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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Unseelie Traps

Kara pulled the thin fabric of her cotton under-gown over her head with a sigh and tossed it with the rest of her clothing into a pile near where she had simply dumped her gear in exhaustion. She had walked nearly twenty miles that day, a good portion of which was nearly at a running pace, so the slightly steaming pool of water that waited at the other end of the medium sized cave looked like heaven itself, made up just for her, and she had actually found herself moaning when she couldn’t get the laces of her boots off fast enough upon first entering the blessed place of rest.

It wasn’t just the bath that had drawn her to the well hidden cave mouth. She was fairly certain that she was being followed, and so sleeping out in the open was definitely out of the question. The Unseelie court would love to take possession of the artifacts she carried, so caution was certainly in order. Much greater students from the Iron Mountain had fallen prey to their deceptions before, and it was only when the other, more experienced couriers were all engaged that the Headmaster even considered her for the job. Kara was also certain that had he known what she was to carry, he wouldn’t have risked it with anyone less than a Fourth, or even a full Adapt.

So after hastily placing some protection spells on the entrance, she was very eager to get into that water and rid herself of the sweat and dust that had caked her pores from the hard journey. Whether someone was tracking her or not, she simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get clean and soak in a hot bath.

It was in this haste, that Kara ignored her training and almost forgot to check the pool for magical traps. She remembered at the last moment, and waved her hand in a complex pattern just before her toes made contact and so was able to somewhat literally fall back away from the pool as the massive construct was suddenly illuminated before her.

Reeling back on her knees, the girl was just able to stay out of range of the spell as it sought to hold fast anyone who came within its activation ring. Dancing like tendrils of fire, a thousand angry tentacles of magic wreathed and twisted in obvious frustration at having missed its prey.

“Holy shit!” gasped Kara, her heart beating three times the speed it had just moments before. Never had she seen such an enormous trap-construct before. The breadth of the creature covered nearly the whole four meter pool, and she considered herself very lucky indeed. She had only trained against traps a fraction of its size, and was very glad she didn’t have to work a counter-charm against the likes of such a monster. But even as she formed those thoughts, she saw a bright ball of light shoot out from the center of the mass right toward her. A split-second later, and far too quickly for her to have reacted to shield herself, she felt as if someone had tossed a soft fuzzy blanket in her face. The spell wrapped around her head and instantly Kara felt her consciousness wavering. Her mouth opened in a soft gasp, and the feelings of dizzy euphoria seemed to be sucked right down into her lungs with the warm air. From there, she was only partially aware that her muscles were relaxing, and that she no longer wanted to flee. She didn’t want anything except to sit there gazing at the glowing entity before her.

Dazed and stunned, Kara noticed, but never even reacted as the mass of tendrils shifted toward her and hungrily began to coil around her body, snaking up her form with gleeful abandon. It had, after all, been designed by the Unseelie faerie to do this very task, against this very foe, and so it delighted in the ability to fulfill this single-minded purpose wholeheartedly.

And now that it had trapped its prey, the nameless construct could begin to feed. But it knew that it mustn’t go too quickly, that it must entice the prey, slowly enflaming its own desires so that it would be unable to resist in any way. So, even though the humanoid creature was held firmly by its many powerful limbs, it moved gently, and gracefully up and over the kneeling form of the girl. It wasn’t as a horror that the construct wrapped itself around the prey, but rather like a lover, lightly caressing each inch of skin before gradually moving higher and higher up and over her naked flesh until the twitching female was surrounded from head to toes in the swirling maelstrom of pleasure.

Even though her will to move was buried and bound deep in her mind, Kara was acutely aware of what her body was feeling. Slowly, it was as though a thousand tiny fingers were gently stroking her. They started at her knees, but quickly moved up her thighs, up her belly and then over her chest. She gasped in pleasurable shock when first her flower, then her breasts were engulfed in the loving caresses, which only grew and grew until her whole body was encased in the cocoon of sensuality.

Patiently, the strong limbs parted her thighs further so they could have better access to the petals of her womanhood, and ultimately her sweet depths. But they were ever patient. They first teased her, just stroking the length of her apex with feather-like touches. They swirled around the tight buds of her nipples and elicited a short series of gasps from the helplessly enraptured girl. Only a few short minutes passed before the gentle fingers started stroking the now engorged jewel of her clitoris, but for Kara, it might as well have been a year.

But suddenly, the pleasure increased sharply as the tiny bulb of flesh became the center of attention, and she arched her back and gasped in wonderful shock. Unconsciously, she went to bring her hands in to quell the level of ecstasy she was experiencing, but her limbs were held firm. Again and again the jolts of passion coursed through her body until she started to feel the liquid warmth of a nearing orgasm in her belly. Over and over she tried to stop the lover that teased her, but she was bound helpless. Her hips began to rock and shudder at each light touch, and her breathing became ragged and horse as she came closer and closer to her moment. And just as her pleasure finally began to cross into ecstasy, she felt dozens of liquid warm fingers slide effortlessly within her most private depths, reaching into her in ways that no human lover could ever dream of.

Her whole body tensing, the helpless girl thrashed and cried out again and again and again as the construct relentlessly fed from its prey, slowly drawing on her pleasure to fuel itself. It would be days before the human girl would finally expire of sheer exhaustion, but the entity would enjoy every second of its meal as it completely fulfilled its purpose.

In the shifting glow of the entwined female, a single shadowy figure crouched to watch. After a time, it smiled wickedly and departed carrying the small bag of artifacts.

Unseelie Traps