• New Short – Bulbs - July 22nd, 2015

    This is the first of a number of updates I plan to make in the coming weeks. Yet another colony story, pretty much just playing with a creature concept I was interested in. [X] [Plant] [Colony] Enjoy!

  • Stowaway – Chapter 9 - October 12th, 2014

    Chapter 9 added. The plot thickens…

  • New Section – Reading Room! - October 10th, 2014

    I don’t know why I have been putting this off for so long, but I finally went ahead and made this section live. The Reading Room is where you will find ebook versions of some of my works. Right now, I have a single entry, but it covers most (if not all) of my completed shorts. Sunday Afternoon Quickies has been sitting in various forms on my computer for the better part of a decade, slowly acquiring new additions. It’s my very first foray into ebook publishing, so please forgive me if there are errors, etc. You would think outputting an ebook would be an easy thing. Don’t be fooled. It’s easy to do poorly, not so easy to do right. For now, I have a simple placeholder cover. I’m working on an actual graphic, but getting where I want it is proving… most frustrating. As I mention in the section itself, I may edit or add to these works, and if I do, I will try to release them as a new file with an updated version number in the title. I’ve found that most readers won’t actually update if you don’t change the file name. Go figure. Also, I am putting these out there in epub format, which is readable by most, and is readily converted since the text is completely flowable (unlike a pdf). If you are interested in the process and problems (and solutions!) I have had in creating ebooks, let me know. Maybe there’s a tutorial in there somewhere. Enjoy!

  • Stowaway – Chapter 8 - September 19th, 2014

    I’ve added Chapter 8.

  • Stowaway – Chapter 7 - September 16th, 2014

    I’ve added Chapter 7, with more coming regularly for a bit. I’m working on 12. This thing is already over 50k words… That’s half a freaking novel!

  • Stowaway – New Chapters 5 and 6 - September 1st, 2014

    I added Chapters 5 and 6.  Enjoy!

  • New Story – Stowaway - August 31st, 2014

    I’ve always loved pirates (who doesn’t?), and have wanted to apply my certain, er, tastes – to such a tale for ages. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to step into a new genre cold, especially when it’s so easy to look silly doing so. There’s no shortage of pirate books and movies, and most of them don’t really capture what it was like to live for months at a time on a ship with extremely loose command structure and even worse hygiene. Sometimes realism doesn’t make a very good backdrop for sexy encounters. None the less, I wanted to do something with SOME degree of maritime authenticity, so I settled on a blend. Why “Stowaway”? Because that’s how I started it, and until I can come up with a better title, Stowaway it is. Titles are HARD. Here are chapters 1-4. I’ve written up to chapter 9, so there will be more updates in the near future.

  • Updated Links section - July 18th, 2014

    Just some additions and pruning in the “Links” section.

  • New Short – Flayer - July 6th, 2014

    Another Sunday Afternoon Quickie. Most people who have ever played D&D will remember a certain notorious bad guy called a Mind Flayer. The original Monster Manual had a wonderful drawing of this baddie, which was later brought to bare against the fated Drow. Somehow, it became a legend in certain erotic art communities, and has been redrawn and expanded many times to be a sexual predator as well as having a taste for grey matter. For some reason he always turned me on, and I have done at least one other (bad) story and some art. This is a slightly different take on the Cthulhu-like beastie, and illustrates why seduction and innocence are rarely what we think they are.

  • New Short – The Forest of Murgos - June 29th, 2014

    I view a lot of tenti-art. And there’s a surprising amount out there. Most of it is pretty much the same – there are only so many different ways to do the nasty with amorous cephalopods (or variations thereof). But sometimes you encounter a work of art that so tickles your fancy, that you just think it deserves more attention within the community. Sometimes it’s the style or quality of the art itself. Occasionally it’s the creative nature of the piece. Very rarely, it’s a combination of a number of factors that come together in a perfect storm of squiggly goodness. I recently found one of those works from an old voice in the community. Some of you may remember bobbydando. Those of you that do, may remember their art. bobbydando is still out there, posting under the name of Eldrik Aethervial. I found one of their works on a random tenti site I visit, and after a bit of sleuthing, traced it back to their tumblr (http://eldrikaethervial.tumblr.com). I was so tickled with this particular work, that I decided it needed text to go with it. The image itself wrote the plot, I just filled in the blanks. I randomly titled it, The Forests of Murgos. And you really should go see what they are doing over on the tumblr. Great stuff. You can find the image that inspired me so, here.

  • New Art: Lara Croft – Webbed Again - April 21st, 2014

    Lara Croft - Webbed Again

    Lara getting wrapped up in her work again.  Can’t seem to get her out of my head lately, but I had a little time and this happened. Bad-end Lara and frisky spider. Been done before, so I didn’t want to put too much into it. No tale to go with it. Sorry. I’m saving my writing time for other more important works.

  • New Short – Sela’s Silk - January 17th, 2014

    Quickie scene to play with some ideas for one of the longer works. Enjoy! [R][Webs]

  • Holiday Fun - December 24th, 2013

    Just a little something for the holidays…

  • Holy shit! Type Four is a podcast! - July 15th, 2013

    When the amazing Nobilis Reed contacted me and asked if he could have one of my stories read for his Nobilis Erotica Podcast, I have to admit that the idea scared me out of my mind. I tend to read my works out loud to myself (something I learned way back in a high school creative writing class), but there is a HUGE difference between hearing your own ‘voices’, and those used by a stranger. As writers, we already know the subtle inflections that our characters use, their quirks of speech. Getting those quirks to the page so they can be understood by another reader is what good storytelling is all about. SO, when I heard R.Taylor (DDog) voicing my characters for the first time, I was understandably nervous. Verbal renditions are the litmus of success or failure for an author. They did wonderfully, even changing their voice for the different characters and genders, and I am always amazed how good readers can keep up a consistent tone and style even throughout a longer piece.

    You can listen to the podcast yourself, right here!

    The podcast is is produced by Nobilis Reed. Check out his website, (link: nobilis.libsyn.com) which is a wonderful journey in audio erotica, and an inspiration for erotica writers, to be sure.

    The work is read by R. Taylor (DDog), who has their own site (Trans(re)lating) (link: transrelating.wordpress.com) with a great personal blog on transgender issues.

    There’s even some background music to set the mood – by Kevin MacLeod. (link: incompetech.com)

    Many many thanks Nobilis and DDog and Kevin for the time and opportunity to hear one of my own works read out loud. By the Goddess, what a trip!

  • New Art: Lara Croft – Happy Endings - July 14th, 2013

    Cover mockup for another rather sticky situation Miss Croft has gotten herself into. As was pointed out in a pre-release posting to the discussion group, this one is a ‘blend’ of CGI and traditional art. This was partially to save time, and partially (okay mostly) because I don’t stand a chance in hell of doing a predominately green work on my own. Yeah, color blindness sucks. I suppose it kinda worked. No matter, it was fun to do. – M

  • Blattella Lophiidae - May 28th, 2013

    Classic Marjorie… I start with a simple idea and end up with three drawings and a 7500 word story. I have to admit, this one hit my squick-limit a few times, though by the end I was used to it. I don’t always get this grim (do I? Maybe I do…) but Lara Croft has a tendency to put herself in some pretty damn grim situations, so it just. sorta. happens. I guess that’s what the reset button is for.

    What really hit the gross-out limit for me was the fact that I was dealing with a few *actual* cockroaches (big ones!) while writing this. In fact, I started writing BEFORE I saw the first roach and it freaked the hell out of me. No, I don’t have an infestation or a disgusting home. I’m a slob, but a healthy slob, if that makes any sense. I took biology courses in college. I KNOW what happens to food that you leave out. No thanks. My kitchen is the cleanest room in my house. Seriously.

    Anyway, Poor Lara is once again put through the ringer. What can I say? She’s my sexual punching bag. My go-to girl for the slick and slimy. My tentacular test-dummy. Of note: I pulled “Lara” characteristics from more than one version of Miss Croft, so please don’t write me and complain that she’s using the wrong pistols or that her hair should be unbraided with that shirt style. This is *my* version of Lara. You can go draw your own. Kinda gives new meaning to the term “copyright violation,” doesn’t it.

    Sorry, no color this time. I actually have FOUR separate projects I’m bouncing between right now, so there should be more updates coming soon.

  • Tales From the Fae: Unseelie Summer - April 19th, 2013

    Added chapter 5 and 6

    “Book” two in the Academy series.

  • Tales From the Fae: Unseelie Summer - April 18th, 2013

    Added chapter 4.

    “Book” two in the Academy series.

    There are a couple of shorter chapters coming, then longer ones. Sometimes that’s just how it works out. More on the way!

  • Beach Bulb – Gotcha! - April 5th, 2013

    Unable to fight against the rising pleasure, Stacy finally succumbed to the slow seduction and spiraled into a quaking orgasm. Unfortunately, as her body jerked and spasmed uncontrollably, she lost what little bracing she had against the creature’s slow but relentless tug-o-war to draw her down deeper. Her arms buckling, she dropped quickly into the slippery hole until she was no longer visible from the surface. Her body was sucked into the warm flesh of the buried organism, and tightly secured to prevent her escape and limit her ability to even struggle against what was to come next. Bound helpless, the girl could only gasp and moan as the organism slipped itself within her still sensitive flower and gently continued its gradual arousal of her body. A few minutes later, Stacy cried out in ecstasy a second time, and then again a few minutes after that… and then again, and again, and again…

    Just some sloppy seconds on the Beach Bulb theme.

  • Beach Bulb - April 5th, 2013

    Beach Bulb

    Stacy struggles to keep herself from sinking further into the strange hole that opened under her while she was sunning herself at a secluded beach. Whatever was pulling her down wasn’t very strong, but it had removed her bikini bottoms and was doing very distracting things between her thighs.

    This is just a quick sketch of an idea that’s been buzzing around in my twisted brain.