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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


“Damn it all, where the hell are you…” cursed Lara under her breath as she wound her way past a tricky ledge. She’d already warned her sherpa three times since they entered the cave system to stay close to her. She wasn’t so worried about herself, but the last thing she wanted was the blood of a young girl on her hands when she went back to the village. It was going to be hard enough getting a few stolen relics past their watchful eyes, let alone having to explain how one of their most beautiful daughters got her dumb self skewered on some trip stick or eaten by a giant rat.

She was just considering whistling for the girl when the tunnel abruptly opened up and she found herself standing at the entrance of a large room. More so, it was lighted by torches which appeared to have been lit a while. This was not good. To make matters worse, her sherpa was nowhere to be seen.

“Right…” she mumbled, setting down her own torch and drawing her pistols. Cautiously she made her way into the center of the room, which appeared to be some form of temple. At the very middle was a large raised stone diesis, and encircling all four walls were ornate tapestries. Lara had seen places like it before, but the subject matter sewn into the wall coverings gave her pause. The designs showed hundreds of male and female figures, all in what was obviously various states of sexual ecstasy. Some of the figures were engaged in recognizable positions, but the majority were coupled with an odd female figure with what appeared to be long, thin antennae protruding from her head. It was those figures that held the most profound expressions of pleasure, and Lara silently swallowed.

The artwork alone would have been enough to get her blood flowing, but the cave system was also stiflingly hot and humid as well. It also didn’t help that she had been without the touch of a lover for some three weeks now, which for her, was quite a dry spell. Moving closer to one wall, she examined the heavy fabric more closely. The detail was astounding, and she made a mental note to ask in the village for the name of the craftsman. She also had a chance to get a better look at the figures, which did nothing for her raging libido. She was so caught up in the work that she failed to notice the two feather-light tendrils that reached out from behind her and with a snake-like striking motion, landed squarely on each of her temples.

Something akin to an electric shock instantly coursed through Lara’s body. She was able to get off one quick gasp before all her muscles went rigid and she was frozen like a statue. Her mind however was unaffected, and was free to lapse into panic and confusion as she stood there, doing nothing more than staring forward at the erotic tapestries, her weapons held uselessly at her sides.

Seconds passed, and she slowly felt a minimal amount of control returning to her body. She could breath again, and her eyes seemed to be able to blink and move. Behind her she heard something that sounded like a soft purring, and then the slow scuffling of footsteps. Then, to her left appeared a woman. Lara let her eyes track the female, her mouth still locked open in the paralysis, as she moved quietly around until she was standing directly before her, smiling. Had Lara been able to, she would have either used her guns, or run pell-mell from the room. The woman was an exact match of the strange female imbedded in the tread of the tapestries, complete with the long antennae, which, to Lara’s great dismay, were seemingly affixed to her own head, just as on so many of the helpless victims depicted all over the walls of the room.

<You are not like the others the village has sent me,> said a voice in her head. The language was unfamiliar to Lara, but that did not seem to hinder her understanding it. A soft euphoria was slowly filling the tomb raider’s mind, making it more and more difficult to concentrate. It also masked the alien presence that was gradually snaking its way into her subconsciousness, growing like tree roots into her thoughts and memories… And her will. <You are from far away, but no matter. You are still very beautiful, and so wonderfully strong. I shall feast on you for a very long time.>

With that, Lara suddenly had the compulsion to take a step back. She knew that the idea wasn’t her own, and she resisted it, confused that she felt suddenly so weak in the presence of the strange woman. Since she could do little more than move her eyes, she took in her mental captor and instantly wished that she hadn’t. She wore no clothing or adornment, save for her hair, which was braided into strands going from front to back. Her body would be considered attractive by almost any standard, and she possessed a youthfulness that made one instantly think of sexual ripeness. It was in the way she stood, and her lust filled eyes as they looked on at her as though she were some sweetened morsel to be devoured. Her lips were full and deep red; a color that matched perfectly with her olive skin. Those lips were curled into a devilish, slightly lopsided knowing grin, and Lara found herself sweating.

She also found that she had taken that step back, and that the woman was matching her. She felt herself taking another step, and she sighed in confusion.

<That’s it, child,> coaxed the voice softly in her mind. <You can not resist. You are mine now. Relax…> At the last word, Lara felt her muscles becoming weak. She still couldn’t move them of her own accord, but they were no longer tense and rigid. Instead, she felt a certain laxness creeping in from her extremities. Her fingers grew loose on her weapons until she could no longer hold their weight and they fell with a clatter to the floor. At the same time, her left foot met the edge of the diesis. A moment later her right followed suit and she suddenly felt herself loosing balance.

<Sit,> the woman commanded, and almost without resistance, Lara’s knees went limp and she dropped onto her backside with a thud. She was now sitting on the topmost platform in the room.

<Yes, that’s right. You feel my touch, don’t you…> Looking up at the supple female before her, she realized that she did feel what the other was calling her “touch.” But it was so much more than simple contact. It was as though the other was caressing her mind, her flesh, from the inside out. Wonderful pleasure flowed through her, coursing up and down her spine in slow waves. Panting, Lara fought against the feelings that were creeping into her mind. Sexuality seemed to flow from the female before her, and the tomb raider surprisingly found that she was reacting to it.

“N-n-nooooo…” the soft moan escaped from Lara’s lips as more and more of her muscles turned to putty. As hard as she tried to resist, she felt herself slowly reclining, as though the force of gravity were suddenly tripled. For a few moments, she lost sight of her captor, but then her panic redoubled as she felt the young woman sliding her naked form up along her own.

<Oh yes, sweet. Fight if you wish, but the end shall be the same for you. You shall be taken like the others, slowly pleasured into your moments. And each shall be greater than the last as your soul is taken bit by bit into my own. In the end, you will die very happily, I assure you.> With that, her right hand pinned Lara’s left to the ground while her left slipped over her bare belly under her tank top. Instantly, sparks of arousal spiraled out from her belly and she gasped, desperately fighting to control her limp body.

The other’s digits slipped downward until they brushed under the edge of her shorts, but lingered only a moment before beginning work on the clasp. As Lara helplessly stared into the face of the woman, her lower garment was worked open and those same warm fingers slid sensuously down over the soft bush of her mons.

Sweet ecstasy caused Lara to snap her head back. Just shy of bliss, her breath caught in short gasps as she was teased right to the brink before the fingers moved away from the sensitive flesh and crept back up her torso. With the tomb raider still panting, the woman of the tapestries wasted not a moment but pushed her fingers under the tank top, drawing it up as she went. Lara felt her nipples crinkle with arousal as they were exposed to the warm air of the cave. She also felt a hot flush of lust wash through her, knowing that the woman was staring down at her bare chest.

<Such lovely morsels you have brought to me…> said the other as her left hand slipped up and over Lara’s breast, cupping her and capturing her swollen nipple between her index and ring fingers. Sharp, almost painful waves of pleasure washed through her mind, completely wiping away any thought of escape that the tomb raider still possessed. What was left was an aching confusion, and an almost unbearable desire for more.

<Do not worry, child. I shall not leave you wanting for long. Here, let me ease your longing…> Suddenly, Lara’s other nipple was enveloped in soft wet flesh which swirled and teased the blood-hardened nub with slick sweetness until it was literally pulsing to the beat of her heart. Incredible pleasure swarmed out like molten fire through her veins and grew and grew until she felt the nauseous grip of orgasm collecting again between her spread thighs. The sensations built and built until all at once Lara’s world tumbled into rapture. On and on the ecstasy held her until her body remembered to breath once again and she was forced back into the present. In her mind, the ever caressing roots of the beautiful woman atop her had edged a little bit deeper, wrapping around that much more of her will to resist.


<There. That wasn’t so terrible, now was it? You need not resist, child. It will only get better each time. Let me show you…>

Once again the soft wetness settled over her nipple, this time sucking and nipping. the other hand moved languidly down off her chest and belly and then inched down into the raider’s lap. The woman’s fingers had only just slipped into her very slick folds when another blast of ecstasy pushed her into nothingness.

This time it was even harder to come back to the here, and even when she did, she could feel the other’s fingers slowly exploring her sweetness, beginning the seduction all over again. And Lara was helpless to resist as she was quickly edged toward yet another orgasm which she knew would bring her that much closer to oblivion.

And then, abruptly, there was searing pain and she found herself screaming. The fact that she had her full voice back did not even enter into her mind for several minutes, at which time she briefly lapsed into unconsciousness. When she awoke, she was staring up into the face of her young sherpa. The girl had a very worried look on her face.

It took Lara a few more moments to gather the energy to raise herself up into a sitting position. When she looked to the girl, she saw that she was holding a club. Then she glanced to her left and saw the sprawled body of the woman from the tapestries.

“Wha…?” She started. The girl interrupted her.

“Are you alright Miss Croft,” she asked.

“Good question,” answered Lara pulling her shirt down over her still pulsing nipples and then reaching for the zipper of her shorts. As she stood and adjusted herself she found that she was staring at the odd woman with the antennae. She realized that she was staring at her with a profound sense of lust.

“I think we should be leaving, Miss,” chimed the girl, breaking the tomb raider out of a slight trance. “Before Xochiquetzal wakes,” she added as a matter of explanation.

Lara shook her head to clear the feelings that still buzzed around in her mind and looked to her sherpa. The girl was staring at the woman on the floor. Lara’s eyes dropped to the young woman’s covered chest and saw that her own nipples were quite visibly aroused.

“Yes… Yes, perhaps we had better.”

As the teen led her back out of the cave system, Lara thought that she might have an answer to another lingering problem. She decided that it might not be a bad idea to spend a few extra nights at the village to “recover.” She was pretty certain that her sherpa could guide her in that respect as well.