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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

That Sinking Feeling

A Cassandra Cain – Batgirl Story

When Cassandra Cain awoke, her surroundings were so strange that it took her almost a full minute to figure out what she was seeing. When she finally understood, she swallowed nervously. She was in really deep shit.

What had caused her so much confusion was the refraction of light caused by the thick glass of the rounded chamber she was laying at the bottom of. Like a specimen in a giant glass test-tube, Cassandra was trapped, and to her further surprise and embarrassment, completely naked. Someone had not only drugged her, but stripped her of her clothing and imprisoned her. So much for her secret identity.

The floor of her cell was a slightly damp, very fine sand, which stretched without feature across the entire circumference of the glass room. High above her, she could see a hatch in the roof, but unless she managed to grow gecko feet, that option was completely out of reach. The walls were perfectly smooth, and through them she could see some kind of lab just beyond. There was only a single occupant, butBatgirl’s heart sank at the sight of her.

“Ah, yes. You do remember me then. I’m flattered,” said the young woman sitting in a seat by a computer. She looked to be about nineteen, with dark straight hair tied in a bun above her head. She had on a lab coat and somewhat clunky glasses that fully completed the “sexy scientist” look. NataliePembrooke, aka, Natie the Nerd was an amazingly deceptive personality. At first glance, she might truly be taken for any other geeky college freshman, but Cassandra knew her for what she really was… a psychopathic genius. She was responsible for at least four dozen major burglaries, seven bank robberies, eighteen kidnappings, and more than two dozen deaths. She was also known to torture her victims physically and sexually before ending their lives. Definitely not a good person to cross. Cassandra had sent her to prison six months ago. She stayed there only long enough to add another two homicides to her quickly lengthening list of offenses against humanity before easily escaping. It seemed that Batgirl had found her again.

“What? No happy greeting for your old pal,” continued the girl turning up the microphone that was connected to some kind of speaker system that echoed in the glass room. Since conversing with the woman would only give her ammunition, Cassandra decided to hold her tongue.

“I certainly haven’t forgotten you… Batgirl. I’ve pretty much thought of you every day since you arrested me. Not all bad thoughts mind you,” she chimed, smiling. Standing the woman came to the side of the tank and ogled her helpless captive. Cassandra knew for a fact that Natalie was bisexual, and the way that her captor stared hungrily at her breasts made her frown and try to cover herself. The other pouted.

“Still self-conscious I see. You have such a wonderful body, you should flaunt it, not hide it like a little child. I still say you and I would have made great lovers, but that’s water under the bridge as it were.”

Batgirl remembered how, almost a year ago, she had tracked a string of crimes to a private school in Los Angeles, where she posed as a new student to try and find the source covertly. She had accidentally befriended the brunette, completely unaware that Natalie was the one she was searching for. The two became close, and the relationship was just starting to get a little more intimate than she was comfortable with when she discovered the girl’s true identity. Even though it bothered her, Cassandra continued her role as student and even used Natalie’s lust for her as a means to eventually capture her. She had arranged to meet her late one night to “study”, knowing that the girl had a lot more in mind. When she knocked on the girl’s door, she was greeted by Natalie in nothing more than a overlarge T-shirt and socks. She arrested her on the spot and saved herself from what could have been an extremely embarrassing moment. She had to admit though, that she had been tempted to arrest her just a few hours later. When she took off her glasses and let her hair down, she was at least as attractive as Cassandra, maybe more so.

“I’ll bet you’re incredible when you come,” the other said, startling her. Cassandra had been thinking something along those lines herself, and blushed. After a moment of silent thought, Natalie spun on her heals and returned to her computer station. “I say we find out, yes?”

“What are you babbling about,” she asked, not really expecting an answer.

“You… orgasm. The little death…”

“I know what it is.”

Her captor tilted her head slightly. “Really?! I wonder. Well,” she replied as she turned on some equipment and started typing into her terminal. “You’re certainly going to have some tonight.”

“What are you going to do, screw me through the glass?” Her quip had the desired effect, which was to shock the girl. She recovered remarkably quickly and was smiling again.

“Oh, you won’t get that privilege, I’m afraid. No, I’m going to let my latest experiment do it for me. Take a look around. Do you see that innocent sand beneath your feet? Feels pretty solid, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, so?”

Natalie tapped a single key on her keyboard and the equipment from around the lab started up with a soft whirring noise. A few moments later, Cassandra suddenly felt as though the ground had dissolved under her. Looking down, she saw her feet, then her ankles quickly slip into what was now a slurry-like mass and she jumped and stood up. She was in to her past her calves and still going when the noise changed a second time and the mass solidified once again.

“Holy shit!” Said Cassandra pulling at her stuck feet. They were now buried to her knees in heavy, tightly packed wet sand and she could hardly budge them. By rocking back and forth, she found she could loosen them just enough to work her engulfed limbs free, but it was incredibly hard work. She had to dig herself out almost completely before she was able to extract her legs.

“Yes, it is interesting, isn’t it,” answered Natalie with a grin as she watched her captive slowly stand on the surface once again. “You see, I have always been interested in earthquakes. It’s a power thing. But one aspect of earthquakes really gets my juices flowing, and that’s liquefaction. Ever heard of it?”

“The process by which normally stable ground is made unstable or “liquefied” by the shaking of an earthquake.”

“Oh, I always knew you were a smart one. You are correct. The condition fascinated me, and I wondered if it always took the energy of an earthquake, or if the same effect could be achieved with much more conventional means.”

“Why? Why would you want to do that?” Cassandra stared out at the woman with a growing sense of dread.

“The uses are endless! But my reasons were simple enough. I wanted it to destroy an entire city… Please tell me this doesn’t surprise you?”

“Not really,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Well, that’s a relief. You see, after much research, I discovered that if you could control the exact water saturation of a given piece of earth, and pass an exact frequency of vibration through that earth, then you could completely control the solidity of that ground. And the best part is that by using very finely controlled resonances, you didn’t even need that much power!”

“Great. So now you have a doomsday weapon. What else is new? And how does that have anything to do with me having an orgasm?”

“So impatient! Don’t worry, you’ll be getting happy soon enough.”

“That’s not what I…”

“The chamber you’re standing in is a small scale model I used to test and perfect my theories. My assistant, Melody, was in that very chamber once when I activated an experiment just a tad early… by accident. To my surprise, and hers, she sank slowly up to her waist while I watched. She was understandably panicked, but I was transfixed. The idea that I could use my new found technology to tease someone hadn’t yet occurred to me, but of even more importance was what I noticed when Melody’s hips slipped into the sand. I thought, from the expression on her face that maybe she was being crushed, but was delighted to find that she was gasping in near ecstasy. It was the vibrations, you see. As soon as her pelvis entered the softened sand, those vibrations were passed right into her lap, and very efficiently. Even fully clothed it was like being submerged into a giant sexual stimulator. I sat there in amazement and watched her struggle and gasp and come over and over as more and more of her body sank into bliss until I suddenly realized that she had completely disappeared from view. Needless to say, more experimentation was going to be necessary… as well as a new assistant.”

“Have I told you today that you’re sick and utterly twisted?” Cassandra knew her words weren’t going to help her situation, but she needed something to take her mind off of what she now knew was coming.

“Oh I know. I like it that way. Someone has to be the unpredictable criminal genius with a taste for sexual fetish? Like I said, more testing was needed. And so, you will be happy to know, I acquired a few more test subjects…”

“Oh god…”

“Including one you might know, a Priscilla Birmingham.”

Cassandra looked up sharply and gasped. “Pretty Prissy?”

“Ah! You do remember her then? I thought you might. You two seemed to get along pretty chummy like.”

Priscilla Birmingham was the only other person at the private school who she managed to forge any kind of relationship with while undercover. And Natalie was right, they were indeed friends. The thin, wavy-haired blond was somewhat of an outcast, but mostly because she had the face of an angel and a disposition to match. In an all-girl school, being jealously beautiful and a complete pacifist was a dangerous combination. Cassandra remembered some wonderful conversations with the girl, and even at one point considered confiding her secret identity to her. In hind-sight she was glad she hadn’t, but the thought of her in the hands of someone like Natalie brought shivers down her spine.

“What did you do,” she growled.

“I wanted to see if I could prolong the whole experience more. Poor Melody certainly had a good time, but she went far too quickly for it to be used in the manner I had in mind… Which was for you, of course.”

“What did you do!?”

“Oh, stop being so emotional. Any good torture must be both physical and psychological to be effective. To that end, I tuned my sand so that it presented the possibility of survival, and dare I say it, suspense. I set it so that the tension was just enough to keep a given person standing on the surface from sinking… provided they could hold perfectly still. Any motion, no matter how subtle, and they would disrupt the matrix and slowly start to sink. My machines would monitor the conditions and change the matrix as more and more of their body entered the sand so that they could arrest the downward progression at any time by simply holding motionless.”

“But you can’t hold perfectly still. There will always be slight variations in your stance to keep your balance.”

“So smart… That is the catch, isn’t it. And the best part is that a victim might be able to hold out for hours while her hips are still above the surface, but as soon as her apex touches the sand…”

“The vibrations… Oh my god.”

Natalie grinned at the other’s moment of enlightenment. “The pleasure is quite extraordinary. I even tried it myself under more controlled conditions and was amazed that something as simple as quivering sand could be so sexually stimulating. I believe that the same frequency that causes the liquefaction also happens to be just right for female titillation. The arousal builds upon itself, slowly driving you mad as you struggle to resist having an orgasm. And when you finally do, your body will move uncontrollably, sending you further into the depths of the sand, which in turn provides more and more contact with the vibrations making it even harder to resist your next moment of bliss. After subjecting six subjects to… prolonged testing, I found that almost all of them lost complete control by the time their nipples were covered. Only one was able to hold still for even a short period after that milestone, and even she only lasted for a mere two minutes, then erupted into a constant state of orgasm that sank her spasming body in over her head in moments. But who knows. You aren’t an average girl, now are you? Your wonderfully athletic body might hold out much longer. You also have a much stronger sense of willpower. Much more than say, Miss Birmingham.”

“Oh no, please…”

“She was my third subject, and I had pretty much perfected the tuning by then. As quiet as she was in class, she certainly was vocal when… well, see for yourself…”

Natalie swiveled a flat screen monitor around so that it faced the glass prison. There, on the large display was a mirror image of her own situation, only the girl trapped in the transparent cage was her friend Priscilla. Like Cassandra, she was completely naked. Her body was already submerged into the vibrating sand to her upper thighs, the soft blond ‘V’ of her womanhood just inches from the surface. Cassandra could tell that the young woman was trying desperately not to move, but no matter how she fought to hold still, her body was ever so slowly inching into the erotic trap. The girl’s breathing was growing more and more labored as she watched her own demise approaching. And then she touched, her lower lips finally coming into direct contact with the pulsating sands. The effect was instant. Priscilla’s hips jerked, twitching to escape the sudden stimulus without success. The motion caused the sand around her to liquefy slightly and she settled a quick two inches downward. But those two inches were the crucial ones, for now her whole flower was engulfed and suckled within the unstoppable pleasure. Almost immediately the girl’s head went back as her body shook in quivering orgasm. A moment later her voice bellowed out in ecstasy, and just as Natalie had said… Priscilla was indeed quite vocal.

In helpless horror, Cassandra watched her friend sink to her belly button before finally coming to relative stillness once again. Only now, Priscilla was twitching and making little gasps for breath as she fought in vain to hold off the next quickly building moment of passion. She lasted less than two minutes before Cassandra noticed the girl’s body start to slowly undulate as her resistance failed and her hips moved against her will. And then all at once she jerked and screamed out in devastating ecstasy a second time.

“Noooo…” Moaned Cassandra, knowing that the girl was doomed. She was literally fucking herself into certain death. Her friend’s arms had long since been mired in the sucking sands, so she was completely helpless as more and more of her disappeared from view. And just like Natalie had said, the moment her nipples were covered, she lost all control. With a look of surprised shock, the poor girl launched immediately into yet another orgasm and started gasping and tossing her head back and forth. She was struggling for all she was worth, and it only made her sink to her doom all the more quickly. In moments her shoulders disappeared, then her thin neck inched into the deadly mire. When the sand had reached her chin, Priscilla briefly refocused in panic, but it was too late. There was only a slight pause before her eyes rolled back in one final moment of bliss. Cassandra doubted the girl was even aware of it as her face slid from view, covered completely in suffocating death as she climaxed and then was simply gone.

“You unbelievable bitch,” she spat, a deep sadness coming over her.

“Tsk, tsk. You of all people should know better than to mix business and pleasure. If you had kept your little charade between just the two of us, she’d still be alive. But you choose to befriend her knowing that you were hunting a dangerous criminal. Her death is on your head.”

She moaned. “No…. no, I won’t accept that.” But Cassandra was wrought with internal strife. Her captor was right. She knew there was danger, which was fine for her. As Batgirl she encountered life threatening situations almost every day… It was her choice, her life. But she had brought Priscilla into her life without warning her… Without giving her that choice.

Neither said a word for almost five minutes. Cassandra was sure that the other was simply letting her stew in her grief, breaking down her spirit. Finally, she looked up and stared at the girl through the glass.

“Being a friend is never wrong,” she growled. “You’d have chosen her or someone like her no matter how close we were. I helped her. You are the one who sacrificed her to your sick science, not me!”

Natalie smiled and to her surprise, slowly nodded. “It took you a few minutes longer than I expected to figure that out. You two must have been even closer than I thought. All the better.” The brunette paced slowly in front of the glass container. “Hurts, doesn’t it. Just imagine then, how much more painful it must have been for another friend of yours, who, thinking that they had finally found someone that they could share their most intimate secrets with, is betrayed and rejected in one sharpened moment.” She turned her gaze back to Cassandra.

Batgirl remembered to breathe. How many thousands of times during her training had she been told over and over that breathing was key. No matter how intense the situation, if you could just remember to breathe, you could refocus yourself and think. Forget to breathe and you are lost. Natalie was playing with her. The slight change in her body language revealed the lie that the woman was weaving. Natalie was good at hiding it. She was smart, almost smart enough to slip it by her refined sense of observation… almost.

“You only wanted to fuck me. You don’t need anyone else. You never have.”

The girl blew on her fingers as if she had been burned and then shook her head. “Whew, you are good. And it’s true. I only wanted to take you to bed. Can you blame me?” She let her eyes wander lustfully up and down her captive’s nude form.

Cassandra sighed. “You going to drown me, or talk me to death?”

Natalie eyed her just a bit more, then clicked her tongue. “Can’t we do both?” She turned around and walked back to her control station. “I’ll tell you what, since talking won’t make any appreciable difference in your rate of decent, I’ll change my tuning slightly to get you to sink even slower if you’ll chat with me as you descend to your doom.”

Cassandra stood a bit taller and crossed her arms. “As if you don’t want me to languish on in terror for as long as possible…”

“True,” replied the brunette with a lopsided smile. She then reached out and tapped a key on the terminal in front of her. All at once, Cassandra found herself sinking fast into the suddenly soft sand. In a panic, she pumped her legs, trying to stay on top of the near slurry, but the action of drawing one out not only pushed the other in farther, but upset her balance. Her training kicked in at once and saved her from falling backwards by forcing her into a slightly crouched combat stance, her knees bent, feet apart. A second later she felt the sand firm up again.

“What the fuck?! Why did you do that?!” Even before Natalie answered her, she knew. It took only a moment to discover that she could no longer free her legs. They were stuck tight up to the tops of her calves in the semi-wet sand, and worse, they were now spread apart at about a thirty degree angle. It would make staying motionless a lot more tiring. She was also slowly sinking.

“I’d try to hold still if I were you,” came the other’s voice.

“Shit! That’s not fair!” Desperately she struggled to gain an equilibrium and let the engulfing sands quiet. When she was submerged to her just below her knees, the sinking almost completely subsided. She could still feel it very slowly moving around her, but her rate of descent was almost imperceptible. She dared not make the mistake of trying to bring her feet together, though.

“Fair? That’s an interesting way of putting it. But you’re right I suppose. Then again, if I had started with the really slow sinking, you would just keep pulling your feet out. Now you’re trapped… Hope you’re comfy.”

Cassandra looked down at herself. She could just barely see her legs gently and silently disappearing into the glistening sand. Natalie was right, it would take hours, though she doubted she could hold perfectly still for so long. She also remembered that once her apex reached the surface, things were going to get much, much harder. Already she could feel the coursing, pulsing vibrations around her bare legs. They seemed a lot stronger than was possible.

“So,” she started as a means of distraction. “What exactly is this? I mean, why don’t your vibrations cause the sand to liquefy?”

“They do, at the proper frequency and resonance. But at another carefully calculated resonance, they actually create a matrix between the grains of sand. It allows them to form a loose bonding of sorts, which is why you are sinking so slowly. Disrupt the bonds…”

“And the sand returns to a near liquid state,” she finished. “I get it. Ingenious.”

“Thank you. Imagine what it will be like when I create that state under an entire city.”

Cassandra was starting to sweat. It took a lot of effort to hold her legs still. Her knees were almost out of view now, and her lower limbs had a tendency to want to pull further apart. She knew that before too long she was going to lack the strength to hold them in their current position. “Right now, I’m just trying not to imagine that vibration in my lap.”

“Ummm. Yes, it’s going to be quite a lot of fun watching you squirm.”

“So, Natie, I never had a chance to ask you… what’s your story?” Cassandra just wanted to change the subject.

“My story?” Her captor had cast her legs up on her desk and was idly stroking her belly as she watched.

“Yeah, you know… why are you the way you are? Why be one of the bad guys?” When the girl failed to respond, she pressured her. “Come on, who am I going to tell? In a couple of hours I’ll be dead, right?”

“I don’t have a story,” Natalie answered at last.

The vibrations were gradually traveling up her legs. Even with her body only covered to her knees, the effect was shockingly erotic and Cassandra felt a runnel of sweat slide over her forehead and down her neck.

“Awe, come on, everyone has a story. Something happen to you as a kid?”

The brunette squinted at her. “Why is it that something horrible has to happen to someone for them to be changed from a basically good person into a psychotic maniac? Did it ever occur to you that maybe some people just naturally like to screw with the way things are?”

“So… what? You were born that way?”

The other was quiet for a moment. “When I was eight, I burned down our house. My parents asked me why, and I told them the truth – that I wanted to know what would happen. They, of course sent me to a psychotherapist to try and ‘straighten me out.’ But there was never anything wrong with me.”

The sand and the moisture within it were just slightly warm as her thighs were gradually swallowed. The redhead’s heart was beginning to beat more forcibly, a sure indicator of her nervousness, and she frantically tried to think of something she could do to get herself out of her deadly situation. Considering the fact that she had no idea where she even was, it didn’t look good. Her only hope for survival was the female before her. Though incredibly slim, there was a chance she could talk her way out… convince Natalie to release her. But she had so little time.

“But don’t you think there are moral absolutes? Things that are just inherently wrong,” she asked.

“Like killing someone by drowning them in quicksand?”


Natalie was quiet for a moment. “If a new virus developed that was killing people by the millions each and every day, and there was an individual found with a natural resistance that could only be utilized by taking their life, would you?”

“Murder can never be justified, but I guess it would depend…”

“Come on,” said the brunette darkly.

“Okay, sure.”

“And what if it were only ten thousand dying each day?”

Cassandra didn’t like the way her thighs were feeling. The sensations were definitely starting to turn sexual. “I suppose…”

“What about a hundred? A dozen?”

“No, of course not.”

The other’s eyes sparkled. “Why? What’s the difference?”

“I… it’s the size of the good that would come of it.” Cassandra knew it was a lame response, but it was all she had. It was imperative that she keep the conversation rolling. Every second a little more of her tiring thighs sank out of sight.

“Good!?” Natalie pounced on the word. “So it’s okay to kill as long as some arbitrary amount of good comes from it?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s arbitrary…”

The brunette waved off her comment. “Of course it’s arbitrary. If you can’t give me an exact number that is generally known then it’s arbitrary. And you see, this is exactly why you are so wrong about my wanting to destroy a city. I’d be doing humanity a service.”

Cassandra was so surprised by Natalie’s comment that she forgot where she was for a moment and moved. There was a ripple in the sand and her body dropped a half inch. She saw her captor smile slightly. “Greater good!? How is killing a million-plus people a good thing?!”

“Simple numbers. It’s a generally accepted fact that there are now too many people on the planet and that we are no longer sustainable as a race of beings. Our numbers need to come down, I’m just helping us get there. The greater good.”

“How altruistic of you!”

“You may not agree with my methods, Batgirl, but I AM a catalyst for change. I am also impartial. I’m going to hit every major metropolis. Even your death will help. You’re always trying to save people – keep them alive. I, at least want to ease the problem.”

“You do it for sport!” Her upper thighs were easing into the mire now. Sweat was beading on her brow and her legs were starting to ache. She would be out of strength very soon and would have to let go.

“Yes, that’s true,” conceded Natalie, tapping her chin in thought. “But it does not preclude the fact that I am helping humanity. People are going to die, either by my hand, or that of disease and starvation. Why shouldn’t I get some enjoyment out of it?”

“You are insane,” she said sadly, knowing that there was little if any chance of getting the woman to change her mind. Cassandra had to relax her thighs or they would cramp up. They burned with use and fatigue. At first, she hardly noticed the change, but even the act of relaxing had disturbed the sand matrix slightly and her legs felt as though they were being sucked into twin mouths. The vibration was definitely traveling up to her lap now, and her nipples reflected her increasing arousal even if she herself was unable to admit it. No longer held back, she could also tell that her own weight and the wedge-like nature of the sand was now gradually pushing her thighs further apart.

“Perhaps,” said her captor. “But I am also right. Feeling a little stimulated, are we? It’s going to get sooo much better, I assure you. Soon, my sand will be lapping at you most intimately and I’m afraid our conversation is going to get considerably more difficult. So tell me, Batgirl… What’s your real name? I can assume that ‘Sandy’ was just an alias.”

Sandy Millapore was the identity she had taken on when going undercover at the private school. “Why should I tell you that?”

“Why not? Like you said, soon you’ll be dead anyway.”

“Cassandra… ughnnn.” The vibration was becoming more and more erotic with every second and she felt herself become wet with arousal. The tips of her fingers were just touching the surface of the sands. She resisted the powerful urge to shove them into her lap for relief against the slowly growing itch. She closed her eyes for a moment and swallowed, trying desperately to focus her thoughts on something else but the pleasure that was crawling up her lower torso like a thousand tiny caterpillars.

“Cassandra,” repeated the girl softly. “I like it. So, Cass. Any last requests?”

“Turn off the machine…”

The brunette laughed. “Oh, no can do. This is way too much fun. Speaking of fun, I really enjoyed stripping you out of that tight outfit.”

Cassandra blushed. “I’ll bet you did.”

“Talk about form fitting… ooh la la! Have to say though, I was a little surprised to find you going commando. Well, not that there was room in there for panties…”

“Occupational h-hazard….ummm. Oh god…”

The other smiled. “Almost there, don’t worry.”

Cassandra’s breathing had deepened considerably, and her heart was starting to race with adrenaline. She took an extra deep breath and willed herself to stay in control, despite the coursing pleasure that was growing in her middle. How could she be feeling this aroused just from the sensations rising up from her thighs?

“Th-th-these vibrations…. ughmm… So strong… Like they are tr-tr-trying to tear me apart from the inside.” She let her gaze fall downward and saw that her flower was only an inch or so from the quivering surface. Sweat formed on her brow as she imagined against her will what the powerful vibrations would feel like when they engulfed her hips, and more specifically, her sex.

“It’s the resonance,” said Natalie standing and coming closer. “The frequency needed to bring the sand and water into a liquid state, is almost exactly the same as human flesh. It amplifies the power of the vibration inside your body. That’s why it feels like it’s coming from within you.” She laughed softly. “Just wait until it has your whole pelvis. It’ going to feel like someone is licking you from the inside out.”

The redhead’s eyes widened slightly at the image that passed through her mind.

“Even your fantastic willpower will be no match for that kind of stimulation,” continued the brunette. “Personally, I think you’ll hold out for as long as seven or eight minutes. But when you do finally let go, you’re going to come really really hard, and then just keep on coming.”

Suddenly, Cassandra gasped as something touched her labia. It was like an electric shock, but she knew at once that the moment had finally arrived. Involuntarily, she twitched and the sand reacted. She felt her body slip deeper by a half inch and nearly screamed. Clenching her eyes shut, she forced herself not to move or react further, but the damage had been done. Her flower, which was already wet and parted under her, was slowly pressed into the deadly sands as though being taken into the mouth of a skilled lover.

“Ughnnnn!!” She moaned, her eyes flying open again.

The other grinned wickedly. “Ah, it has you now,” she said as she stepped up onto a platform that surrounded the chamber. “Feels wonderful, doesn’t it?”

The fact was, it DID feel wonderful. Cassandra couldn’t deny that. Terribly, horribly wonderful. Already, less than a minute in and her heart was racing out of control and her breathing was starting to come in short gasps. It was the slowness that was getting her. If she had just been dropped into it, she might have been able to resist, but as it were, she could feel every millimeter of her flesh as it was engulfed. She could feel it gradually cupping her… easing right into her.

“Ugh! Ugh! Oh g-god! MMMmmmm….”

“My, you are strong,” said Natalie as she placed her hands up on the glass. “Almost three quarters of my test subjects were unable to keep their hips still at the first touch and were gone in less than thirty seconds. It got so bad that I had to adjust my program to compensate a bit. It’ll let you sink , but only at a slower rate now. We wouldn’t want you to fuck yourself into oblivion too quickly, now would we. We want you to suffer for as long as possible after all.”

“Why k-kill m-me at all, ughnnn…” she replied through clenched teeth. She had hoped that talking would help to distract her from the incredible pleasure that was unfolding in her lap like an intricate origami sculpture. With every second the sensations increased. She tried to make eye contact with the girl.

“Come on. You can’t tell me that Batgirl doesn’t know the thrill of danger? You of all people should be able to appreciate how incredibly stimulating it is to be near death, even someoneelse’s . Oh no. I am very much going to enjoy watching you fight for your very life… and I will enjoy it even more went you are overwhelmed by your own lust and fail.

The woman was right, it was a fight, and one that Cassandra knew she would ultimately lose. Being a superhero with a secret identity meant that you ended up alone a lot of the time. Relationships just couldn’t last. Anyone you could truly be intimate with would know what you did for a living, which meant that there would always the worry that somehow some enemy would find out you had a loved one and would exploit it. Families and long-time lovers were for people with “normal” jobs. And the flip side of that life was that you were left with nothing but a string of short affairs and meaningless sex. No attachments. Or, as in her own case, if you couldn’t bring yourself to use people like that, your lovers ended up being a vibrator and a hot bath.

But no vibrator that she had ever pleasured herself with could compare to the one she was sinking into now. The fine sand was soft and warm and almost slick where it sucked at her flesh and sent its energy coursing through her body right to her bones. The constant hum of the semi-solid ooze gripping her thighs and now slowly wrapping itself over her womanhood was inescapably powerful as it traveled up around her hips, along her belly and back, encircling her breasts and right up into her head where she could hear it in the bones of her ears. It was a low moaning chant; constant and even when she was still, but wavering whenever she twitched or shuddered, and her body would be consumed just a little bit more.

As if the sands suckling her outer petals wasn’t enough, the downward pressure had opened her so that it was slowly filling her as well. It seemed to swirl and roll as it eased over her clitoris, sending sharp sparks of passion from the tiny jewel in waves that were growing more intense by the second. The fine, almost clay-like substance mixed with her own readily flowing juices and made a slippery slurry which felt as though it were alive… climbing and filling her tunnel ahead of her own sinking hips.

“It’s inside you, isn’t it,” said the sultry voice of her captor.

“Ughmmmm… Uhg! H-h-how?!…mmmmmm…”, gasped Cassandra in reply. She was having a very hard time keeping her thighs from trembling.

“It’s an interesting effect, again caused by the resonance. The underlying waveform seeks to even itself out through your body. The result is that it will literally pull the sand medium into areas of less concentration. I was quite surprised myself when I tried it, but it perfectly explained why my subjects were aroused so quickly. Now that it has access, it’ll continue to flow into you for the next minute of so until it has filled every last nook and cranny. It will only stop when there’s no room for more. But you’ll be surprised how much will actually fit in there. The human body is quite flexible. Still, it’s going to feel like you’re sitting on the grand-daddy of all dildos penetrating you right up to your cervix and buzzing away like there’s no tomorrow… which for you there isn’t. It’s going to fuck you, Cass. My sand is going to fuck you senseless.”

Shocked, Batgirl could hardly do more than gasp in disbelief as the thick phallus of creamy mud slowly “grew” into her, and just as Natalie had said, it seemed as though an impossibly large vibrator was every so gradually pushing deeper and deeper into her sex. As it went, she could feel it branch off into an unexplored pocket every so often, filling in a small erotic space it had missed.

Her upper body was now slick with sweat as she fought for control. “Oh g-god! Oh god! Ughnnnnn! Ughnn! Ughn!”

“You feel it fucking you, Cass? You feel it sliding into your warm honey? Deeper… and deeper… and deeper…” Cassandra stared at the woman with a pained expression of impossible pleasure. The other’s words hit true. When she thought it would finally settle, the sands only reached further and further in, right in time with Natalie’s voice.

“That’s it… let it take you, Cassandra. Come for me and let my sands devour your luscious body.”

“UGHNN! N-n-nooooo…ugh! No…”

“Look down at yourself, that’s it. See how the sand wants you? See how it sucks at your lovely Mons?… Your hips?”

The redhead did look down and was shocked to see the last black curls of her pubis disappear into the mire. She was losing it… losing control of herself. She couldn’t keep her thighs from trembling anymore, and her hips twitched in arousal even as she watched. She was sinking, still slowly, but quite visibly now.

“Do you feel it stroking you?…Lapping at your center?… Licking the lovely little bud of your clitoris, Cass?”

She tossed her head back and forth in denial, but the truth was, it did feel like someone was licking her most intimately.

“It’s so deep inside you,” came her captives slow and sultry words from the speaker above her. “It’s going to make you come soon. Let it have you…”

There was a warmth building in her middle, just behind her belly button. It was the start of an orgasm, and Cassandra knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. “Oh g-god, no…ughnn! Ughnn!”

“You can’t fight it… Why don’t you imagine that it’s me licking you… stroking you…. fucking you…”

Batgirl’s head rose up and caught the other’s eyes. She was met with pure lust, and knew she had just made a huge mistake. Instantly, her arousal doubled as she readily imagined what the other had suggested. In surprise and confusion, her hips shook and her pelvis rolled forward as bright-white pleasure welled up from her apex. The last thing she saw before her head snapped back in orgasm was the other’s wicked grin of satisfaction.


Her body spasmed and bucked against the unceasing lover within her, but her pleasure did not lessen. On and on she cried out in wondrous bliss as she thrashed to escape the nearly painful ecstasy. Her body stiffened and shook two more times before any sense of calm returned to her.

With heavy-lidded eyes and gasping breath, her exhaustion manifested itself and if she could have, she would have fallen forward. But now, to her surprise, her body was being supported.

“Oh my… You really do come beautifully,” came her captive’s words. “Better look down, lover.”

She did, and was shocked to find that her body was now submerged to above her belly button.

“There’s no escape now, Cass. Soon you’ll be up to your chin, with no way out. You’re just going to come… and come… and come, until you’re sucked under. In fact, I think you’re about to lose it again, aren’t you?”

As if on cue, Cassandra’s whole upper torso shook and then snapped rigid as a white-hot bolt of pleasure shot up from her hips and caused her to cry out. In a panic, she fought in vain to stop her trembling body and slow her breathing, but she was out of control now. The intensity of the stimulation was just too great and she was caught in her own sexually repressed reflexes. It was the same involuntary reaction her body had when it touched something hot, only she couldn’t pull away from the overwhelming pleasure that she was sinking into. And it was only getting worse. Natalie’s trap was inescapably seductive as well as deadly.

“It’s coming up on your breasts, love. I do hope you won’t disappoint me by losing it too quickly as it starts to suckle your nipples. You are Batgirl after all…

She was nearly in tears, her whole body quivering with over-stimulation – and frustration. It angered her that she couldn’t fight what she was feeling; that she was being manipulated so easily. Her rape was embarrassing enough, but it was worse that she couldn’t even stop herself from enjoying it while her captor looked on. The best she could do was to look away while her body was slowly tortured toward another orgasm.

“Aww… are we a wittle shy?” Mocked Natalie in a pouty child’s voice. “Does it bother you that I like to watch you come, Cassandra? Does it make you blush to know that I stroked and fondled every last inch of your lovely body when I stripped you? You reacted then too, even unconscious. Well, if that gets you steamy, then you should know that I will continue to enjoy your demise even long after you are dead. My cameras are diligently recording every moan, every shiver and gasp. Something like this just has to be recorded for posterity. And when I have thoroughly gotten my rocks off, I’m going to take your little video and post it on the net for everyone to enjoy.

“N-noooo… Mmmm… UGHNN!” Deep below, under the surface, her hips betrayed her and took up a rolling rhythm. It was more of a twitch than the deep undulation she knew her body would be making if not for the heavy weight of the wet sand around her. She was forced into a very slow grinding against the lover that surrounded her. Unable to fight the pleasure any more, and unable to move any faster than the sand allowed, she could only look down and whimper as her body was tortured with erotic sensation. She had given in, and would have humped the liquid death for all she was worth if she were able, regardless of what it would lead to. Slowly, ever so slowly she watched the grey ooze inch up her torso, only looking away when the pleasurecrescendoed yet again in stabbing ecstasy. She shuddered and cried out when it first touched the undersides of her breasts, cupping her as it gradually eased around the soft mounds, like a lover sliding their hands up her body toward her nipples. She remembered Natalie’s words as she stared on in complete fascination when the grey fingers slipped around the hard, pulsing peaks at her chest, covering them, and sending an impossibly powerful wave of new arousal through her body. Her head went back in complete shock, her whole form going instantly rigid as her mind lit up in renewed orgasm that lingered on and on and on. And before her shaking body had even come back down to full consciousness, another wave of passion would well up, overlapping the previous.

Cassandra was only partially aware of her surroundings now. Everything was drowned out under the constant outpouring of pleasure. She heard Natalie’s laughter, and saw the dim light above her, illuminating her slow demise, but nothing else. She was wholly locked in the state of euphoria that would be her last, and she didn’t even care. She was only pleasure now. Time ceased, or at least seemed to extend out for an eternally long moment. Cassandra knew that the warm death would be quietly consuming her, and that any moment it would ease over her face and take her very life, but she didn’t care.

And then, with an abruptness that was painful… it stopped. Everything stopped, the vibration, the light, sound, everything. Thinking that she had died, Cassandra simply waited, too exhausted to do anything else anyway. Oddly, her body continued to twitch and shudder as her ecstasy waned. Her flesh buzzed in ghost-like remembrance of the stimulation it wasn’t quite ready to let go of. Her breathing was labored and heavy, and her heart rate was dangerously high, but remarkably, slowing. She let her head fall forward and saw tiny lights, some soft blue glow from an indeterminate distance away. As her eyes refocused she started to make out more details in the blue light. There was a face, and something blinking.

The face was Natalie’s as she sat in front of her laptop, her features hard and angry. A moment later another set of lights came on, these harsh and insufficient to illuminate the whole of the room. Cassandra recognized them as emergency lighting.

“It would seem your friends have somehow managed to find you,” came the woman’s voice from the tiny speaker above her. “They must have tracked you, but I don’t… wait.” The brunette turned and looked behind her to the table where she had discarded Cassandra’s uniform. “Oh, you clever girl,” she said rushing to the chamber, her hands flattening out against the glass. “Something in your utility belt? A transmitter, set to activate when your belt is removed in the wrong sequence? Is that it?!… Son of a bitch.”

Still too tired to respond, she merely stared back through half-lidded eyes. Without the vibrations to keep the sand semi-liquid, the slurry had re-solidified into a hard-packed cylinder around her, freezing her body in place like it had been submerged in concrete. It was hard to breath, but luckily, not impossible.

Natalie was back at her computer. “They cut the power thinking that it would isolate me, but in fact, it has made it all the harder for them. There are nearly twenty doors between the outside and this lab, all of which used to open in the case of a power failure. But that doesn’t make for a very secure hideout, so I reversed things. Those are hardened fire doors. Even with powered cutters it will take them hours to reach us. And as you can see, my computers are on their own battery system. Unfortunately, the water pumps that feed the chamber you are in aren’t, nor are the release mechanisms. I can no longer create liquefaction, or for that matter even get in to finish the job with you. It would seem that you have escaped death today… Batgirl.”

Cassandra listened to the words, but they only slowly registered. When she finally understood what the other was saying, she managed a weak smile. “S-so sorry to dis… disappoint,” she replied weakly, her breathing starting to return to near normal levels.

Natie the Nerd squinted at her, considering. When a very wicked grin spread across her face, Cassandra swallowed.

“Perhaps… If I can’t kill you, I can at least make you suffer. The water pumps are inactive, but the vibration controls are linked to my lab.” She typed briefly on her keyboard and a few seconds later Cassandra heard a deep click and then a sound she hoped to never hear again. It was the tank vibrators coming back online. A moment later she felt it. From all around her, the pulsing erotic torment had returned. A bit weaker, but growing in intensity. Immediately her arousal reawakened and she moaned.

“That’s right, lover. The drivers will slowly ramp up to maximum output over the next ten minutes or so, and while you won’t sink to your death, you won’t be able to escape either. It will go on stimulating you until the battery pack is drained, which I’m happy to inform you should last a week at least.”

Cassandra’s breath was coming in short gasps, her body already near the point of orgasm again.

“And lest you think you’ll be rescued by your friends, I plan to kill the lights and take your uniform with me when I slip out my emergency exit. That chamber is almost completely soundproof, and with any luck your rescuers won’t even notice you when they pass through this room in search of your utility belt. They won’t be able to hear your cries of endless passion, and unless someone happens to climb up on this platform and shine a light into the chamber, they will never even know you’re there. But I will. My microphones and infrared cameras will continue to record your lovely little deaths, sending them to me remotely.”

Unable to resist, Batgirl felt herself slipping over the edge into bliss. “Oh… Ughnn.. oh god… Ahhh! AHHH! UGHNNNN!”

On the other side of the glass, Natalie sighed and grinned. “Good bye, Cassandra. Until we meet again.”

With that, the woman hopped down and gathered a few items, including her captive’s costume. Then, with a smile, she turned off the microphone and then the emergency lighting. She saw the brunette’s hand light as she opened a small hidden door as she slipped out of the room. And then she was gone, leaving Cassandra in complete darkness. Alone and helplessly trapped, her choppy breathing seemed to amplify in the small space as she was quickly worked toward another orgasm, and then another… and another… and another.

“AHHHHHHH!! NOOOO!! UGHNNNN!! AHHH! AHHH! AHHHHHHH!” Her cries were both in fear and in forced bliss as her conscious thought faded. Driven slowly into madness, Cassandra Cane began to loose what little hope she had of rescue and resigned herself to the timeless hell that seduced her soul and took more and more of her humanity with each frantic beat of her heart.


The voice was far away and hurt.

“Cassandra, wake up…”

She resisted. She longed to return to the dark solitude of unconsciousness. But it was denied her. Something sharp poked her arm and a heat seemed to spread through her body, pooling in her teeth.

“Cassandra, it’s time.”

Slowly, reluctantly, she opened her eyes against the soft lighting.

“Hello, Alfred,” she said weakly, her voice cracking.

“Hello, Miss Cain. Welcome back.”