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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

The Tangler Funnel

As a Federation researcher, Chrisha knew better than to travel out alone on the surface of a Class N world, especially being female. She had only ventured a few hundred meters away from their camp in search of an unusual fragrance, which in hindsight she realized must have contributed to her lack of judgment. Many of the lifeforms found on Class N worlds were capable of generating powerful narcotic emissions.

Her mind only cleared when her feet suddenly slipped out from under her as she stepped over a slight rocky rise and right into a Tangler funnel. The fleshy surface of the creature was covered with an organic slime that left her with almost no traction. In moments her body slid toward the central mouth of the alien organism and with a burping sound, was swallowed to mid-thigh within the tight orifice. Frantic to keep herself from slipping further in, Chrisha reached behind her and grasped a rocky outcropping. In her current position, she’d have a hard time pulling herself out, but at least she had stopped sinking. Then she felt the first swirling tendrils within the creature itself.

Like warm, slippery-wet fingers, hundreds of slow moving tentacles were gradually wrapping around her legs out of view. Even through her pants she could feel the erotic way they moved and pulled at the garment, slipping under the boot cuff and sliding sensuously up her bare calves. She swallowed nervously as her heart rate climbed. She had heard the lectures like they all had. She knew what the indigenous organism that was gently but firmly sucking at her legs wanted. It had only one thing on its mind, and that was to pleasure her.

Like most of the creatures found on the small planet designated by the Federation as simply RN-232, it was capable of feeling the sensations of any other creature it was in contact with. To this end, the highly mutative nature of the Class N life had gone into overdrive when humans first arrived. Fourteen female researchers simply disappeared before they realized what was happening. The organisms had discovered that human females were not only easily stimulated, but could be kept at a nearly euphoric level of ecstasy for very long periods of time. By force-feeding them a sugar-based nutrient, a trapped host could be kept alive for weeks, even months while it was sexually aroused day and night without pause.

It was these words and others that went through Chrisha’s mind as she fought to hold on to the small handhold of rock above her head. She tried to roll her body over so she could better pull herself up and possibly out of the trap, but found that the mouth pore of the creature resisted her. Already, its many internal tendrils were reaching up her lower torso, wrapping around her thighs in an effort to draw her further into itself. She could feel it squeezing and sucking at her body as though it were trying to swallow a meal, which in a way, it was. Once within the organism, she would not be digested as food, but rather raped ceaselessly as a pleasure puppet to the alien creature. She knew that if she had any chance at all of escaping, it would have to be now. If she slipped completely through the opening, she would be hopelessly trapped, and it would be highly unlikely she would even be found, let alone rescued.

With a burping slurp, she felt first her left, then her right boot slide off her feet. She gasped at the liquid warmth that immediately engulfed the exposed flesh and marveled that the creature was intelligent enough to work the clasps on the footware. It also frightened her because she could see and feel that other tendrils had managed to reach up to her waist and were working on the fasteners of her pants. As if on cue, she felt the garment go loose around her hips as the zip was opened.

“Nooo… HELP!” Yelling for help probably wouldn’t do her any good, but it was all she had. Her hands were tiring, and she knew that any moment those same slippery tendrils would seek-out her apex and start arousing her in a way that was going to be very difficult to ignore.

Chrisha gasped as she felt something pulling at her top. To her surprise and horror, another set of tentacles was pulling at her upper garment, drawing it up her torso and exposing more and more of her midriff and chest. She cursed herself for opting on the bra-less version of her uniform that morning, as it made it very easy for the creature to gain access to her bare breasts. Once she was exposed, several tentacles drifted over her and slipped what felt like warm, wiggling pasta over the already hardened buds of her nipples. A wave of pleasure raced through her like wildfire, and it was all Chrisha could do to gasp in shock as she struggled to resist the urge to let go and push the invading molestation away.

Down lower, her pants and panties were slipping down her thighs as she was gradually stripped. Replacing them was a hundred slippery limbs that wound around her legs as they traveled inch-by-inch upward toward her sex. She knew that she would be helpless to stop them once they got there, and her breathing increased with her fear. The erotic fingers of the organism gently but firmly pulled her legs apart as them moved upward as well, and even though she tried to hold them closed with all her strength, the constant pressure of the Tangler finally won out. Open and exposed, the erotic fingers reached their goal and began caressing her at once, seeking entrance.

“AHH! NOO! HELP! Someone, please!… UGHN! mmmmmmm…..”

Helpless, Chrisha could only moan in increasing pleasure as the lubricated fingers of the creature gently found their way between her petals and eased inside her flower. The alien felt almost hot within her sex, and she knew that there must be some kind of chemical stimulant in the slippery secretion that covered its many limbs. The instant sexual response her body was making was just too quick to be natural. She felt her own juices mingle with that of the creature, and to her surprise, the liquid warmth within her seemed to multiply exponentially. Suddenly, she was literally overflowing with the increasing nectar and left with nowhere else to go, it gushed from her center and down her naked thighs. Shocked, Chrisha gasped and started to move one hand down to her lap. Catching herself, she realized her mistake and went to renew her hold only to find that her wrist had been snagged by one of the lower tentacles and was being pulled down to her side and behind her even as she watched. She wasn’t even able to use the limb to stop her own slow rape. Her grip on the outcropping was failing fast.

When the tendrils quietly fucking her out of view began to pulse and pump her more rhythmically, she felt herself slipping over the edge into a long, shaking orgasm.


When the world returned, she moaned in fear and terror. Her body was now up to her breasts in the soft, sucking creature, who was even now stretching and undulating in an effort to suck her within itself. Both of her arms had been captured and were trapped and useless with the organism, and the sexual stimulation she was being subjected to now included her belly and most of her upper torso as well. Already, her hips were slowly grinding in the motion of intercourse as she was driven toward another moment of bliss. Tendrils reached up and wound around her breasts and neck, others gently encircling her head, blocking her last view of the world as she shook in tremendous pleasure once again and cried out. With a single great convulsion, she helped the creature to swallow her, and with a final wet burp, her body slid downward out of sight.