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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

  • Lara Betrayed
    Lara Betrayed [X/tent/lara] Lara Croft pays the price for breaking her rule about working alone. The girl from the nearby village was eager enough to act as her sherpa and show her to the temple, which should have been a warning sign right off. Every other female for forty miles nearly ran her out at the merest mention of the Azunite relics she was seeking. Something it seemed was causing anyone who had anything to do with the ancient place to vanish. Now, helpless and quickly loosing her will to resist, Lara knew that it had been the girl herself who had been luring in victims for the erotic god she had accidentally uncovered. And as she shuddered into yet another orgasm, it now looked as though she herself would end up missing as well...
  • Lara Frustrated
    Lara Frustrated [X/tent/Lara Croft]

    In honor of a half million freaking page views (thanks everyone!) I thought it only fitting to celebrate with a fun shot of my favorite heroine.

    Even highly trained tomb raiders have bad days... Lara knew her day was headed quickly downhill the moment she stepped into the too-warm underground temple. Finding the artifact her buyer requested was easy, and retrieving it looked even easier. That should have tipped her off. Nothing is ever easy in her profession.

    Sure enough, she was just about to leave when something squished under her booted foot. A second later, amoeba-like tentacles of flesh were winding around her legs. It was over before she could even get to her guns. Trapped and entangled, the mass of slippery appendages slowly pulled her back to the main body of the creature which had been quietly watching her. There, it stripped her of her clothing and positioned her body above one of it's many orifices. Struggle as she might, Lara was powerless to do more than watch in horror as several dozen tendrils emerged and began stroking her flower most intimately. It took only minutes before she was right on the brink of orgasm... and then it pulled back.

    Confused and frustrated, the tomb raider was just able to catch her breath before the tendrils once again returned to stroke her petals, this time sliding slightly within her, causing her body to twist and shake with growing lust. But just as before, the foul creature withdrew moments before she would have peaked into orgasm. A few minutes later, it began the cycle again and Lara began to understand the true seriousness of her situation. This guardian wasn't just there to protect the artifact, but to punish any foolish enough to try and steal it. And her case, that punishment was very clear.

  • Lara and the Jellyfish
    Lara and the Jellyfish [X/Tent/Lara Croft]

    Having battled her way past the sharks, Lara Croft hardly even considered the odd-looking jellyfish as a threat. Even when she brushed against one on accident, she felt no sting so she thought she was safe... at least until her muscles started feeling like they were made of cement. Starting in her legs, the willful control of her body faded. In a panic, she tried to swim to safety, but only succeeded in placing herself in the very center of the jellyfish swarm before her arms slowed almost completely and she simply drifted, helpless. To her surprise, the amorphous creatures around her seemed to sense her trapped condition and began to gather closer. Suddenly she felt a number of fleshy tentacles wrap around her left leg. She wanted to pull away from the organism, but her body simply wouldn't respond. In moments, there were several more of the creatures entangling the rest of her form, and to her horror and confusion, playing with zipper of her wetsuit. She swallowed nervously as her only real protection was manipulated open clear to her crotch. She wanted to scream in fear when they first pulled the garment open, exposing her chest, but she could do little more than move her eyes as they reached in with their slippery soft tentacles and began to caress her bare skin. A fiery pleasure blossomed in her breasts as her nipples were teased to hardened points. What were the creatures doing? Surely, she thought, they couldn't be intentionally stimulating her... could they?

    The question was answered for her when the first tendril slid down over her belly and under the edge of her wetsuit. A few moments later it was wiggling sensuously through her own slippery flesh and into her depths, driving her nearly insane with arousal.

  • Lara's Mistake
    Lara's Mistake [X/Tent/Lara Croft] Lured by the fragrant scent of the flowers, Lara was easy prey for the powerful pheromones that dazzled her mind and warped her sense of time. She simply stood there sleepily as the strange creature reached out with its many fine tendrils and carefully began to remove her clothing. Then, gently drawing her back, it began it's real work. Caught up in a dizzy wash of euphoria, the tomb raider was completely unaware of her danger... at least until a pod-like bud between her thighs used it's fine tentacles to ply open her own flower and insert it's slippery fingers into her depths. She cried out briefly in shock, and for a moment even struggled to break free. But it was too late. The pleasure was simply too wonderful and her cry of fear turned quickly into one of rapture. Helplessly giving in to the erotic seduction, her body shook in orgasm after orgasm as the bulk of the creature behind her slowly reached forward and began to engulf her.
  • Field Guide Entry - Latoris Tree Parasite
    Field Guide Entry - Latoris Tree Parasite [X/Tent] From the ongoing field book of tentacle denizens.
  • Michelle - From The Academy of Dana
    Michelle - From The Academy of Dana [G!/character] Yeah, once in a while I do actually put clothes on them... As the title says, this is just a quick character study of Michelle Stuckey from the Academy of Dana in the "Tales" section.
  • Miranda
    Miranda [G/character] A character sketch for Miranda between year one and year two.
  • Mole
    Mole [X/Tent] I wish this had a story, but honestly, it was mostly a practice session.
  • Moment
    Moment [X/tent/plant] Thinking she would save some time, Cecile learns that the rumors spoken in the nearby village were indeed true. The forest does have a lust for pretty young maidens.
  • Mugpuddle
    Mugpuddle [R/blob/quicksand] There's no escape for this poor girl as she is slowly drawn down into the thick mud. The strange bog seems to have a mind of it's own... or at least a face, which to her horror seems bent on taking more than her life. Squirming only quickens her fate... and other things... but gasping, she finds she is helpless to do little else. Flushing in repeated bliss, she can only watch as her hips slowly rock themselves deeper and deeper into the slick, living clay.