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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Dryad’s Dream

Chapter 3 – Unusual Weather

The path up into the mountains was mostly uneventful, and the next seven days went quickly. The group settled into an easy routine, and Briddle seemed to accept her expanded status with only minor reservations. By the time they had reached the high slopes of the range, she even participated in some of the entertainment and conversation that comprised the average evening. No one asked her about her time with Tarn, and that seemed just fine with her. She was of course filled with questions for Lawen and Peleial, having seen elves more rarely at T’horish Ebbin. She was forbidden to speak to patrons there unless addressed directly.

The weather had also been extremely favorable. Wendel knew that could change at any moment, especially in the Durese Mountains, but their luck held, and it saved them a great deal of time to be able to make a simple camp under the stars instead of having to set up tents. It also gave Briddle a chance to see how they did watch duty. She offered to take a shift herself, but Wendel explained that it would be safer to let the rest of them take that task until she had more experience in the wild. She was, of course, welcome to stay up with the one on watch, which she did several times. She had never seen Taya in her full leather armor, and admitted later that the woman was very intimidating, to which, Wendel agreed.

Late afternoon on their eighth day out, they arrived at a rather strange building that was half inn, half temple. Wendel explained that the monks had maintained the place as a base camp for those crossing the mountains in the winter months. Few visited in the spring and summer, and short of the few devout keepers they did indeed have the place to themselves.

“We’ll be leaving the horses here,” he explained as they unpacked. “We would have no way to shelter them over the mountains, so we’ll have to make the rest of our journey on foot.”

“At least we get to sleep in a warm bed one more time,” said Taya, smiling.

The monks provided them with a hot meal and shelter, but they seemed concerned when the wizard asked them about weather.

“The mountains… they are… restless.”

“How so, Master Jord?” he asked of the group’s head monk.

The man frowned. “I have lived at the foot of these great behemoths for over seventy years, and in that time, I have never seen such strange behavior. Recently, I watched a storm cover the peaks in white in less than an hour in the morning, yet they were bare again by mid-day. Just a seven-day previous, the temperature dropped so quickly here in the valley, that I was unable to bring in all of my sheep from grazing before half of them froze to death. More, there is a shadow that runs the peaks… something I cannot see, but feel there none the less. It is a new malevolence. I can only urge you again to abandon your quest and return to the safety of the lowlands.”

Wendel briefly looked at Briddle. “I’m afraid that’s not possible, Master Jord, but I take your warning with all seriousness. On another matter… One of my party is studying the healing arts. Would it be possible for her to speak to one of your brothers? She heard about some of your methods and was most intrigued.” He turned to find Lawen, but she was nowhere to be seen.

The man chuckled. “The elf girl. She is already with Brother Bartholomew in the library. We always welcome those with a thirst for the arts.”

Wendel considered that the arts might not be all she was thirsty for. “Thank you my friend. I’ll make sure she doesn’t wear out the lad’s… ears.”

It appeared he was wrong about her libido however, when the she-elf rejoined the group in the main hall several hours later. She had a fairly large tome under her arm, and a sparkle in her eye that he recognized from his own days studying. It was the spark of discovery. It pleased him that the girl had taken to the healer’s trade, though he actually hoped they wouldn’t need her skills.

“Have you SEEN their library?!” she exclaimed, setting down the book with a heavy thump. “I could spend years here and never manage to touch them all.”

“I wish we could stay longer, my dear, but the sooner we get over those mountains the better.”

“Oh, I know. Though I would like to request a longer stay on our return trip. We are coming back, aren’t we?…”

“Goddess willing, though we will probably wait until fall. I dare say, going through the forest of Vel’Orthak once in the warmer months shall be challenging enough.”

Taya poured herself some wine. “Vel’Orthak is known in legend even to those outside the Vale, but the stories I have heard don’t explain why the spring and summer are so much more dangerous. I would have thought the winter months would be so.”

He nodded. “So much of the Vale is about balance… Dark versus light. That life which is bound to the light hibernates in the winter, but so does much bound to the dark. Unlike human realm forests, those in the vale are filled with magic and fel creatures… creatures that get very randy in the spring and even into summer. Those who serve the light may simply play jokes or tease unwary travelers, but the darker creatures are much more sinister. And Vel’Orthak is very dark.”

“What sorts of creatures?” asked Briddle, meekly.

He sighed, torn between not wanting to frighten the human, and giving her an honest answer.

“I won’t lie to you, child… The denizens of the dark forest are dangerous to be sure. All the darker variety of the normal forest creatures such as wolves and bears, but also trolls, dark elves…”

Dark elves?!” she asked, looking briefly at Lawen.

“Indeed. Nothing at all like our sisters, I assure you. But even those are not the entities that we need truly worry about. They are dangerous, yes, but they are uncommon and predictable. It’s the demon-kind that we must be careful of.”

“Demons!?” She paled.

He placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her. “Not actual demons, but foul creatures from their realm. They are too varied to mention individually, but many have the ability to corrupt the forest itself against us. Things that we might normally think of as ‘safe,’ could be used to trap or weaken us. Mushrooms, vines and roots, the trees themselves…”

“Oh god…”

Taya reached over and took her hand. “Don’t worry, Briddle. We’re going together. You’re part of the team, remember? Besides, we have the best wizard in the southern realm to help us.” She beamed at the man.

“Hmmph,” he grunted.

“If anyone can get you to Holsfield, it’s us,” stated the warrior.

It was with considerable trepidation that their gang of five started out again in the morning. They no longer had the benefit of their horses, though Master Jord gave them a mule he said would carry goods for them most of the way through the mountain pass.

“Old Jolly here always comes back. Not sure why, but both light and dark just let him be. Normally, I would be using him to help with the milling, but you were lucky and caught us between harvests.”

Wendel grunted. “Being ignored by the vale… That’s a skill I’d love to learn someday.”

The road up into the mountains was steep, but open and even, and they made good time. Several hours into the day, Taya dropped back to talk to him.

“Any thoughts on what’s hiding in those peaks?” she asked, eyeing the jagged range in front of them.

“If it’s what I think it is, then we would do well to avoid it. Back when you were in the castle, did you ever read stories of the Kax?”

She thought for a moment, surprised. “The elementals? A little. Is that what you believe it is?”

“It fits.” He pretended to be resting so that other’s passed him for a moment. When they were out of immediate earshot, he spoke directly to her. “Taya, if we do run into such a being, I need you to take the others and go on.”

“Leave you behind? No way, Wendel…”

He frowned. “I know you mean well, but elementals aren’t going to be affected by normal weapons, even enchanted ones.” He glanced at her spear. “Only magic attacks will work against one, and I won’t be able to fight while also protecting the rest of you.”

“I don’t like it.”

“I know. Trust me, I have no intention of being a martyr. If it is one of the Kax, then it will stay high on the mountain. Get through the pass and you’ll be safe. I’ll delay the creature and meet you at the Guardian Stones at the edge of the forest.”

Traveling was hard, but there was no denying that the view made it easier. Wendel called them to a stop in the late afternoon of their third day up the mountain, and was enjoying the panorama below them with the others when something caught his attention. Looking north along the range, he saw a smudge of cloud that seemed to be running counter to the wind. Like loose cotton, the odd billowy vapor rolled slowly in their direction.

Taya noticed it as well. “Wendel? Is that…”

“Probably. We’re still too low for a direct attack, but it can change the weather on us.” He turned to the rest of the group and raised his voice. “We need to set up the tents at once! Face them together. Use all the stakes and set full tarps… GO!”

It was a bit of a mad dance, but the rest of the party had seen the incoming cloud and could feel the disquiet in the air, as though the mountain were taking a full deep breath. The wizard unloaded old Jolly, and then gave the donkey a good smack on the rear, sending it on its way back down the slope. He’d wanted its services for a day longer, but it couldn’t be helped. The air temperature was already rapidly dropping by the time they were scrambling into the simple shelters. Wendel managed to perform a quick warding on the site just before he ducked into the flaps of his own tent. Only a few moments later, the camp was enveloped in a grey field of snow that nearly blotted out the setting sun.

“Are we going to be okay?” asked Peleial, already wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. He noticed that Briddle was hunched at the far side, her eyes looking worried as well.

“We should be,” he answered in as positive a tone as he could muster while shedding his robes in favor of a heavy blanket. “We might have to dig ourselves out in the morning, but the tents will protect us from the worst of it. I grabbed a bit of jerky on the way in. Sorry it’s not more of a dinner…” He passed a piece of the dried meat to each of them.

“It beats just imagining something in my belly,” commented Peleial, ripping off a piece of the tough beef. “The others?”

“Taya had some. Not to worry, she and Lawen are fine.”

After that, there really wasn’t much to do but wait. They played a few card and riddle games, but before long, it was growing too cold to stay out of the heavy blankets. Wendel slipped off of his outer garments and pulled the furs over his prone form. I few moments later, Peleial did much the same, snuggling up to him. He kissed her in greeting for a minute or so, when he remembered Briddle. Looking up, he found the girl facing away, her body shivering, even under her furs.

Something occurred to him, and he caught the elf’s eyes and mentioned to the human. When she understood, her face lit up and she grinned, nodding in agreement.

“Briddle,” he called out, “it’s too cold out there to sleep alone. Come join us.”

The girl turned to face him, her eyes wide. She looked outright terrified.

“H-have I displeased you, master?”

He frowned. “What? Certainly not. Why would you…”

“Lord Tarn w-would only c-call me to his bed when I was to b-be punished.”

“Punished? Wait, did he punish you with… sex?”

She nodded slowly, her chin quivering. “H-he was very… rough.”

“He hurt you…”


He looked down at Peleial for help. The she-elf sighed, and then made a motion with her head.

“Briddle, look at me… I want you to know that I will never force that on you, ever. If a woman is in my bed, it’s because she wants to be there, and I will do my very best to make her feel loved and welcome and respected. Do you understand?”

“I… I’m not sure.”

“Hmm. Tell you what, come and get warm. I promise on my deepest honor that I will make no advance against you unless you wish it.”

She moved closer, but stopped. “Y-you are my m-master. It is your r-right to take me… It doesn’t m-matter what I say.”

“It matters to me,” he answered solemnly and held open the covers. Peleial surprised him by scooting away to create a space for Briddle between them. The human girl hesitated only a moment more, and then slid quickly under the blanket.

“Good grief you’re cold!” Wendel exclaimed, nearly shivering himself as he moved against her back. He reached his arm over top of both females, drawing them together into a spooning hug. “Better?”

“It is much warmer,” she acknowledged.

“Briddle, can I ask you a personal question,” said Peleial a few minutes later.

“Of course, mistress…”

“I’m not your master. You can just call me Peleial, or Pel if you like.”

“Okay… Pel.”

The elf sighed. “Briddle, you said that Lord Tarn was… rough with you…”


“…And that he hurt you in his bed.”


The elf considered her next words carefully. “Was there ever a time when he did not hurt you while having sex?”

She took a moment to answer, and when she did, the human’s voice was on the verge of tears.

“No. Wh-when Lord Tarn took me, it was always as punishment… and it was always with great pain.”

“So, you have no idea that sex can be pleasurable, even though you grew up in a… in a house of pleasures.”

“Sometimes I would watch the courtesans with patrons. I wasn’t supposed to. They seemed to enjoy having sex, and I did not understand how this could be. I just assumed that the workers were merely very good at pretending… at least until… until the other day when I saw you with Master Wendel. You appeared to enjoy yourself very much…”

“I did!”

“… and I do not believe you were pretending.”

“I wasn’t! Not at all, Briddle.”

“But… How can this be? How can the same act be horribly painful in one case, and pleasurable in another?”

“It not the same act,” interjected Wendel behind her.

“I do not understand.”

The wizard sighed. “What Tarn did to you was without your permission. It was something you did not want. That’s rape. It’s also usually painful, if for no other reason than you resist, physically, and mentally. What Peleial and I were doing in the pool is called ‘making love’. It’s different because we not only both wanted it, but our desire was to bring pleasure to each other, not merely ourselves. It is an act of love, not hate or anger.”

Wendel felt Peleial squeeze his hand, and knew at once what she was thinking.

“Briddle?” he asked quietly.

“Yes, Master Wendel?”

“Would you like us to make love to you?”

She was quiet for a moment. “I… I do not know. I think I would very much like to experience the same kind of pleasure as you gave Peleial, but I am afraid.”

“I understand. Know that you can ask us to stop at any time. If you become uncomfortable, or scared… neither of us wants you to do something against your will. That’s an important part of making love… listening to those you are intimate with. It is about giving, not taking, as Lord Tarn did.”

Again she was quiet, considering the offer. “And… you would both… make love to me?”

“Only if that’s what you wish,” answered Peleial. “Or either one of us. We need to stay warm, so I can’t really leave, but if you don’t want me to participate then…”

“No, no! Please stay!” she replied, gripping the elf. “I mean… I want you to stay. I don’t think I understand how another female can…”

“Make love to you?”

“Yes. You do not have a… a…”

“Penis?” the she-elf grinned.

Blushing, the human nodded behind her.

Peleial rolled under the cover so that she was fully on her side facing Briddle.

“Making love to someone isn’t about copulating, though it can involve that. Making love is about giving of yourself to another. You don’t need a penis to do that. Sometimes it doesn’t even involve any sex, though it is usually much more enjoyable if you don’t have any limitations. It’s about letting go and trusting someone else.”

“I am a slave. There is no ‘trust’ for us… just obedience.”

Wendel stroked her head gently. “Not while you’re with us, Briddle. I said it before, you are a part of this team. You have a voice and a vote in everything we do together. Your legal status makes no difference.”

The human girl looked to Peleial, who nodded agreement.

Tears formed in the corners of Briddle’s eyes. “I… I trust you.”

“Then let us love you and make you feel good,” said the she-elf, smiling.

“Yes. I would like that very much.”

Leaning forward, Peleial gently placed her lips to the girl’s face, kissing away the tears. Then she moved down to her lips, softly brushing them with her own. She could actually feel the girl trembling.

“It’s okay, Bri. Let yourself feel. We won’t hurt you.”

Closing her eyes, Briddle let the elf kiss her more purposely, finally opening her mouth to the other’s gently prodding tongue.

“Mmmnnn…” she moaned, gradually letting the other guide her passion until she had to break free a minute or so later just to catch her breath. “I feel… dizzy. Is my heart supposed to be beating so hard?”

The elf laughed. “Yes, that’s normal. I would be surprised if you weren’t a bit nervous. Can we touch you?”

“You are asking my… permission?” said the human, incredulous.

“I am. We are. You are free to say ‘no’. If you want to do no more than kiss, that’s fine too.”

“I liked that kissing very much…”

“So did I,” admitted the elf, smiling.

“… but I would like to know more. You… you both have my… permission.”

Slowly, Peleial brought her hand up to cup the girl’s cheek, gently stroking her. Then she let her light touch move down to her neck, her shoulder, and to her side. There, she met Wendel’s hand. After a brief squeeze, she drew his arm down over Briddle’s belly. She heard her gasp and stiffen briefly before ultimately closing her eyes again and relaxing into the new touch. The wizard kept his fingers at her middle, merely stroking and hugging her over her night clothes.

Peleial slowly moved her hand up the other’s front until she finally settled it over her left breast. Again, Briddle gasped, her eyes popping open.

“Are you still okay?” asked the elf.

“I… yes…ummm… That feels nice. My nipples…”

She chuckled. “They’re ‘tight’?”


“You’re aroused. It’s also normal. Your nipples will become more sensitive when you’re aroused.” She gave the hard point a slight squeeze through the fabric, causing the human to cry out in pleasure and surprise, briefly.

“Ahh! Ughmm… that… that sent tingles all down my body!”

Peleial leaned forward and slowly placed her mouth to the girl’s again. This time, Briddle opened her lips and took the kiss at once. The she-elf let her fingers lightly play with the girl’s breasts while also letting the kiss progress. By the time the human broke a second time, she was panting and trembling with lust.

“Ughnn… oh god… I never knew it could b-be so wonderful…”

“This is just ‘foreplay.’ It’s a part of making love, but just the beginning.”


“Yes. It’s to get you aroused… in the mood, for more intimate things. Tell me, Briddle, do you feel at all… wet, in your lap?”

The other blushed. “I… I was afraid to mention it. I thought I might have lost control of my bladder.”

“No, though that can happen, and is nothing to be ashamed of. That wetness is your body responding to being aroused. It’s normal, and signals your physical readiness to take a man.”

“I… I…” she stammered.

“Relax. No one is saying you have to do that. It’s just a normal response by your body. It’s natural.”

The girl seemed to breathe a bit easier.

“Just because your body is ready, you can still say ‘no.’ You can always say no. Understand?”


“I assume that you never felt this with Lord Tarn?”

“No. Not at all!”

She nodded. “That’s one of the reasons that it hurt so much when he forced himself on you. That wetness helps a penis move easily within you. Without it, well… we won’t go there.”

The girl looked contemplative. “When you and Master Wendel were in the pool… he was within you?”

“Oh yeah.” She grinned.

“And it did not hurt you?”

Peleial had to laugh. “No, dear. It felt very good! I should point out that I’m even smaller than you, and Wendel fit just fine. You only have Lord Tarn for comparison… He’s a fel human, and he’s almost seven feet tall! I have no doubt his member must have been equally large. We girls can take a lot more than you would think, but there are limits. I suppose Wendel is a bit on the large size for humans…”

“Thank you, dear,” said the man in question.

“… but well within a comfortable range for you or I.”

“His… member will not hurt me?”

“If you are aroused, then no, it shouldn’t. Wendel is also very gentle. He’ll go slowly with you. Of course, if that is still what you wish?”

Briddle licked her lips. “I… I would like that.”

Peleial smiled. “Then we will continue the foreplay, and let it progress naturally, okay?”


The elf leaned in and began kissing the girl again, deciding that despite her innocence (or maybe because of it) she did seem to have a knack for it. She let her hand continue at the other’s chest for a while, but then slowly worked it down her torso. She gave Wendel’s hand a squeeze as she passed his slow caresses at her belly, but stopped when she found the bottom of her chemise. Slowly, she lifted the garment, passing it under the wizard’s hand and then higher, gradually exposing the human’s bare flesh. She felt her tense as Wendel’s fingers returned to her belly, and then again when she lifted the garment over the swell of her chest.

Wendel could tell that Peleial was enjoying herself, gradually unwrapping the girl to explore the delights she offered. He let the elf guide the pace of the evening, marveling at her sensitivity and grace. There was only the dim light of their glow stone hanging from the peak of the tent, but it was enough illumination to see Peleial’s face as she paused, and then removed her own chemise, completely drawing it over her head.

“Why did you…” started Briddle.

“I want you to feel comfortable. If you are going to expose yourself to us, we should do the same.” The elf looked briefly at him, ever so slightly nodding.

Getting the hint, Wendel lifted his own shirt up, and after a moment’s consideration, pulled the strings on his pants and pushed them down and off as well. He could tell by the way that Peleial was moving, that she had just repeated the maneuver. Then he felt her fingers brush the hand he had replaced on Briddle’s belly, and he had a pretty good idea that they would all be naked in a moment.

The girl gasped when the elf first started to pull on the bowstrings of her lower undergarments, but Peleial met her eyes with warmth and compassion as she slowly urged the cloth over her hips. She could tell that the human was caught between desire and fear, although her trembling passion was still winning out for now.

“You okay?” asked the elf girl, snuggling closer, her body coming right up against the human’s.

“Y-yes… I am nervous.”

“That’s understandable. Try to focus on what you are feeling. And it’s okay to touch me and Wendel too.”


“Of course! We are sharing in each other. Believe it or not, Briddle, it’s actually very rewarding to give someone else pleasure.”

The girl very tentatively reached out her hand and placed it on the elf’s chest, fascinated by the other’s breasts and nipples.

“You… you are very pretty.”

Peleial blinked. “Thanks, Bri. Coming from you, that’s a real compliment.”

“I am not pretty…” The girl’s eyes dropped.

“Wha..? Who told you that!?”


“…Tarn,” finished the she-elf. “Of course he did. Look, Bri. Your former master was an asshole. I know you aren’t allowed to speak against him,” she added when the other shook her head in protest, “but take it from me, the guy was just degrading you to keep you in line. You’re beautiful, really beautiful!”

“She’s right, Briddle,” said Wendel behind her. “I wasn’t aware that Tarn had taken that approach with you or I would have said something sooner. He may have said such things to you privately, but I can assure you, he wouldn’t have even considered taking you as a slave if you weren’t exceptionally attractive. He surrounds himself with beautiful women as a symbol of his status.”

She thought for a moment. “Master Wendel, you also are surrounded by beautiful women…”

The wizard was taken aback. “Uh… I suppose I am, though that sort of happened on it’s own. I usually work by myself.”

“That’s true,” added Peleial. “Taya was pretty much forced on him by royal decree, and Lawen and I somewhat literally fell into his lap. After Volscork, we all became outcasts, and Wendel was gracious enough to take us in.”

“As slaves?”

“As partners in business,” he corrected quickly. “Though Pel and I obviously share a bit more than that.”

“Am I that business?” asked the girl, abruptly. It was a question that Wendel knew might come, but he still flinched.

He sighed. “I met with Tarm because he said he had a job. We were hurting for money, or I wouldn’t have had anything to do with him. Then he brought you out and everything changed. You’re bearing a curse…”

“As an Akanit,” she filled in.

“Yes. From the moment he mentioned that, I knew I had to take that job, even if it meant a loss for me. I could not, in good conscious, allow you to suffer such a horrible fate if it was at all in my power to prevent it. Briddle, do you understand what happens if you aren’t delivered to Ebbis Brent by the solstice?”

“Yes…” she replied in a whisper.

“We’re going to get you there, or die trying.”

The girl was silent for a few seconds.

“You would risk your lives for a slave?”

“We willing risk our lives for a person, Briddle,” he answered.

She looked to Peleial, who nodded confirmation. A moment later, the girl suddenly burst into tears.

The elf drew her into a tight hug, and Wendel held them both while she sobbed for several minutes. Finally, when she had cried herself out, the girl looked back up into Peleial’s eyes, and then leaned in to kiss her. The she-elf didn’t hesitate, knowing that this was what she wanted and needed, but she did slow her down a bit. Once Briddle had let go of her anxiety, all she had left was pure lust, which threatened to overwhelm her if it wasn’t restrained.

“Easy… easy…” said the elf. “Relax, Bri. We aren’t going anywhere. Just let us make you feel good.”

“Sorry… okay.” She sniffed, and then took a deep breath. Peleial more judiciously kissed her neck and slowly worked her lips downward, while reaching over to Wendel’s hand, which she now moved lower on the girl’s body.

The wizard understood. It was time to heat things up, so while his hand moved sensuously over her lower abdomen, his body behind the girl was shifting a little lower as well. He heard Briddle gasp when he let his manhood press against her back at the top of her buttocks.

Peleial leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth, which caused the girl to stiffen in pleasure and arch forward, her own hands clutching at the she-elf. Behind her, Wendel had begun to slowly undulate his body against hers so that she was forced to take on the same rhythm. Once she was moving on her own, he moved his hand around behind her and deftly slid it between her thighs.

Peleial’s free hand replaced the wizard’s at her abdomen, but she continued to inch it lower and into the soft tuft of hair at her pubis. Like a perfectly choreographed dance, Wendel lifted the girl’s upper leg, just as the elf’s fingers slid in over her sex.

“Ahh! Ughnnnn… oh god…” she moaned, as her body twitched and shook against the new pleasure that rose like sparks in a bonfire from her lap. Peleial’s fingers played easily through the girl’s slick petals, using the motion of her own hips to drive her nearly wild with arousal.

Wendel waited patiently, letting Briddle adjust to the elf’s touch at her center, while at the same time slowly positioning his shaft. Finally, as the girl undulated back and forth, he gently matched her motion, his phallus gradually inching up behind her until he was poised with the tip of his glans at her gates.

He heard her catch her breath as her body froze. Then, with a series of short gasps, she gradually relaxed her hips. With each intake of air, his manhood slipped with her.

“Ahh… Ahh… Ahh… Ughmmmm…” Finally, when he was fully ensheathed by her warmth, he slipped his arm out and around both girls, drawing them tight. It was Peleial who then set the pace, moving her body, and in so doing, moving Briddle and Wendel as well. As a single unit, she slowly pushed the girl’s hips back, angling the wizard’s shaft to its deepest, then back the other way, drawing him about half way out, before repeating the simple undulation every three or four seconds.

As slow as the gentle intercourse was, the human girl quickly found herself lost in a wash of rising pleasure. In only a few minutes, Wendel sensed her nearing moment, and hugged her pelvis to his on the next upbeat. Just as he was at his deepest within her, her whole body tensed and trembled into wonderful ecstasy. He realized that he could feel Peleial’s fingers around his shaft, and that the elf must have been working the girl from the front as well.

Her orgasm was long, but quiet until just near the end when she finally released the deep breath she had been holding.


She quivered with little smaller orgasms for another minute or so before she was once again still between the two figures.

The elf pushed the girl’s hair from her face, enjoying the dreamy look of ecstasy that still shone from her visage.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Briddle smiled and sighed. “Thank you…” she whispered. “I have never felt anything so wonderful.”

“The orgasm… I would imagine not. How does your body feel?”

“I’m tingly all over,” replied the human, happily.

“Not too tired?”

She thought about it. “A little, but mainly just… satisfied. I feel like I have had a wonderful meal. Is that normal?”

“It is. Let us know when you’re ready for more.”


The elf grinned. “Oh yes, love. I plan to have you experience at least two or three more solid orgasms before we rest tonight, provided Wendel is up to the task…”

“Able and ready,” he replied hugging the girls.

Briddle was wide-eyed. “Can we really do that again?”

“We might have to give our wizard a chance to recharge now and again, but there’s really no reason we couldn’t do that all night long… or at least until we all pass out from exhaustion.”

The girl laughed. “Really?”

“Yup. That was just a taste, Bri. You still have no idea how great sex can be, but we’re going to teach you every chance we can get!”