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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

The Gardens of Genseminede

“Come on, Mel,” exclaimed the tall redheaded girl in overalls and a wide sun-hat as she waited excitedly for me at the top of a ridge. “It’ll be mid-day before we get there at this pace.”

“Relax, it’s just a little further,” I answered my slightly shorter companion. I brushed a stray lock of brown curling hair from my face and tucked it back under my own hat. “Besides, we have to wait until the sun hits them anyway.” Catching up with the her, I stopped for a moment to get my bearings, then pointed slightly to the left and down the jungle covered hill. “That way. The lake is at the bottom.”

The redhead clapped her hands and started down, chopping a makeshift path with her machete as she went. “Do you really think there will be any big enough for us to get all the way in,” she asked as she attacked the heavy foliage at a particularly heavy spot.

“At this time of year… oh yeah. No problem. But it’s close to pollination season though, so we need to be a little careful. They only become active in the winter light, so we should be fine.”

“They can really tell, just by the light?”

I smiled at my friend’s enthusiasm. Most college freshmen could really care less about zenobiology, especially concerning plants on out-world colonies. But I knew that my fellow student had begged me to let her tag along on this trip for reasons far more understandable in a sexually active young woman living on a planet with a female to male ratio of 20:1. Not that the Board of Interplanetary Colonization had planned it that way… Sure, they often sent out more females just to improve the odds of long-term survival, but the Genseminede colony had been hit early by a freak sickness that had decimated almost three-quarters of the male population in the first year after their arrival. Getting a date had suddenly become harder than getting a flight off-world, and about half as often.

“They’re called Photogenics, and yes, they can. In fact, they can tell the difference between a clear and a cloudy day. It’s pretty amazing actually, especially considering their size. I wouldn’t call it intelligence or anything, but as plants go, they’re pretty damn bright.”

“I don’t care where they rate on the IQ scale so long as I can soak right up to my shoulders.”

I laughed. “Yeah, okay. Just be sure to keep my research to yourself or we’ll have half the girls on the planet vying for a dip.”

Bree made one final swipe with her blade and the vegetation gave way to an open body of water about two hundred meters from side to side. A small waterfall fed into the picture perfect lake, and we both stood on the shore admiring the view until at last I said, “It doesn’t get much better than this.”

“A couple of cute guys standing right over there would be nice,” she said pointing to a small sunny knoll near the waterfall.

“You’re insatiable!” I replied, shaking my head and testing the firmness of the bank. “Don’t you think about anything other than sex?”

“Astronomy, now and again since it IS my major and all. Did I tell you I renamed the constellations after various sexual positions?”

I laughed outright.

“Cunnilingus should be nicely visible later tonight,” she said with a straight face. “Oooh! Is that one of the flowers?!” She was pointing to a large, lotus-like plant that was floating on the surface of the lake.

“Yup,” I answered and admired the massive bloom. “Nymphaea Leguminosae Mellinatus… or it will be when I get word back from the university.”

“Are they really letting you name it,” she asked as we made our way closer to a group of the huge flowers. They almost completely covered the far end of the lake with their wide, thick leaves. “Not that I care what they’re called so long as they’ll open for us.”

“That’s generally the accepted rule for colony worlds. It sure will be nice to have a new classification under my belt even before I’ve graduated. Over here…” I indicated an area where the bank looked a bit less muddy.

Bree joined me at the drier shore and we both set down our gear.

“We can make camp on that knoll you pointed out earlier, maybe after we have washed off in the falls. That’s what I did last time and it worked out great.”

“Oh boy!” she exclaimed, rubbing her hands together. “So how exactly does this work? I have to admit that I’m just a wee bit nervous.”

“Don’t worry. I did this just two weeks ago and it was fine. If it’s any consolation, I was even more afraid the first time I slipped into one of these things. After all, I had seen it, er… playing with the Kan-kans only six months earlier. All we have to do is walk out onto the leaves, which easily support our weight by the way, and then sort of… tickle the plant under the chin. The main pod will open right up and stay that way for at least four hours. Then, step on in and enjoy. The nectar is quite thick, so it’s pretty hard to move, not to mention pulling yourself out after you’ve had enough, so you might want to sit on the edge and lower yourself over. You’ll feel the stamen all around you, but like I said, they are only active in the winter.” I demonstrated by stepping out onto one of the nearer leaves.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Breanna with her eyes wide. “I never would have guessed that you could stand on those things. They must be amazingly thick.”

“Have you ever seen a Kan’kandre, in person I mean?”

The girl hesitated, then joined me out on the giant leaf. It wobbled a bit and she grabbed my arm and laughed. “I’ve seen them in the vids of course, and they had one at the zoo for a bit. I guess it had been hurt and they were letting it recover. Pretty damn human looking if you ask me.”

“Proto-humanoid, actually,” I replied. “But you’re right. Aside from the variances of the facial features and an extra set of teats… I saw four at once out on these things. Like I said, plenty strong enough. Okay, you take that one over there, and I’ll do this one.” I was bending down in front of a two-foot high pod with a mushroom shaped bell at the top.

My roommate carefully stepped a few meters away to another pod and then turned to me. “What do we do?”

“You just have to reach under the little shroom-thing at the top and brush your finger along the edge…” As I did so, the previously motionless pod suddenly split at the top and started to unfold. I quickly stepped back out of the way.

“Whoa…” mentioned my friend, wide eyed. “That’s creepy! And you’re positive they won’t close up on us?”

“I’m sure. It takes about four hours for the leaves to gain enough energy to close again. Believe me, we’ll be more than ‘done’ by that time. We stay in any longer than that and we’re likely to turn to putty, trust me.”

The girl followed my instructions and squealed with glee as her own pod opened up before her.

“You ready for this?” I asked one more time.

“Oh hell yes!” she replied sitting down to unlace her boots. “So, Melissa, how exactly did you come to discover these things? I mean, I can’t see you falling into one on accident.”

I chuckled. “No. I was in the area when I noticed a group of Kan-kans by the lake and watched them. Mind you, this was during pollination season.” I pulled off my own boots and then lifted my shirt over my head. Bree was doing the same. “It turns out that they have a symbiotic relationship going on with the flowers. They help spread the pollen, and in return, the plant stimulates something in their reproductive cycle that makes them fertile.”

“Uh huh. And I’m just sure they ‘get stimulated” for the good of the ecosystem,” said Breanna grinning. “And they go from one pool to the next just… spreading the pollen?”

“Well, I think they do that over several days. Once they got into the pools, they stayed there for quite a while. I’m not entirely sure they were even able to get out. Maybe they were simply too worn out. The flowers are always open during the winter, so that wasn’t a problem.” My bra dropped onto the growing pile of clothing and I started on my shorts. I saw that Bree was already naked and looking into the depths of the flower.

“I think I see those stamen things… There’s like a hundred of them down there!”

“The nectar protects them. It’s a lot like honey in that bacteria can’t really grow in it,” I said as I set the last of my clothing aside and looked at my own private little pool. The surface was completely smooth and flat, and would have looked like plain water to the casual observer. I knew better.

“And they actually… you know, move and shit? In the winter I mean.” She sounded like she was having second thoughts.

I laughed. “Um hmm. The Kan-kan females didn’t seem to be complaining.”

“I’ll bet they weren’t. It’s just weird, you know? To think of one of those things… inside you. Moving around and getting you off and…”

“Bree, come on. I’ve seen that collection of sexual toys you have stashed in the closet. There’s more weirdness in there than in that pool right now.” The girl blushed to her toes at the mention of her private things, then laughed as well.

“Okay, okay… you have me there.”

“You want me to help you?” I asked, the last of my clothing dropping into my pile.

She thought for a moment and then took a deep breath. “Uh, well…”

“Tell you what,” I said walking carefully over. “I’ll hold your hand while you get in and until you’re comfortable.”

She brightened at once. “Thanks, Mel. Hey, I forgot to tell you – I have a surprise for you in a little bit.” She then swiveled so that her feet were over the edge. “Here I go…”

“A surprise? Well, you might want to pass it on now, before you get in, unless it can wait. Or is it more of a verbal surprise?”

Her feet touched the surface and her mouth made an ‘o’ of surprise. “Oh my god, it’s so warm… And thick! No, the timing will be perfect when we’re both soaking.”

“You’re the boss. Just let yourself sink. You don’t have to push your legs down into it. Let your weight carry you in, nice and slow.” Her feet slowly sank as though they were passing into soft clay.

“Holy shit that feels weird. Is it supposed to tingle?”

I smiled. “Definitely. That’s the chemicals in the nectar that I told you about.”

Her calves pushed into the semi-clear goo. “Hmm… Not a strong tingle.” She seemed disappointed.

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s an additive effect. The longer your skin is in contact with it, the better it gets.” Breanna’s brows rose a bit as she thought about that. “Which is why two hours is going to be plenty long enough for a soak.”

“If you say so. Should I just let myself slide off the edge now?” Her legs were in past her knees and still going.

I nodded. “Yup. Uh… be ready when it hits your hips. It’s a bit of a shock at first.”

She was really concentrating as she gently leaned herself over the edge and let her thighs slip under the surface. “Man, I can see what you mean by it being difficult to move. My legs feel like they are submerged in concrete. Sure feels nice though… so warm. It’s like they’re wrapped within a giant tongue or something.”

“You just have to move really really slow or you’ll wear yourself out. Yeah, it is a little like a tongue at first I suppose.” I leaned forward so I could whisper in her ear. “Now imagine that tongue ALL over your body…”

Breanna’s buttocks moved silently over the edge, and just as she turned to me with her eyes as wide as saucers, her apex met the top of the pool of nectar. Her mouth opened as though she wanted to say something, but instead just gasped.


I knew exactly what she was feeling, because I was just as startled when it happened to me the first time. Quite suddenly, there was a thick, warm pressure sliding up over her sex, pressing at her petals and slowly working its way over her Mons and hips. It was an incredibly erotic experience, and no matter how you tried to hold your legs closed, the viscous nectar would gradually find a way in. And the more it touched, the more you twitched in surprise at how good it felt… Her gaze dropped into her lap, and before she realized what she was doing, she had parted her legs. You almost couldn’t help it.

She gripped my hand and made little intakes of air as her nether region and her pelvis were completely engulfed. This was the only really scary part since there was a short time in which her body was completely supported by nothing but the nectar. Then her feet touched the bottom and her breathing became slightly more regular.

“Oh… my… god…” she panted. “That is… ummmm…. so fucking good… uhh… uhh…”

I smiled in agreement as she found her footing and just stood there, staring down into the nectar with her arms held out.

“There are ridges, like steps. It’s deepest in the very center. You should be able to sit quite comfortably, like a mini jacuzzi.”

“This is intense! It really does stimulate… s-s-sexually, just like you said. To bad…ummm… you can’t bottle this stuff. You could make a fortune!”

I chuckled. “Yeah, no doubt. Unfortunately, it’s only stable in the flower. It breaks down in just a few hours outside of the plant.”

“I want to get all the way in… huh…mmm…” she said, rocking her hips back and forth slightly.

“You okay now?” I asked.

“Oh, I am so damn okay… ughnnn…”

I gave her hand a quick squeeze. “Alright then, I’m going to go hop in mine.”

Even though I was ready and experienced, sinking into the thick nectar was still a breathtaking affair, especially having just watched someone else do it. Breanna and I were close as roommates, we had to be. It was a little hard to deal with sexual frustration in a small university dorm room without sharing the experience a bit. It was no surprise that about half the female population was bisexual given that men were so scarce. Bree and I had never gone that far, but we were more than comfortable seeing the other in what would have otherwise seemed as very private moments. And laying there in bed watching your roommate diddle herself into a frenzy has a way of being… contagious. This was no different. Seeing Breanna’s hips sinking into that thick nectar while she panted in lust had gotten me wetter than I had been in months. I was already halfway to bliss when my own hips quietly passed into the heavy, sticky mass.

Since I wasn’t worried about the depth, I let my thighs fall open right from the start and fully enjoyed the delicious feeling of being first covered by the sweet nectar. Shivering in near ecstasy, I let my toes barely touch bottom, then lifted them again as I bent my knees and let my body settle into the mire by gravity alone. I had my first gentle orgasm the moment my nipples kissed the sweet surface and disappeared as though they had been taken into the mouth of a master lover. Shivering in happy pleasure, I relaxed and let my fanny rest on a ridge at precisely the right level so that my shoulders were covered.

Nearby, I heard Breanna approaching her moment as well, though a bit more vocally.

“Uhgmmmm… ahhh… ahhh!… AHHH! Ohhh GOD… UGHNNN!”

She was submerged just to the top of her breasts, so I figured that she hadn’t even found a place to sit down yet. Her head went back and her eyes closed in deep slow rapture as she came. With her eyes still dreamy with pleasure I saw her turn her face to me with a wide, open-mouthed grin.

“Whew!…ummmm…. G-girlfriend, you are going to have to drag me outta here because I’m NEVER going to want to leave.”

I sighed in agreement. “I know exactly how you feel.”

Neither of us spoke again for about another forty minutes or so, the tingling effect of the nectar bringing me to orgasm about once every seven minutes I guessed. I knew that Breanna was keeping about the same pace, if not just slightly quicker as I could hear her shuddering sighs quite easily. In fact, I found that just the sound of her breathy moments was enough to set me over the edge as well.

Finally, after a rather sharp climax, I heard her say, “You know, I could really get used to this…”

I chuckled. “Glad I brought you?” She had been a little resistant when I first mentioned I had discovered a plant that could get you off.

“Are you k-k-idding me… ummm…. I owe you big time. Which reminds me!”

I looked over the edge of my flower pit at her and she caught my eye.

“The surprise!”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, smiling. “So let’s hear it.”

She just chuckled. “I knew we’d both be lounging at about this time… or hoped anyway, but… today is special.”

“It is?”

“Yup. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to wait until now to join you out here. The timing had to be perfect.”

I was genuinely curious. “Well, don’t keep me in suspense, what is it?”

“Nope… ummmm…..y-you’re just going to have to wait a wee bit longer. You’ll see. Uhgnn… I figure we h-have no more than another fifteen minutes… though I have to say…ahhh… it’s easy… ahhh!…to loose track of time in here…. AHHH!” I saw her lids flutter, and then her head snapped back slightly as the pleasure got to her.

The additive effect of the tingling was obviously starting to kick in, as it had only been several minutes since her last one. That and I felt myself quickening toward ecstasy as well. A warm wash of liquid fire flowed like a wave from my pelvis and I too lost a little time.

The jungle is a strange place, visually. The lighting on Genseminede was somewhat unique as it was, thanks to unusually high water coverage on land as well as heavy moisture in the atmosphere. Over three-quarters of the planet was covered in lush jungle, and for about half the stellar year, trudging through the mid-latitudes was akin to standing in a warm shower. But all that cloud and fog made for a very diffused lighting that merged shadows and fuzzed motion so that the whole world seemed to be moving all the time. It was an effect that most settlers, and certainly anyone who spent any time out of the main cities had gotten used to. You just lost some of your natural ability to see motion out of the corners of your eyes. You had to, or you’d go completely buggo. So it was that I first missed it as one of the other lily pods suddenly opened nearby. I actually heard it first and looked over. It didn’t overtly bother me, since the trigger mechanism that released the leaves was pretty easily set off. I had inadvertently popped a few just by jumping from one leaf to its neighbor on an earlier visit.

But when I saw another one unfold directly in front of me I frowned and looked around for what might be causing the disturbance. That was when I noticed the change in the light.

Simply put, it was just a little darker. Not much, but since I knew it had to be coming on mid-day, it seemed out of place. Higher clouds from a storm could have caused a similar effect, but I knew for certain that no heavy weather was even remotely predicted for our area since I had checked right before we left the university.

“Bree…” I said a little tentatively. When I turned to look at the girl, I saw she had a wide grin on her face.

“Do you see it?! Did you notice?” she burst out, beaming with giddiness.

“Uh, see what… ummm…” Another orgasm was quickly gathering itself in my loins.

“Oh come on, you must have noticed the color of the sky by NOW… Look!”

And then I did. I squinted and turned my head upward until I could just see the disc of the sun through the mist and broad jungle canopy above us. There was a bite out of the lower left corner.

“What the?…”

“It’s an eclipse, silly! I wanted to give you something in thanks for bringing me here, but being an astronomer, all I had to offer was a cosmic event. What do you think?!”

I watched the bright spot in the sky until I remembered that it might hurt my vision, even through the defusing cloud cover. Then I saw another water lily pop, then another.

“Ughnnn…” I moaned, the rising level of pleasure starting to get to me again. “Br-br-bree… Is this…ahhh… a full eclipse… ughnnn….” I asked, frowning as I tried to hold off the approaching orgasm so that I could think straight.

She was making little gasps as well, but replied, “No silly… mmm… Just a partial. But w-we should get a nice show for… ughnn… almost three hours… oh man…ahhh!” The girl shook softly as her pleasure blossomed and she became unaware of the world around her for a time.

I turned my attention back to the other lilies, suddenly nervous. If they were treating the change in illumination the same way they did during the winter season…

“Ughnn… ahhh!” I cried out, my own moment finally catching up with me. I shook in wonderful agony for quite a while, the full effect of the nectar really starting to hold me in my little death.

Pulling my mind up from the pleasure was getting harder and harder, and under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have cared. But something was nagging at the back of my brain. When I remembered what it was, my eyes flew open and I called out.

“Bree, I think we need to get out…”

When there was no response from my friend I looked over and saw that her eyes were still closed.

“Bree! Hey, did you hear me? I think we have a problem… ummm…” I was amazed that I was already having to push back the growing arousal I felt.

The girl trembled slightly and then opened her eyes. “Hmm? What was that?”

“Your eclipse… I… ughnn… I think it may be affecting the lilies.”

She was only half listening. I could see her making little puffs of air as her next orgasm was gently and inescapably forced nearer.

“Yeah…mmmm… isn’t it great. Ughnnn…”

When I felt something touch my thigh, I twitched and started to panic. “No, it’s not… ughnn… shit… ummmm…” My body was too aroused to focus properly, the pleasure washing through every thought. “Bree! Wake up!”

“Huh? What is it?…ahhh…”

The touch along my thigh was definitely moving, and for the first time, real panic was starting to form. For a brief moment I had clarity from the adrenaline rush.

“Breanna, look around! The pods are almost all open… ughmmm… I think they’re treating your eclipse…mmmm… the same way they do the winter light!”

I could see that my roommate was biting her lip slightly and closing her eyes again to the rising tide of passion. “Yeah… ughnnn…. ughnnn…. so?”

“The pollinating season, Bree! Oh, god…ahhh… ahhh… AHHH!” Another wave of ecstasy rushed up and trapped me. I gasped and moaned and fought to return to the present, and when I did, I could quickly tell that things had changed. Around me, the stamen of the giant water lily, which had previously been quiet and unmoving, were now in contact with my body in numbers that seemed far too high to be random. All at once I understood that they were curling over my thighs and around my waist, in effect, trying to hold me down.

“Oh my god! Bree, get out, quick!”

But my friend was lost to yet another timeless moment of ecstasy and it was a painfully long time before I could get her attention. As the seconds passed, the soft, insistent pressure of the stamen increased, and even though I tried to leverage myself so that I could stand and climb from the nectar pit, the cumulative pressure of the stamen prevented me. In fact, I couldn’t even move my arms.

“H-hey,” came Bree’s weak voice. “I think I’m t-tangled in something…”

“Breanna! You have to get out! Pull yourself out, now!!…ughnnn…”

I heard her grunting. “I… can’t. I’m stuck! Mel, these things are holding me down…”

“Shit!” I cursed. “Bree, we’re in big trouble.”

I could still hear her fighting. “I thought you said they were safe!”

“They are safe, in SUMMER light… ughnn… damn… ahhh…” I felt the pleasure creeping up again. Whatever we were going to do, it needed to be soon. If we stayed in the nectar much longer, we were going to be cumming almost constantly.

“But…” she started, her own breathing deepening.

“Your… ahhh… eclipse! It’s just like a winter day… oh god…ummm… not again so soon… ahhhh!”

Breanna said something else to me, but it was lost to the rushing of blood in my ears as I climaxed yet again. When I came back this time, my friend was nearly screaming in orgasm. It was louder than I had ever heard her, and it didn’t seem to be stopping.

“Bree?” I moaned as loudly as my tiring body could muster. “Are you okay??”

But her cries of ecstasy just continued unceasingly. I was just about to call out to her again when something brushed against my sex.

“Ahh! Hey! What the fuck?!” I looked down through the pool of semi-clear nectar and could just see that one of the long stamen strands was pressing directly against my outer folds. The stems were basically tendrils with a spiky head, only the spikes each had a small ball on the end. Hundreds of these little spikes covered the top twenty-percent of the stamen, and it was in the little balls that the pollen was housed. The spikes were quite flexible and waved in the flow of amber if the stamen itself moved, as they were now. The one at my apex was pointed directly at me as it rubbed and shifted in the thick morass. It was eerie to watch, and more than a little arousing. I was already being driven to bliss at an increasing rate by the chemicals in the nectar, but when that fuzzy tendril finally wriggled me open and slipped inside, I nearly dislocated my shoulder as my head tossed back in white hot ecstasy.

Like Breanna, my orgasm just went on and on. The phallic stamen pushed deeper and deeper within me, each of the little ball spikes folding back and caressing me in extremely unusual ways. They also dragged right over my clitoris, one after another, until I could hardly breath I was coming so hard. Under the weight of the nectar, my body trembled and shook as my pleasure went on and on. Finally, I had a brief moment of clarity when it stopped its invasion and was still for a few seconds. With half-lidded eyes, I tried to check on my roommate, but before I could even refocus, the stamen was sliding out, and then to my horror, back in again, only this time more easily. Something was causing the nectar that had been pushed deep inside me to thin slightly. Perhaps it was a reaction to my own vaginal juices, but I was suddenly filled with an oil-like lubricant that let the alien shaft of the plant move much more freely.

I was trapped, held both by the weight of the viscous nectar, and by the untiring pressure of the other stamen wrapped around my body, I was unable to escape my slow rape. The stem within me continued its rhythmic pumping such that I simply never had a moment of rest. On and on the constant sexual torture continued while some small part of my mind fought to hold on, remembering something that Breanna had said… that the eclipse would last at least three hours.

If that were truly the case, then we were both almost certainly doomed. I knew we had been in the pits for at least an hour. If the lilies continued to fuck us senseless until the light returned to normal in three more hours, that would put us past the point in which the outer leaves of the pods would close up once again, trapping us within and most likely shielding us from the view of any potential rescuer should we even manage to survive that long.

These were my last thoughts before I spiraled into another timeless orgasm… and then another… and another… and another…

I woke to a prickly feeling along my sides, and raising my head slightly I found that I was laying face down on a soft mound of green grass and moss. My body ached and my sex still tingled, but I knew at once that I was no longer in the nectar pit. I was still covered with a considerable amount of the stuff however, though it seemed a little thinner, more like honey. I sat up and saw Breanna curled up just a foot or so away.

“Bree! Oh my god… please be okay…” I quickly moved to check the girl, who simply moaned and rolled to her back as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Ughnnn…. Mel? Is that you?”

“Yes, I’m here. We’re safe… I mean, well, at least we’re out of the lilies.”

She opened her eyes and blinked up at me. “What happened?…”

I frowned. “Your eclipse happened. It caused the flowers to go into pollination mode. It treated us just like the Kan-kan.”

“Nearly fucked us dizzy, is what it did.”

“Yeah,” I said, my features softening. “Sorry about that.”

She looked up at me confused. “Are you kidding? That was the best sex of my whole life! It was amazing!”

“Bree! We could have been killed!”

“If you say so, but I’m not complaining. I’d do it again, any day… in fact, I plan to.”

I just shook my head in disbelief. “You really are insatiable.”

Bree stared up at me for quite a bit, then abruptly reached her arms around my head and pulled my face closer. Suddenly I was right in the middle of a very deep kiss, which I started to resist at first, but then settled into when I felt a warm tension leaving my body. It was replaced by another kind of tension however, and I let my hands move forward and slide over her bare midriff and then onto the soft cones of her breasts. She moaned into my mouth and I felt her nipples harden under my palms.

When we finally broke, I was dazed, and she was smiling like a ray of sunshine.

“Wow… uh, Bree, you planned that we would end up doing that from the start, didn’t you?”

She just nodded slowly.

“How long have you been swinging both sides of the street?”

“Almost a year now.” She reached out and slowly rolled us so that I was on my back with her torso lightly laying on my own. “I was waiting for the right time to tell you.”

“You sure can spring a surprise,” I taunted, smiling up at her.

She raised and eyebrow and moved slightly down my still slick body. “What makes you think that I’m done yet,” she quipped and lowered her head so that her warm lips pressed over my left nipple, her tongue slipping around the rosy bud. I gasped and my eyes rolled back as wonderful pleasure spread down my torso. Her fingers followed it right down into my lap as I sighed into the inevitable and let my thighs fall open.

We never did figure out how we escaped from the nectar pools, and we later made camp on the knoll by the lake as we had planned. I wasn’t sure we would risk the lilies again, though I suspected we would, maybe even together in the same one, but Bree was right about one thing… “Cunnilingus” was indeed nicely visible that night… And many others.