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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Zombie Land

When the Var-Lish first dropped into a high orbit around Earth, most people pretty much figured it was over. The entertainment industry had done an excellent job of priming the public mind for a hostile alien invasion. We fully expected to see ten-foot tall insectoid creatures with laser blasters and force field armor. Which was exactly what they were, but we only found that out months later when the whole thing was basically over.

And it was incredibly disappointing when they passed on sending down waves of troop ships that our brave pilots could take on, and instead took out most of the population biologically. Humanity was raring for a fight, but a fight never came. What did drop out of the sky was a rain of pods about the size of a basketball. An outer hard casing burned up as they came through the atmosphere over our population centers, and when they were down to around a mile above the ground, they burst and spread a fine powder into the air. This was actually a spore, but again, we only found that out after the fact. For almost a full week they continued to bomb us with the gray dust, and then… nothing. They completely stopped their attack.

Many people thought that we had somehow pulled a War of the Worlds on them and that millions of aliens were dying in their ships of the common cold. Others thought that the government had launched a secret attack and miraculously disabled them. The truth was, we had already lost.

Some eighty percent of the surface of our planet had been ‘seeded’ with these spores. The microscopic organisms were ingested or inhaled by nearly the entire population, and the saps that we were, we continued to spread them out even after we had been infected. Scientists said it was some kind of fungus or mold, and exactly ten days after the first pods starting bursting over our cities, people started dying. It was horrible. An infected victim would go into convulsions and simply fall to the ground without warning. They would be dead in less than two minutes. Over the next hour, their body would be turned into a factory for making more spores, and approximately two hours after the first symptoms, the victim’s corpse would sprout fuzzy tendrils and start spewing more of the gray dust into the air. This vision of hell was suddenly happening all over the planet, and people were panicking.

At first it looked as though only males were affected, but that wasn’t accurate either. Females became sick as well, but if you were strong and healthy, you lived. If you were too young, too old, or too frail, you wouldn’t be able to fight off the infection before your body produced an antigen and you would end up like every other male on the planet.

People tried to hide – to run off into the back woods and shoot anyone that came near them. But the spores had already infected all but a very very small percentage of the population. And no matter how careful you were, sooner or later you would eat or touch something that had a spore on it, and that’s all it took. In two weeks 99.99% of the male and almost 80% of the female population had been turned to dust. Those who were left, actually counted themselves lucky… We couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Var-Lish let their spores work us over for almost a month before they moved on to phase two. A new rain of pods fell from the skies, but these living crafts held creatures even more hideously evil. Society crashed even before people started dying, so it was only through first-hand witness or word of mouth that we learned about the Seducers. At first, we thought the stories to be just rumors because they were so varied. One person described a multi-legged creature the size of a cow, another had seen a slug-like organism about equal to a large cat. It was all conflicting information and discounted as paranoia – at least until our small group watched in horror as one of our own was taken. If we hadn’t seen four completely different creatures in the streets at the same time we wouldn’t have believed it. The Var-Lish had dumped a veritable zoo down on top of us, and aside from all being distinctively other-worldly, the beasts really were all different, or nearly so. They did seem to have one common trait, however, and that was a desire to seek out the remaining human females and fuck them literally senseless.

When the first girl was attacked, most of our group ran for the hills where we had been hiding. Three of us stayed behind and watched to see what would happen. Afterward, we all wished we hadn’t. Having been run down by a larger beast, the girl was pinned to the ground, face up. Her clothing was ripped or pulled off, and then she was raped. I use that term blithely, but there’s simply no other way to put it. We thought that perhaps the creature just didn’t like the taste of cloth, but it didn’t eat her as we expected it to. Instead, it lowered its soft underbelly between her thighs and started secreting some kind of slippery goo. We learned later that it was this slime that spelled the girl’s end, and not just her prolonged violation. She struggled for a bit, but before long it became obvious that if she were feeling fear, it was being buried deep under a layer of pleasure. An hour later, the creature unmounted her and left in search of other prey. We all rushed down in order to help our friend, who was slowly sitting up. When we reached her, she looked at us blankly, turned, and walked away as though she didn’t even know us. She wasn’t even concerned as to her state of undress. Over the next few days, we noticed other naked females heading in the direction of the city. In each case, they all had the same blank, unemotional stare. If they were stopped, they would look at you while you were talking and then move on. They were like zombies.

We discovered the chemical nature of the goo when one of our team, a tall blond named Sara, placed her hand on the arm of one of these drones. The girl had just been attacked, and so was still covered in the slime. The two had been friends, and so she tried very hard to get the poor victim to ‘snap out of it.’ But there was nothing. A few minutes later, when we were alone again and headed back into the forest where we had a small camp, Sara started to lag behind and finally stopped until I urged her to keep up. She got to the camp and simply stood there until we realized she had the same lax face we had just seen on her friend. We were starting to panic when the girl shook her head and came to. When we questioned what happened, she said she felt drugged, and that her ‘will’ had been pushed back. She was aware, but completely unable to respond or make decisions on her own. She was certain that if someone had asked her to jump off a cliff, she would have done so without hesitation. We concluded that it was the slime coupled with the euphoric state of nearly constant orgasm that somehow ‘sealed’ the condition and made it permanent.

As the weeks passed, our group, which started at fifteen, was slowly whittled down one by one until there were only four of us. It was then that I was caught for the first time. Snagged by the same type of large beast I had first seen attack a female, I was pinned kicking and screaming and stripped, all to form. I started weeping when I first felt the runnels of slime being smeared over my body by dozens of thick tentacles, and there was a feeling of being drugged or high, but my will was not lost. Confused, I suffered through several hours of continuous sexual assault, the alien ravaging my body over and over and over until it finally released me. I had a strange desire to head to the city, but it faded quickly, and after a few minutes, even the feeling of being high dissipated. I started to head back to my camp, and ran almost right into a smaller, faster version of the creature that had just attacked me. I groaned, thinking that I was about to repeat the whole experience when the beast turned and moved away. It seemed that I had been ‘marked’ in some way, and was, at least for the moment, not a target. By the time I made my way to the camp, the others had gone. Whether they left in search of a safer place to live, or were caught as I was, I never learned.

The forest wasn’t much of a place to live if you weren’t a natural outdoorsman, which I was not. There was plenty of food in the suburbs if you knew where to look, and it was much easier to protect myself in a three-story building I could seal shut at night. The Seducers roamed the streets like hungry animals, but a great many of them seemed to head out away from the city as their prey dwindled. There was a near constant flow of naked female zombies traveling through my area, so I assumed that the creatures were still hard at work somewhere. I saw the beasts all the time from my windows and as I gathered food and supplies, and I even managed to kill a few. It wasn’t hard. They didn’t seem to have any defenses; there were just a god-awful lot of them. In all, I had seen and cataloged thirty-two different varieties of the alien organisms, with sub-variations within each variety. A few were really large, like an elephant, while at least one variety was hardly bigger than a rabbit. I knew how many of them ‘worked’ simply because I caught them in the act. There were other human females hiding in the same way that I was, and once in a bit while foraging I would come across one who was caught and being actively seduced. I myself was caught twice more, and each time I fully expected my conscious life to be over, and was surprised when it wasn’t. There was definitely something strange going on there, but I had no idea what it was. Whatever the case, getting raped for hours was scary as hell (and tiring), but it was way better than being raped for hours and then having your soul stolen.

Before long, I was getting pretty good at avoiding the aliens, and those that I did see, I killed, usually with a shotgun. I really hoped that there wasn’t some higher intelligence tracking those things or I was making myself a target, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blow one of those fuckers away given the chance. Sometimes, just for fun, I would sit up on the top of my building or out on my balcony with my sniper rifle and pick them off at a distance.

It had been almost two months since the last time I had gotten caught, and the flow of zombies was really starting to dwindle. A few looked like they had traveled for days without food. I was also beginning to see a change in the type of Seducers that were lurking about. There were fewer of the larger ones, and more of the smaller, clever kind. I told myself I needed to be more careful, and so I should have just turned around and buggered out of there when I came home after a long day of foraging and something just didn’t feel right when I walked through my door. Re-bolting it behind me, I swung the shotgun off my shoulder and moved slowly through my ‘home’, checking each room thoroughly before moving to the next. When I had searched through the entire place, I sighed and put the gun on the table while I shook my head and unbagged the items I had brought with me. That was when I noticed that I had left the balcony window open.

The loop of slippery flesh dropped in front of my face and quickly wound around my neck. Yelping in surprise, I reflexively brought up my hands to keep from being strangulated and instantly realized my mistake. The tendril of flesh at my throat was simply a diversion to get me to expose my wrists, which were almost instantly wound up in a half dozen thin tentacles each and then pulled upward over my head. I looked up and saw that I was being lifted toward the center of my arched ceiling, the Seducer having been right above me the whole time.

This particular kind of alien used stealth and general sneakiness to capture its victims. Like a cuttlefish, it could change its skin color and texture at will and so, could almost perfectly blend into any background. Its camouflage was so good that unless you saw it move, it would be nearly invisible on most surfaces. I had seen only one other like it, and that was attacking someone in one of the other buildings nearby. For all I knew it might have been the very same one wrapping me up now.

Lifting me, it dragged my struggling body into the air so that my feet no longer touched the floor. Then it spent a few seconds creeping down my arms with some of its beefier tendrils until it had thoroughly bound my upper limbs. Understand, the main body of the creature was like a cuttlefish in other ways. The whole thing was more of a large blob with a seemingly infinite number of boneless fleshy tentacles that it would stretch out as needed, much like the eye-stalks of a snail. It affixed itself to my rafters (though I knew it could use a bare wall just as effectively), and then just waited patiently for me to come home. As surprised as I was, I was actually a lot more concerned about the organism’s intelligence. While checking my loft, I must have walked directly under it several times. It had waited to attack me until after I had put down the shotgun.

Hanging there by my arms, I glanced down and hoped that the beast was smart enough not to just let me fall when it had finished having its way with me. I was a good fifteen feet up, and the fall would drop me onto hard wood flooring. Escape wasn’t really an option considering that more and more stretchy tendrils of flesh were reaching down for me all the time. They crept around my sides and started pulling me horizontal. I thrashed and cursed like an old sailor, but in the end I was hanging with my face staring at the floor while the creature slowly began to work on my clothing.

Once again I saw how this Seducer variant differed from others. In most cases, the alien life forms will try to peel something up or down, and if that doesn’t work it will simply rip it from the body. The Creeper, as I was calling it, was more patient. It quietly slipped off my Keds while at the same time working the clasp f my belt. My jeans were eased over my hips along with my undergarments while my shirt was pushed up my arms. In less than five minutes I was buck naked and helpless as the hungry tendrils returned to my bare flesh and started their more erotic work.

Resisting a creature that is composed of pure muscle is a loosing proposition, but I tried to keep my thighs closed none the less. I felt a dozen more tendrils loop around my legs and then slowly and irresistibly draw them apart. Locked face-down and loosely spread eagle, I was completely at the mercy of the alien as it moved a number of those thin tentacles up to my sex and very lightly played them over the fine hair of my pubis, tickling me in a most arousing way. I gritted my teeth and endured what I knew was foreplay until there was suddenly a warm wetness running down the middle of my back.

“Ah!” I gasped as thin runnels of the honey-like liquid spilled around my torso and hips. Some continued around my front, collecting at my bellybutton and then dripping down off my body. I knew what it was that was being poured slowly over me… the oily slime that spelled zombie doom to most of the females it touched. In me, it left a slight feeling of warmth wherever it made contact. In my past experiences, the slippery goo had only gotten me somewhat stoned, and I could feel that familiar buzz even now.

Back at my apex, the feather-light tickling was really starting to get to me, and despite my best efforts to ignore it, I felt myself growing wet with arousal. I was also starting to squirm, which didn’t help because it caused the pool of slime that had collected in the depression at the base of my back to suddenly spill down between my buttocks and right over my sex. I shivered in pleasure, unable to keep myself distracted anymore. What was merely warm on the rest of my torso was quite a bit more stimulating on the sensitive petals of my flower, and I was already breathing hard when the creature quite precisely reached between my thighs and placed one small slippery tendril right on my clitoris.

“OhhhhhOHH SHIT!” I squealed and jerked my whole body away from the contact. But the devilish creature followed me, eventually affixing itself somehow so that no matter how I struggled, I couldn’t displace the painfully erotic touch. I knew I was in trouble as soon as it started to very lightly stroke the tiny bud. Three minutes of this light torture had me nearly shaking with lust and need.

“Ughmmmm… oh GOD! Ughn! Just FUCK ME ALREADY!!” I screamed to no avail. The light caresses continued unabated, never even changing pace or pressure. When there’s nothing you can do to stop it, even something that normally feels wonderful can turn into a torture that’s far worse than pain. As I hung there helpless, my desperation growing with every second, I fully understood how different the Creeper was from other Seducer variants. It wasn’t just smarter, it had a different purpose entirely. Whereas my previous encounters had certainly been stimulating, getting me off dozens of times each, this creature seemed intent on tormenting me to the point of near insanity. Its goal appeared to be more about making me want to come, rather than simply getting my rocks off. The problem was, it was working.

I was whimpering with need and frustration. My whole body trembled in uncontrollable arousal, but the hellish organism never gave me a moment of respite. I was beginning to think that the Creeper’s purpose wasn’t to seduce a female, but rather to torture them to death, when there was suddenly something else touching my sex.

I managed only a short gasp, my eyes barely having a chance to spring open in shock before several thin tendrils wriggled their slick tips through my quivering outer folds and then pushed into me in a single, long thrust. Uncharacteristically, I came at once, my whole body tensing as I arched my back and cried out in terrible ecstasy.

How long I was held in bliss, I couldn’t say, but when I returned to sanity I was struggling just to breathe. I was also still screaming and thrashing against the touch on my clit, which hadn’t slowed for a moment. Now, however, with my sex still massively overstimulated, the light torture had turned into an unbearable fire. Coupled with the slowly moving tendrils buried deep inside me, I felt a quickly growing warmth in my middle as a second orgasm built and then smashed down like an ocean wave, drowning me in pleasure.

This time, when I was able to concentrate once more, I found my body had adjusted somewhat to the new stimulation. Mildly sated, the touch at my jewel was merely making me twitch with passion, though I knew the constant stroking would soon become unbearable again. More worrisome were the slick tendrils that were slowly easing in and out of my depths. The smooth tentacles took up a gentle rhythm, withdrawing almost completely before sliding back inside again in a deep, rolling undulation. Against my will, my hips took up the same cadence and I was making breathy little cries of rising delight before I even had a chance to reassess my situation.

As though to lock in the deal, I could feel several tendrils moving around either side of my torso. I groaned when they started curling around my breasts and headed inward to my nipples.

“AHHH! Ughnnn! MMMM….MMMM….” I panted as the stiff points of flesh were engulfed by the slippery fingers and teased mercilessly. This new stimulus, as well as the slow penetration and finally the ever present motion on my clitoris, was quickly dragging me closer to yet another orgasm. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist for long, and already, part of me didn’t want to. Here I was, being raped into exhaustion by an alien life form, and I actually found myself wanting it.

“Nooo…ughmmm…” I moaned. My body betrayed my mind however, and was undulating back against the slow thrusting in an effort to increase the pace. But if the Creepers were anything, they were patient. “F-f-fuuuuck… Ugh! Ugnnn…” I was loosing it, big time. I just couldn’t fight against that much focused arousal. If it had stimulated me more evenly I might have had a chance, but it stuck to a pinpoint attack that was pure torment. The harder I resisted, the worse it got and the longer I suffered. I was just starting to clench my muscles against the orgasm I knew was about to bury me, when something felt different. There was a bulge, or a pressure against my sex, and with one final deep thrust, the swell traveled down the length of my tunnel and erupted from the ends of the tendrils as a hot wash of fluid, spraying into my body and filling me to overflowing.

It was too much. The sensation of the alien coming inside me was just too overwhelming and my eyes rolled back. My orgasm let loose and I shook and twisted in the grip of the bonds holding me. I wanted to scream, but all that would come out was a staccato gasping for air as I was held in ecstasy for an eternity. I was vaguely aware of my surroundings, and that the flow of the oily secretion being pumped into my depths continued for nearly half a minute before slowing. I was also aware of a strange fuzzy warmth that was inching up my body from my pelvis. I never fully came down from my ecstasy before the odd feeling stretched over my breasts; causing my nipples to pulse to the rapid beat of my heart, and then up my neck. When it hit my brain, I almost blacked-out.

“Gah! Ughnnnnnnnnn….” A heavy sedation settled over me, causing my body to slow and sag. My face became lax, my eyes half-lidded and unfocused. My mouth hung open and silent save for heavily labored gasps for air. And yet, through it all I was stunningly aware. I could still feel the edges of my orgasm, of which this new feeling was not a part, and was conscious of the room around me, or at least the floor, as my head gently sagged down so that I was staring at the pool of slime on the ground beneath me. Long viscous drips of the slime, no doubt mixed with my own juices, continued to drip from my quivering body and add to the pool. And suddenly I understood.

I felt drugged because I was. The Creeper hadn’t just come in me, it had ejaculated a torrent of slime right into the membranous tissues of my sex; the same slime that hadn’t been effective in smaller amounts on my outer surface, was now being forced almost directly into my bloodstream in massive quantities. And sure enough, just under the euphoric anesthetization, there was the sensation of being wrapped in cotton, as though my consciousness was being pressed into some kind of thick, resistant barrier. My will was being subjugated.

Suddenly frightened, I was momentarily able to struggle again as a surge of adrenaline pulsed through my body and pushed back the fuzziness a bit.

“ughnnnnnooooo…” I said faintly. I twisted and pulled at the fleshy tentacles that held me, but it was a pathetic effort. I was stuck tight and going nowhere. As if mocking me, I noticed that the Creeper had ceased its plundering of my body. I could still feel the tendrils buried deep in my sex, but they weren’t moving. Neither was the soft pressure on my clitoris.

“Wh-wh-what are you up toOOOHHH! AHHH!” Quite suddenly, the tendril on my jewel stroked me lightly. I was amazed that I was still so sensitive, and nearly pulled my arms from their sockets trying to get away from the renewed torture.

“Oh shit, oh shit, ughnnnn!” It was just as before. By lightly grazing my center, the creature was starting the pattern all over again, only this time I was already highly aroused and still under the influence of the last barrage of zombie drugs. They were fading quickly, but nowhere near out of my system.

Just as before, the Seducer lived up to its name and played with me until I was literally trembling. Only then did it start to move the phallic tendrils, fucking me slowly but deeply, just as it had the last time.

“AHHH! NO! UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNN!” With each thrust I was pushed closer and closer to orgasm. I was angry with my own weakness, and for the first time terrified of what the creature was doing to me. It wasn’t long before I felt the queasiness of imminent rapture.

“Y-Y-You f-fucking bastard… ughn!! AHHH! AHHH! N-NOOO! UGHNN!!”

I knew it was too late when I felt the swell of the tendrils within me. A moment later, the Creeper let loose another load of the warm oil inside me and my world tumbled. Massive ecstasy caused my whole body to lock up, but that didn’t last long as the drugs worked quickly into my body and began sedating me again. Inch by inch, I was slowly immobilized. When the euphoria reached my head, I once again found myself staring at the floor, my body almost entirely limp. That, however, did nothing to lessen the effect of my orgasm, which was still raging. In fact, the alien creature raping me seemed to have decided to change tactics again. Instead of letting me come down from my bliss, it was deepening its strokes, and with every thrust I felt as though I were being pushed deeper and deeper into that thick barrier. Soon the attention at my nipples fell into sync, and finally the quick caresses of my jewel. About once a second the Seducer pulsed into me, never slowing or tiring, and never letting me come down. The flow to the floor seemed excessive and I realized to my horror that each time the creature penetrated me now, it was releasing more fluid. In other words, it wasn’t going to let the levels of its will-shattering intoxicant in my blood stream fade while it continued to pound me into bliss again, and again, and again.

Trapped in my prison of pleasure, I couldn’t even curse as it had me from behind over and over. I simply hung there like a marionette, my body jerking forward each time it thrust into me. I came about once a minute for what seemed like hours, but I knew it couldn’t have been that long. And with each moment of ecstasy, I felt myself pressed just a little deeper through the barrier. Down… down… down… until suddenly, there was a release… and I slipped through. The Seducer noticed at once, and slowed its rhythm, still stimulating me, but leveling off. It also wasn’t pouring the hot oil into my honey anymore. A few minutes later it quietly slipped out of me and gently lowered my body to the floor, releasing me.

Panting, it was a while before I could even move, but finally, still tingling from the sex, I was free to reach for my shotgun. Only I didn’t. Instead, I sat up and looked around. There was a strange whispering sound in my ears, and I had this sudden urge to go to the park in the center of the city. So, standing, and being careful of the slippery fluids all over the floor, I ignored the gun and headed to the front door.

“NO!” I screamed in my head as I watched my body unlock the six bolts and then leave the portal open as I marched naked down three flights of stairs. Utter despair gripped me as I realized fully what was happening. I was a zombie. Like the hundred of other females I had seen walking toward the city center, I too was now unable to stop myself as I stepped out of my building and began my trek. I never ever saw anyone coming the other way, so I knew my little outing in the nude was going to be my last. I had no idea what I expected to find, but given the vileness of the creature that had just fucked away my will, it couldn’t be good. I fought to push back through the barrier without the slightest success, and after awhile I just gave up. When I did so, it felt like I was sinking into some kind of black tar, but at that point I didn’t care. My body was no longer mine.

… And then I found myself standing at the edge of a line of trees. Just in front of me was a bright light and a massive object that my brain told me was impossible. Like an over-sized inverted pyramid, the mammoth Var-Lish ship waited while dozens of human females slowly made their way like cattle up what was obviously a loading ramp. But not me. It took me a moment to understand that I didn’t want to go there, and that my body was not acting on its own anymore. I was somehow whole and back on the right side of the mental barrier.

Perhaps when the drugs had worn off I had crossed back over, or maybe the sight of the alien ship had snapped me out of my zombie state. I’d never know, but accepting my good fortune, I ducked and then quietly headed back to the suburbs. I saw dozens of Seducers, but my luck held and they ignored me. Back at my loft, I very carefully moved inside and snagged my shotgun. Then, I did a VERY thorough search. I was half hoping to find the Creeper, but the little shit had already gone off, probably in search of some other straggler. I locked up, cleaned up, and counted myself very very lucky to have survived yet another attack. If I had ‘awakened’ just five minutes later… Next time, I doubted I would be so fortunate.