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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

The Forest of Murgos

Keri knew it was a really bad idea. If the trip was for anyone other than her friend Brin, she never would have risked such foolishness. Traveling in the forest of Murgos was dangerous with a full scouting party. Cutting through the fel ground alone was just plain stupid.

Nothing about Murgos looked like it was out to kill you, everything seemed as any other forest, or maybe just a slight bit greener. The only way that you might suspect something was wrong was the complete lack of animal life. There were no rabbits or deer, no birds. It was amazingly quiet and peaceful.

Keri knew it was all a lie. The plants in this forest were cursed… all of them. Many had poisonous thorns, or noxious scented flowers to lull your mind and body into a sticky trap. An amazing number were carnivorous, and almost all of them could move… Not like a tree in the wind, but more like a predator. Stand too close to some of the trees, and they would reach right out and snag you with limbs or roots.

The only way to go through Murgos was to stay away from as many plants and trees as possible, and that meant sticking to the one path that wound through the forest. The path lay in the middle of cleared ground. Once a year in autumn, the elves from Haneven and Bristol got together to burn a clear zone through the fel. They left nothing alive for a stretch twenty meters wide, not even grass.

Of course, the green pushed back in, much faster than a normal forest, so that by late summer as it was now, that zone had shrunk back to only ten meters, less in some places. And the forest also played tricks.

In the last few seasons, the elves began to see the forest making its own clearings. Sometimes these new paths led into dead-ends, which would close off when an unwary traveler wasn’t looking. And sometimes, these false trails led to even more deadly predators, hiding just out of view.

Keri knew about these tricksters, which might have helped her had she seen the trap sooner. But she was in a hurry to get in and out of Murgos as quickly as possible, and missed the telltale warning signs. As it was, the only foretoken she had that she had stepped awry was that the green grass had grown in and obscured the gravel path. But that wasn’t all that uncommon, especially at this time of the year. The rest of the clear space was quite wide, almost the full twenty meters, so it didn’t occur to her that the space could be a ruse until she was nearly to the center of it. That’s when she noticed that the curve in the path led to a dead end.

“Shit,” she commented as she stopped and considered her options. She would have to go back, obviously, but of more concern was that the forest had led her here… on purpose. She scanned the treeline for anything unusual and found nothing. Then she looked down. The grass… it was much too green.

Taking slow steps backward, she had only gone a meter or two when a slick green vine erupted from the ground and flipped around her left ankle, yanking her off balance. Before she even had a chance to react, a half dozen more of the thin green tendrils sprang from the grass all around her.

“Oh fuck…” she yelled, pulling her short sword from its sheath. This was bad, really bad. If the vines were what she thought they were, then she was in serious trouble. She slashed at the one holding her foot and managed to cut it loose, but not before her other leg had been entwined. This time, when it pulled tight, she lost her balance for a moment and fell to one knee. But if that wasn’t bad enough, she felt something warm reach over the hand holding the sword, which was momentarily close to the ground. With a snap, the blade was jerked away, landing completely out of reach.

She should have known the plant would disarm her. It wasn’t even interested yet in capturing her, not really, just distracting her. Many of the tendrils were hanging back, as if waiting for something. Everything it had done was purposeful and planned, and Keri knew that if she had any hope of getting out of this alive, she had to stop reacting and THINK.

The only other weapons she had with her were a number of throwing knives. She reached into her side pouch and pulled them out, but then held off using them. If she didn’t do something, it likely wouldn’t matter, but she’d come very close to having her hand snagged instead of the short sword. If that had happened… well, she couldn’t let that happen. So, her number one tactic for the time being had to be to keep her hands out of reach of the vines at all costs.

But that wasn’t going to be easy. Somehow, she needed to free her right leg, which was still wrapped tight. She couldn’t even get her knee off the ground, which meant that she had to raise her hands in the air to keep them above the tendrils.

She managed to dodge a few attacks at her wrists, when she felt something loop over her left ankle again.

“Oh, no no no…” she exclaimed while she fought to free her limb, but it was no use. The vine wound around her several times, and then pulled taut. It wasn’t exceptionally strong, but it was tough and persistent. By slowly applying a constant force, it gradually pulled the leg down and outward. Eventually, Keri was forced to put her other knee down or fall over. Even still, she found that her thighs were pulled wide, lowering her center closer to the ground… and with it, her arms. Again, the plant was outsmarting her.

“You little shits! I won’t let you have me that easily!” As angry as her words were spoken, the fel plant seemed to mock her by winding several more vines around her calves, locking her legs to the green earth.

Keri should have easily seen the plant’s next trick coming, but she was too filled with fear and anger to even think straight. Instead of trying in vain for her hands, it switched tactics and reached a vine around her belt.

“What the…? Hey! Let go!” Once again, the vine was slowly pulling, but this time it was dragging her torso forward. With her legs firmly locked in place, she was going to fall forward if she didn’t do something fast. Reaching down, she snapped open the buckle of her belt and then quickly brought her hand back up out of reach. The leather went loose, and she was no longer at risk of falling, but the vine continued to draw away the strap, leaving her skirt precariously on her hips. With her legs pulled apart as they were, she might have been okay… if not for the vine that snagged the looser garment by the edge and pulled the wrap right from her body.

“Holy shit! Why you bastards!” she wailed, now in only her panties and thigh-boots below the waist. When she noticed the vine reaching for her undergarments, she squealed and turned away as best she could. Not only did it not stop the fel plant from hooking around the garment at her hip, but she completely missed the two other vines from the other direction that slipped right into the collar of her tunic.

In an obviously coordinated action, all three of the vines pulled at once. Her panties went one way, and her shirt ripped open nicely in the other. Keri’s jaw dropped as she understood how she had been tricked out of her clothing. Now she was not only trapped, but lewdly exposed as well. Then things got worse.

Through it all, the elf had managed to keep her hands out of reach, which was something, though she couldn’t figure out how to use that advantage just yet. But now, in front of her and just to the left, something bigger was coming up out of the ground. When she saw it, she nearly fainted… because she knew exactly what it was.

Keri had heard stories of the Sheliac plant, a demonic organism of utterly foul design. When it hunted, it did not kill its victims outright, but rather used them as hosts for its seedlings. Prey would be caught and held, and then impregnated with dozens of soft seeds, which would quickly mature. In just a few days, they would germinate and begin to grow within the host, using their body as a means of protection against the elements until they were ready to find purchase in the earth. Needless to say, the host did not survive their exit.

The larger stalk that lifted up before Keri now, was a Sheliac impregnator. It was a five inch-thick stalk which was green and slightly leafy at the base, but semi-transparent higher up. Inside this sack of sorts, Keri could see dozens of the round seeds. At the top, was a longer, thinner tendril that extended from a kind of sheath. It looked more like flesh than any other part of the plant, and was coated with a slime that dripped to the ground in long viscous strands. Given its very phallic appearance, Keri assumed that it was that part of the plant that did the actual impregnating.

“Shit…” she said nervously as it started to move in her direction. “Well, now or never,” she exclaimed and flicked the first of three knives at the stalk. It struck the base and stuck in nicely, but had almost no effect on the rest of the plant. She gritted her teeth and snapped her wrist a second time. Again she hit, but on the egg sack. This was much more affective, and the plant thrashed back and forth. Finally, she took careful aim and sent her last knife into the thinner, topmost part of the plant. There was a screeching sound, and the stalk fell limp to the ground.

“Yes!” she called out in victory. The elf’s joy was short-lived though, as she noticed a second Sheliac stalk coming up out of the ground right in front of her.

“Son of a bitch…” Now her knives were all out of reach. She might have been able to retrieve them if she risked bringing her hands down, but she wasn’t going to make that mistake. The other tendrils were still hovering about. None the less, she needed to change her plan or the stalk before her was going to reach her easily. Like the previous attacker, the topmost tendril extended from its sheath, heading for her crotch.

“Fuck!” she cursed and tried to turn her hips to keep away from it. She realized too late that she couldn’t turn enough, but then she no longer had time to move her hands down to intercept the stalk. Using a very snake-like striking motion, the slick tendril darted forward and pressed itself right under her. Wiggling back and forth, the slippery appendage found its way between her labia and was extending itself well into her sex long before she even had a chance to grasp it.

“Ughnn! Crap!” she gasped, and in spite of herself, felt a wash of pleasure fan out from her pelvis. Keri was certainly no virgin, but visual appearances aside, the plant’s business-end felt very very wrong as it twisted and undulated within her. A man-elf’s shaft had soft skin, but was otherwise rigid. The Sheliac’s ‘member’ felt like a squirming live eel or slug, and was just as slippery. Her hands couldn’t get enough purchase to draw it out. Worse, it seemed to be resisting extraction by bulging within her. She felt a ring-like hardness expand just within her vaginal canal, and she cursed.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! Get out, you slimy little shit!… ughnn…” Despite herself, Keri could tell that she was being aroused. Having a squirming tentacle of pure muscle buried deep in her flower would be stimulating no matter how disgusted she was, but it didn’t help that the tube-like tendril continued to extend itself up into her until she figured it had to be pushing against her cervix. She’d never felt anything penetrate her that deeply, let alone while she was powerless to stop it. Suddenly, there was a kind of tickle, as though a half dozen tiny fingers were teasing the entrance to her womb.

“Oh no…” she whispered, just before the Sheliac’s member pushed even deeper in a single pulsing thrust.

“UGHNN!…” The elf’s groan of pleasure nearly caused her to collapse, and for a moment, her vision swam with sparks and swirls. There was no doubt now that the evil appendage had entered her deepest space.

“Oh goddess. This isn’t happening…” she entreated. Then, looking up, she saw the larger body of the stalk shift and undulate. At the top of the transparent sack, the round seeds were being pushed into position. Even as she watched, she could see a single walnut-sized bulge start down the long phallic tendril, the end of which terminated within her sex. In pulsing waves, the little ball was being sent toward her womb. If it reached its ultimate destination, and the Sheliac plant was able to impregnate her with it, she was done.

In a panic, she slid her hands down the thick fel member until she intercepted the bulge. To her relief, her grip around the stalk seemed to halt the forward motion. So long as she held on, the plant would be unable to ‘come’ inside her. To her added satisfaction, she noticed that other seeds had started down the shaft and were building up behind the blocked one. This appeared to cause the vile creature some discomfort, as it quivered and trembled, perhaps in pain.

“Does it hurt, fucker?!” she yelled, gripping the plant even harder. “Good! Now get out of my twat!”

Whether the Sheliac heard and understood her, she couldn’t tell, but more and more of the seeds were backing up, creating quite a bit of pressure against her hands. She would need to be careful not to loosen her grip, lest they slip past.

“Take it out!” she screamed again. If she could just hold on long enough, perhaps the demonic monstrosity would decide that she wasn’t worth it… Then she felt something touch her rear and she turned her head sharply.

“Wha…? NO!”

While she had her attention focused on the stalk in front of her, another had come up out of the ground directly behind her. Its phallic end slipped down between her ass cheeks and quickly settled over her anus.

Panting in fear, she knew that with her hands busy holding off the first stalk, there was little she could do to stop the new intruder. “Oh, please goddess, no…”

There was a soft pressure, and then a soundless pop as the slippery end of the second Sheliac entered her rectum. Keri cried out briefly, but not in pain. The end of the stalk was big, but it was the strangely sexual thrusting into that part of her body that caused a new wash of arousal to flood her mind. On the few occasions that she had allowed a lover to pleasure her there, she had always come quite quickly, especially when she was stimulated at her womanhood as well. Her face flushed with heat when this stalk also expanded just inside her, and she could feel the powerful pulsing of her own quick heartbeat in the hard flesh of her nipples. If part of the Sheliac’s plan was to arouse her to the point of orgasm, then that plan was definitely on its way to working. Keri seriously doubted that she could retain her composure and more importantly, her grip if she came, so she gathered up all her will to push back the building fire in her belly.

Every second of the standoff was erotic agony for the she-elf. It was one thing to have a her sex filled to its very depths, but with both holes being stimulated at once, her chances of resisting the fel creature’s seduction had diminished considerably. And the beast was definitely trying to seduce her, she could see that now. There was no way the rolling, undulating action of the two phallic members was in any way accidental. The demon plant seemed to know exactly what motions would arouse her, and damned if it wasn’t working.

But Keri was equally determined to resist, especially when giving in to her lust would almost certainly mean her death. She gritted her teeth and squeezed the stalk in front of her for all she had. Again, it shivered. Was it pain? She certainly hoped so, but the plant’s reaction had the unfortunate side effect of sending those trembling quivers right into her flower. The new vibrations had such an effect on her own libido, that she finally had to back off, lest she drive herself over the edge into bliss. As if in response to her reduced grip, the plant sent a number of the smaller smooth tendrils in to wrap around her wrists and arms. It was trying to pull away her hands! But there was no way she was going to let go, not now.

The elf girl was trying to decide if she had felt the creature weakening when she turned around to check on the stalk behind her… and gasped.

The entire length of the phallic tendril was filled with bulges, right to the end that was locked into her rear. She barely had time to cry out before she felt a building pressure at her anus. Something smooth and round was slowly forcing her sphincter open even wider. She knew what it was, and she knew that she had only moments before the ball-like seed would pop inside her and her fate would be sealed. But there was nothing she could do. Keri decided that if there was any chance of getting the seeds out after the fact, then it would be a lot more likely if they were implanted in her rectum. Not that she had any doubts that the experience would be pure hell.

With a growing sense of apprehension, her breathing came in short, clipped gasps up until the very moment that the seed suddenly slipped beyond the barrier and smoothly eased into her. At that moment, there was a burst of intense sexual pleasure that caught her completely by surprise.

Keri’s head snapped back, and her whole body tensed as a massive orgasm smashed over her. It hit her so fast and hard, that she barely had time to do more than gasp before she was launched into the timeless ecstasy. Stunned, she panted and shook for nearly a minute before finally getting control of herself again, and when she did, she noticed two very bad things.

The first was that there was already another seed pressing at her anal sphincter, and with it, a rising queasiness in her belly. Could she really be so close to another orgasm so quickly? From the way she was trembling, it certainly seemed to be the case. When she looked back at the stalk and saw the multitude of round little seeds all lined up and waiting to be put inside her, Keri’s heart filled with a new dread. If each of those seeds pushed her to yet another orgasm… She doubted her mind would survive the hour, let alone long enough for the seeds to germinate within her.

The second terrible thing she noticed was that she had lost the strength in her hands. Her body was already mostly spent from just that one orgasm, and the Sheliac was taking full advantage of it. She felt the tendrils around her wrists drawing her grip relentlessly away from the phallic stalk. She could only watch as first her left, then her right hand was finally pulled free, and struggle as much as her tired body could, there was no way she could get her hands back within reach to stop the flow of seeds that now resumed their slow march toward her waiting womb.

“Noooo… No no no…” she whimpered in horror as she watched the little bumps approach her sex unimpeded. As if sensing its prey’s helplessness, the member within her seemed to tremble happily in anticipation, increasing her arousal all the more. She felt the first of the seeds reach her outer gates and then gently and smoothly pulse beyond into her body. It was still within the phallic stalk, but she could feel it slide deeper and deeper along the long tube until it finally neared the end and hit something else. It paused only a moment before the gentle undulations pressed it through the opening, and with a soft rush… into her womb. At the exact same moment, the seed at her rear was also pressed beyond her resisting flesh, and pleasure like lightning snapped her into a second orgasm.

Her moment was shorter this time, if no less intense, but she could already feel a new seed entering her trembling sex, as well as yet another pressing at her backside. With all her limbs now bound completely, her resolution finally snapped and hope left her. It was done. There would be no one to save her now.

But her ordeal was far from over…

When another pair of seeds was pressed into place Keri experienced a third orgasm, though this one was softer and more like a continuous stream of pleasure than the other two. Still, her head arched back, and her eyes rolled upward for several seconds. As she started to try to refocus, she saw that there was something hovering in front of her face. When she understood what it was, she was able to get in one brief gasp before it darted forward into her open mouth. Since she couldn’t even bring up her hands, there was little she could do to keep the new phallic stalk from wiggling partially down her throat. She also felt it expand behind her teeth, locking it, like the others, in place. Panicking, both from the feeling of choking, as well as what she knew was coming, she thrashed and tossed her head back and forth.

But of course, it was no good. Most of her strength had already been sapped away, and her body was far too overwhelmed with sexual arousal to resist when another set of seeds was pushed within her. Even as she was thrown impossibly into another moment of bliss, she understood the implication for her. The Sheliac plant was leaving her no room for doubt or hope. It was going to torment her with pleasure for as long as it took to completely fill her quivering body with deadly seeds.