organism was designed that way on purpose, to produce a chemical reaction that would keep a victim in a state of euphoria even as they are consumed. We’re not a cruel race. We do not wish to inflict pain upon you. But if my conditioning had not taken, you would simply have been left to your fate.

“However, I too am able to produce a similar liquid. Like my less intelligent genetic cousin, it also puts you into a state of euphoria. But where the Flesh Pit digests you, the substance I produce is very specifically designed for something else.”

I was really starting to panic now, completely torn between what my body was feeling, and Wolfe’s words. “What… ughnnn… would that be?”

He leaned down so that his face was very close to my own. “To erase your memory.”

My eyes widened, but at the very same time he announced this, he grasped my right nipple in his fingers. I gasped, and was momentarily unable to breath, let alone speak.

“The effect,” he continued, “is limited to about four days, but more than enough for our purposes. It erases the distinct memory of everything that has occurred in that period, while leaving in the more long term conditioning. In that way, we can repeat the procedure again and again until it has become a natural part of your psyche. Later, you will pass this learned tolerance to your offspring, and they to theirs. In time, your people will learn to accept us and we may then be able to initiate a discourse.”

His other hand was slowly drifting down into my very slick flower again, and I was struggling to stay focussed. “B-but that… ahhh… would take… oh god!… ughnn!… centuries. I’m just… ahhh… ahhh!!… one p-p-person… UGHNN! S-stop, you’re driving m-me crazy!”

“True,” he conceded. “But you are not the only one. The same procedure is occurring all over your planet with thousands of young females just like yourself.”

All at once his fingers plunged into my flower and caused my body to arch up in wonderful shock. My head went back as well, so I failed to see his mouth descend and completely cover my closer nipple. The warm, wet pressure sliding over the hardened nub, as well as the active motion of his digits in my honey and over the jewel of my clitoris, was more than enough to send my already over-aroused body into a heart-pounding orgasm that literally knocked me senseless for several minutes. When the world returned, I was laying on my back. I wasn’t surprised that my wrists were still bound in some way, but it did startle me to find that my ankles were also now fixed by some strange looking rope to the other bedposts. In short, I was laying spread-eagle on the bed, naked, and completely trapped. My captor was lounging on the mattress next to me.

“It’s time, Red,” he said simply.

I turned my head to face him. His expression was of mixed sadness.

“Please don’t,” I whispered.

“I must.”

I was still panting, but the pounding of my heart was in fear. “I’m afraid. I don’t want to forget. These have been some of the most wonderful days of my life.”

He was moving on the bed, taking up a position that let him kneel between my thighs.

“And they will be again. Your grandmother moved to Larkin Island years ago. This house has been empty save for our meetings every three weeks.”

I was shocked. “How long?! How many times have you done this to me?”

He placed his hands at each of my ankles and lightly stroked my skin. There seemed to be a slippery warmth coming from his palms, as though he has dipped his hands in warm oil a moment earlier. Wherever he touched me, pleasure blossomed and grew.

“Several years. Maybe three-dozen times.”

“Oh my god… Ughnn… It’s starting, isn’t it?” He was slowly making his way up my body, gently and lovingly covering my flesh with the strange liquid fire. By the time he passed my knees, I was already breathing hard.

“Yes,” he said simply. “The chemicals are already being absorbed through your skin. Your sexual arousal will slowly build upon itself until you peak in orgasm. Once that happens, you will stay in orgasm for nearly an hour while your short-term memory is purged.

“I won’t remember you at all, will I.”

He thought for a moment. “I make subtle changes to my appearance each time so that any residual memory will keep you from recognizing me, however, it is likely you will have a number of highly erotic dreams that may include this persona, or that of Dan Woodman.” He lifted his hands from my upper thighs and reached over my nude form to my belly. As his fingers met the smooth, taut flesh of my midriff, I felt a light wash of the slick liquid flow over me, filling the soft depression at my navel, and dripping over my sides. I took in a long deep breath as the erotic warmth multiplied itself.

“Ughnn… No…” I panted, desperately trying to catch my breath as the sexual tension slowly built. I pulled at my bonds, my body starting to twist and writhe. I had to escape. I couldn’t let him drive me to bliss or I would lose everything.

Peter was gradually working the slippery oil up my torso. “It’s too late, Scarlet. Even if I were to let you loose, the substance on your skin would eventually push you over the edge. You’re going to come, it’s only a matter of time now.”

I gasped and cried out as his hands moved sensuously over the flattened mounds of my breasts, the liquid streaming down around my body. While I thrashed to escape the torturous pleasure, my captor teased my nipples between his fingers repeatedly until I was nearly screaming at his touch. As I felt the tightening in my gut of approaching bliss, I looked down my glistening body to see the naked form of Peter Wolfe kneeling before my parted thighs. His shaft was fully erect, and to my surprise, literally dripping with the sensuous oil. I remembered how it felt to have the Flesh Pit’s juices inside me, and knew that it would be over the second Peter entered my quivering tunnel.

“Good bye, Miss Hood,” he said as he positioned himself. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

“No, wait!” I pleaded, but his manhood pressed at my lower lips and then slid slowly into me in one very long, wet trust. There was the feeling of being filled to overflowing with a warm liquid, and then I was arching into orgasm. The pleasure gripped and held me completely. Unable to pull away, unable to breath, unable to even think, I could do nothing but shudder and stare up into Peter’s dark eyes as I came, and then slowly faded from the world.

Locking the door to my modest cottage, I set off down the path behind my home that led toward my grandmother’s house. It had been almost three weeks since I had even talked to her, and I was very much looking forward to raiding the tillerberry patch nearby. As I smoothed down my blue sun dress, I noticed that my nipples were a little pronounced. My dreams of late had been shockingly erotic to say the least. No matter, I decided to take the shorter route through the woods and it would be unlikely that I would even meet anyone else. It was always a little dangerous to travel that way alone, but I wasn’t afraid, and it wasn’t far. Two or three miles down the path, just the other side of the forest.