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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Sela’s Silk

Pom sighed and opened one eye as she started to come out of her strange dream.

“Do you think it’s hurt?” asked a slow female voice to her left.

“How should I know?” answered another voice at her right. “Humans are so fragile.”

“She’s just bruised,” replied a third female voice, and this one was right in front of her. “Give her some space, she is awake.”

With both eyes open, Pom could still barely see. There was a dim amber light with no discernable source, but the figures around her were hardly more than silhouettes. Their voices seemed friendly enough, but as her eyes slowly adjusted, she found herself becoming increasingly unsettled. Something about them wasn’t quite right. And then she knew.

Horrified, she scampered away, or tried to. Her body ached all over.

“Hey, where’s she going?” asked the first voice, as the grotesque figure closed on her again.

“No, Crisp. Let her be. I’m sure we’re frightening to her.”

Pom panted and pushed herself as far into the corner as she could.

“Stay back!” she squeaked. “Where am I?”

The one called Crisp laughed softly. “You’re in the Vale, silly,” she answered.

Pom nearly fainted. She knew she had fallen fairly far, but she had no idea she had entered the Vale. Her heart sank, for the words confirmed that the creatures before her were certainly not human… not even close.

The first, Crisp, came forward just a bit, and Pom saw a huge caterpillar with the facial features of a young girl. She had huge eyes that blinked down at her.

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t eat you, right Jojo?”

The second figure moved into view. This one was a bit more human shaped, but had the look of an upright frog. She wore a red, four-cornered hat with ornate tassels that hung in front of her face most of the time.

“I wouldn’t think so, no,” she replied to her friend.

Finally, the last figure moved into view and it was all Pom could do to keep from screaming. This one had the upper body of a girl, but from the waist down was shaped like a gigantic spider, complete with eight spindly legs and a bulbous abdomen.

“I’m sorry if we frightened you. We found you in the river. It would seem you must have fallen in and washed clear into the Vale. We thought at first you were dead. My name is Sela.”

Although the spidery creature terrified her, its words did not seem threatening, and even with an extra two sets of eyes, the girlish face that stared down at her was not menacing, in fact, she seemed genuinely concerned.

“You’re hurt and cold. We brought you to my den to make you comfortable.”

Pom took notice of her surroundings. The walls around her were a soft white material that felt smooth to the touch. Even the floor was made of the same silk-like fabric. Suddenly her stomach clenched.

“Is this a web?!”

The one named Sela looked down. “Well…. yes, of course. What else would it be? Oh! You’re worried you will get tangled?”

The look of terror in the human’s face was all the answer the creature needed.

“I see. Do not fear, human. This web will not stick to you. See for yourself.” She held out one of her human hands toward the floor.

Pom carefully placed a single finger to the surface. There was no stickiness to the fine strands, only a smooth warmth. She placed her whole hand down, and marveled at the way the soft surface felt on her skin. Running her fingers over the floor was mesmerizingly sensual, and her digits tingled softly.


“You see? It is my home, not a trap.”

“And… and you really won’t hurt me?”

Crisp smiled. “You are our… guest. We do not wish you harm. Do you have a name?”

“I… I’m Pom.”

For the next several hours, Pom got to know her new friends. It took her a while to get used to them, especially Sela, but after a casual meal of fruits and vegetables, she decided that she needed to revise some of the myths she had heard about the terrors of the Vale. She had even begun to think of her three new friends as just like any other teen girls.

“Not everyone sees the humans as more than food,” argued Jojo. “It’s probably a good thing that you weren’t found by one of the Vorpilade.” She shivered.

Pom nodded. “I suppose it’s the same with humans. Some are good folk, and some are… well, not.”

“So, are you married?” asked Crisp out of the blue.

Pom almost choked on the juice she was sipping.

“Crisp, you know that might be a sensitive topic for humans…”

“No, It’s alright, it just surprised me. I’m not married. I’m only just eighteen though, so I have some time. I… haven’t met the right one yet.”

“As pretty as you are, you must have lovers lined up though, right?” asked Jojo. Sela just put a hand in front of her face, shaking her head.

“Uh… I…”

“Come on, tell us,” urged Crisp. “Are they handsome and strong? Fearsome warriors? Good for a tumble?”

“Crisp!” Sela interrupted. “Please forgive their manners, Pom. I’m afraid that most of our romance stories come from the human world. Their view of your kind’s sexual exploits is almost certain to be exaggerated.”

She blushed. “I… have had a few lovers…”

“See! I told you!” clapped Crisp, her worm-like body rocking happily back and forth.

“But, I’m really not that experienced…”

Sela laughed. “There are far fewer males for us in the Vale. Sadly, most of the time, we really do have to settle for a sultry tale… or the pleasure of others,” she added cryptically.

“Now who’s forgetting their manners?” said Jojo.

“We’re all girls here,” added Sela. “But we shouldn’t push. It’s not polite.”

“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. I’ve just never thought of my love life as all that interesting. To answer your question, Crisp, I have had three lovers. The first time was fun, but frantic and… well, short.”

They all burst into brief laughter.

“The second was better. Mycroft… was willing to be a bit more patient, and was certainly well endowed, but he was easily distracted and was ultimately interested in his own pleasure over mine. It was a fun summer though.”

“Oh gods…” moaned Jojo, rolling onto her back.

“My last lover, Kyle… Now he was nice. Not too big, not too small, and very attentive.”

Crisp just sighed.

“Surely, men aren’t that rare here… Are they?”

Jojo grunted. “My kind mate but once every four years.”

“I’ve never even seen a male Tiller,” answered Crisp.

Pom looked to Sela, who shrugged four of her shoulders, including her human ones. “While my kind mate every year, the experience is… lacking.”

“Huh. Well that certainly doesn’t fit with the myths we’re told about the Vale,” said Pom. “The way the elders go on, you’d think there was a Saturnalia festival every other night!”

“We do have them now and again,” agreed Crisp. “But they’re pretty irregular. Usually only when…”

“Are you cold, Pom?” interrupted Sela.

She had been rubbing her arms.

“Now that you mention it… Did the weather change?”

Jojo was standing. “Night comes really quickly in the Vale. I should head home before it gets too cold.”

A cool air was settling into Sela’s den, and Pom was surprised how quickly she was covered in goose-bumps.

“You best be off as well, Crisp.” Mentioned Sela. “Pom will still be here in the morning.”

“Aw. Alright, but keep her safe!”

“You know I will. Safe and snug.”

The others waved and parted, leaving Pom alone with her final new friend.

“Not to be forward, Pom, but are your clothes still wet?”

“A bit.”

“I thought as much. You should take them off before they freeze on you.”


The strange creature smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s just us girls. Unfortunately, even here in my silk den, the temperature is likely to be a bit too chilly for wet things to dry. I will set them outside and the frost should pull out any moisture. By morning they’ll be stiff, but dry again.”

“I guess that would be okay,” she agreed as she unbuttoned her shirt. “But I sure hope it doesn’t get too much colder in here… I’m shivering already.”

“What I wear wouldn’t help you much, I’m afraid,” mentioned Sela, frowning. Her only garments were a small vest-like top and a hip scarf. She took the bundle of clothes from Pom and moved nimbly down a small tunnel. She was out of sight for a few moments, leaving Pom alone in the very quiet space. All sound seemed to be absorbed by the soft webbing. It was as quiet as falling snow. Looking about, Pom decided that Sela wasn’t much for decorations, and she was just starting worry when the other reappeared in the space again.

“There. I also sealed the door to help trap a bit more warmth. How do you feel?”

“Better,” she agreed. “But I’m not used to being so, er… naked, when it’s freezing outside.” She was trembling slightly. “Will Crisp and Jojo be alright out there?”

Sela laughed. “Jojo lives in the water under the ice, and Crisp dwells underground. Neither is a suitable place for a human to spend the night. Though, from the color of your skin, I’m not sure my own home is much better.”

Pom was indeed quite cold.

“Hmm, I might know a way to keep you warm, but…”

She blew heat into her hands. “Really? I’d try almost anything at this point.” The temperature was dropping by the minute.

“Well, I could wrap you in my silk.”

Pom just blinked at her.

“I know, it sounds scary I suppose, and while you wouldn’t be able to move around much, it would keep you warm. Quite warm actually.”

“I… I don’t know. Nothing personal.”

Sela nodded. “I understand. You’re not used to us. We scare you.”

“A bit, yeah.”

There was an awkward silence for several minutes while Pom continued to shiver. Finally, she sighed.

“I have to do something or I’ll freeze to death. Aren’t you cold?”

The other shook her head. “No. I’m not much affected by the weather actually. Maybe… would you like to see what it feels like on your skin?”

“Your webs?”

“Yes. I could put some on your arm so you could get an idea what it would be like.”

Pom considered the offer. “Alright. That would be okay.” She held out her bare arm.

Sela smiled and stepped forward. “Just hold it straight out. Good. Just like that…”

Several of the woman’s spindly legs moved behind her large dark abdomen, and suddenly Pom felt something warm and soft drape over the limb. She expected the silk to be individual strands, but was startled to see what looked like a nearly transparent sheet of fiber about a foot wide. She marveled at how frail and weightless it was, almost as though it weren’t there at all.

“Whoa… It feels hot.” she commented, staring at the gossamer fabric in awe.

“Well, it’s generated from within me, and I am warm inside, just like you. However, my silk is a very good insulator up close, so it should keep your own warmth in, just like a blanket.”

She was stroking the surface. “It feels… amazing… It’s so soft, and…”

“Sensual. Yes. It has that effect on bare skin.”

It certainly did. Pom could hardly stop touching the stuff. Her arm felt really nice, not just warm, but tingly… erotically so. She gulped, imagining what that would feel like wrapped around her whole body.

“It won’t stick to me?”

The legs were moving again, and several more layers magically appeared around her forearm.

“It sticks to itself, conforming to you.”

“Like a tight dress…”

Sela laughed. “I have heard of such human fineries. I wouldn’t know.”

“Oh, I suppose not. Sorry.”

Her friend smiled. “I do not miss that which I have never had.”

“I don’t suppose you could just do my arms and legs?”

Sela’s head tilted to the side. “Your arm is easy to get around. Not so much the rest of you. The silk wouldn’t lay over you well enough to keep you warm. To trap your heat, it needs to be conforming…”

“Like that dress…”


She thought about it some more.

“Could you do my legs? I’m still not sure.”

“I could try.”

Sela had her sit on her rear, with her legs held out together. “Ready?”

“Uh… no, but go ahead. There’s no way I could ever be ready for this…”

She bit her lip and tried to hold still as the spidery girl positioned herself. There was a slight bobbing of her abdomen again, and she started to feel a warmth envelope her ankles. Looking down her nude body, she could see a fine layer of silk around her feet. A moment later it took in her ankles and calves, slowly climbing her legs until the whitish wrap obscured her limbs all the way to her knees.

Pom was blushing wildly. What was mildly erotic on her arm, was shockingly so on her legs. She just sat there with her mouth open when her friend had finally finished and stepped back. Unfortunately, the heat in her face only intensified the difference in temperature of her torso and she found herself trembling uncontrollably even as her face was hot with sexual arousal.

“Are you okay, Pom?”

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“I… I think so. God that feels nice. It’s really warm.”

“Yes. Um… Your face is red.”

“Is it?!” she replied, bringing her hands to her cheeks.

“Is it the cold?”

“Yes!… no… I mean…”

The other pointed at her chest. “Your nipples look cold.”

Blushing even more, Pom stared down at her own breasts and saw that her nipples were hard and incredibly prominent.

“I’m still freezing.”

“Hmm. I can’t reach much further up your body this way. At most, I might be able to get to the top of your thighs. I think if I’m going to cover you enough to get you through the night, I’m going to have to spin you…”

“Spin me!? H-how?”

“Well, I would hold you up vertically and turn you around while you hang from a single point.”

“A-a-all of me?”

“As much of you as you want to stay warm. The more of you covered, the better, probably.”

“Oh man…”

“I think it’s the only way, Pom. I don’t know what else to do. I think the cold is starting to get to you.”

It wasn’t the cold that was making her nervous.

“I… okay. Should I stand?” She was trying to figure out how to stand up with her legs locked together.

“No, just let me do it. Don’t worry, I won’t let you drop.”

“You what? AHHH!”

Suddenly, Pom found herself hanging upside down, her whole body lifted right off the ground like a little toy. Sela was working with her back legs, passing strands of spider silk up to the ceiling. In only a few seconds, she was secured by her wrapped feet, her body dangling freely.

“Sela! Oh my god…”

The other stepped back and crouched down so she could look her in the eyes.

“Everything okay?”

“What?! No!… I mean, a little notice next time, alright? Uhnn… The blood is rushing to my head.”

“I’m going to start wrapping you. You should probably put your arms to your sides.”

She did, and suddenly her heart rate was climbing. Was she really about to be cocooned in spider webs? Apparently, and there wasn’t a whole lot she could do about it. All at once, she saw Sela move forward, her spider limbs reaching wide. A soft warmth stretched around her torso, from her hips to her shoulders, even as the room started to turn. She realized that it wasn’t the room exactly, but rather she who was slowly spinning. She might have said something about getting dizzy, but she abruptly found she had another more pressing issue. The soft silk around her naked flesh was causing a wild flash of sexual arousal throughout her body, and she gasped. Worse, as more and more of her was covered, the effects seemed to be getting stronger. Perhaps it was the idea of being held helpless and naked in front of a veritable stranger, or maybe just the rush of blood in her ears, but Pom found that she was suddenly very very aroused. So much so that she was struggling just to keep herself from having an orgasm right then and there.

“Ughmmm… Sela… wait… I need time to adjust. I’m getting… dizzy.”

“Oh, that would be the venom.”

Confused, she felt her breathing deepen, even as her face pulsed with heat.

“V-venom? What do you… ummm…. mean?”

Pom went round and round as the spider-girl spread the fine silk around her entire body, right down to her neck. Unlike how it felt on her arms and calves, this time it was more than conforming. It was still shockingly warm, but now the webs seemed to almost constrict around her as they dried. She went to move her hands and was stunned to discover that they were nearly immobilized, and to her surprise and horror, the strands seemed to be sticking to her.

“In my webs. It’s a venom that permeates the strands around you and is absorbed through your skin. You probably didn’t notice before because there wasn’t enough of them. Now though, it should really be kicking in.”

“W-why? What’s it doing to me!?”

“Can’t you tell? I’d think it was pretty obvious by now, human.”

“Sela, I don’t like this. You’re scaring me. Let me down. Ughnn…”

The room went around several more times, and with each turn, her ability to move was lessened.

“No, you’re much more accessible right where you are, Pom.”

“Accessable? What are you t-talking about… ughnn… ughmmm… oh god.” She felt herself wet with arousal, her heart pounding in her chest, both with lust, and now fear for her very life.

The creature moved up next to her, leaning in close. She felt her human hands reach around her belly, gently caressing her. The erotic touch passed right through the binding webs as though they weren’t even there. One slipped up to cover her bottom, the other was inching down her torso toward her breasts.

“Your pleasure, Pom. I can feel it. You’re very close, I can tell.”

“Ahh! N-n-no! Please… ughnn! Oh god, oh god… Why?! I thought you said you wouldn’t hurt me?! Ughn!”

“And I won’t. No, no. I want to please you. I want to make you come over and over. And you will, Pom. You’re going to come for me all night long.”

The girl felt a wet heat building in her middle. Sela was right, she was close. Right on edge, actually. Her helpless body squirmed and struggled within the soft silk bondage, and she knew she shouldn’t be feeling the way she was. Whatever the venom was, it was apparently too late to resist it. Her body was definitely reacting… like a slowly building explosion. She was going to come, and there was nothing at all she could do about it.

“I… I th-th-thought you… ummm… were my… ughnn!… friend?”

Sela’s hand settled sensuously over her left breast, her human-like fingers running to either side of her taut nipple under the webs.

“Oh, I am. We all are, Crisp, Jojo and I. But this is the Vale, Pom. Humans are very valuable here, especially one so young and pretty as yourself. You’ll give us great ecstasy… And we’re going to take very good care of you, so you’ll last a long long time.”

With a slight pinch of her engorged bud, Pom could no longer hold back her moment. White-hot pleasure crashed through her body and pounded in her ears until she was screaming out in dizzy bliss. Her body thrashed and stiffened in her cocoon of eroticism, helpless against both the strange poison in her blood, as well as the even stranger touch of the half-human, half spider that was entirely bent on arousing her. She hardly even had a chance to come down before the other’s wicked fingers were sliding over the mound of her pubis and sending her directly into a second orgasm… And then a third, and on, and on, and on…