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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

  • Lara and the Anemone
    Lara and the Anemone [R/Lara/tent] Having averted a more disastrous tumble by sliding down the side of a cave wall, Lara Croft finds herself frustratingly trapped in some kind of sticky muck at the bottom. To make matters worse, the local animal life turns out to be a bit more intelligent, and more friendly... than she expected.
  • lara_anenome1c
  • Lara In Trouble II
    Lara In Trouble II [X/Lara/blob/tent]

    Lara Croft gets snagged by another slimy creature that likes to play with it's food. Trapped, stripped and held helpless, the tomb raider finds herself at the mercy of this very stimulating polymorphic cave dweller.

    This is a quick colored sketch.

  • Lara Explored
    Lara Explored [R/Lara/plant] Lara explores the beauties of a lush Indian Jungle, only to find that the jungle is intent upon exploring her...
  • Oops!
    Oops! [R/tent/Lara/humor]

    The tentacles don't always get the girl...

    Just a quick one for the weekend. Damn, hands are hard to draw holding guns... I still screwed up the perspective. Oh well.

  • Sinking In
    Sinking In [R/Lara/tent]

    Not everything a Tomb Raider does is fame and glory. There's a lot of plain ol' bargaining as well. Those in the business will tell you, the very best way to obtain something found in a highly dangerous location, is to let somebody else get it (and take the risk) for a price, especially if those getting it for you are the only ones who know how to circumvent the dangers. But, as with any bargaining, there's the possibility that those you are doing business with will take offense at your offer.

    That seems to be the case with Lara today, for the entire tribe grew so furious that they stripped her, carried her into the very caves she was hoping to avoid, and tossed her into a living pit of flesh. Then they stood by and watched, jeering-on the ancient creature as it quickly wrapped around her legs and started to draw her body down into itself. Miss Croft fully figured she was only there as food, and so was quite startled when the slippery organism around her drew her thighs apart and then began to slip it's hundreds of warm tendrils up over her hips in highly seductive ways...

  • Devil Mushroom Part II
    Devil Mushroom Part II [X Lara/tent/plant] Lara Croft gets nabbed again, but this time by the larger, more active variety of the Devil Mushroom. Stripped of her gear and clothing, the massive fungoid brings the helpless raider over one of the plant's spore nodes. There, it will sexually stimulate her for as long as six hours while it deposits it's reproductive cells within her body. Fortunately for Miss Croft, the spores only live for a few weeks, and do not germinate inside their human host. However, they do leave the victim with a profound, almost insatiable desire to return again to the site of the mushroom itself.
  • Tomb Raider Troubles
    Tomb Raider Troubles [X/Lara/tent] The N'arlic Cave Worm uses a powerful neural-toxin sprayed around the surface of it's lair to entrap prey. One touch to the bare skin of her fingers, and the Tomb Raider was unconscious in less than two minutes. Now, stripped of her clothing and dragged deep into the creature's burrow, Lara starts to awaken as the poison slowly wears off. Unfortunately, she finds that while her limp body still won't respond in order to fight, she can quite clearly feel what the massive nightcrawler is doing at her apex. Dozens of thick finger-like tendrils are slowly teasing her, slipping in and out of her body in an unstoppable and undeniable rhythm that is gradually seducing the raider. Unable to resist the sexual onslaught, Lara's hips jerk and twist as she blossoms into ecstasy. To her horror, the organism only increases it's torturous pleasuring of her body as she gasps and shudders in bliss a second time, then a third. On and on it pushes her over the edge into continuous orgasm, her body growing more and more weakened with each second she struggles, but the powerful limbs of the creature wrapped around her thighs make escape all but impossible.
  • The Wrong Passage
    The Wrong Passage [R/tent/Lara]

    Tomb Raider Rule #372 - If a route seems too good to be true, then it's almost certainly a trap.

    Having forgotten one of her own rules, Miss Croft reaches desperately for the aid of her Sherpa.

  • Marly's Demise
    Marly's Demise [R/blob] From Poppins' Return. Marly finds herself at the mercy of X'Carin's tree as she is slowly covered with a magical amber. With her limbs trapped in the hardening sap, she is helpless to do more than squirm as the dryad's slow trap gradually engulfs her body over many hours, the life blood of the tree causing intense pleasure wherever it touches her flesh. Minute by minute, Marly is slowly seduced by the charm, and despite her dire resistance, she is screaming in ecstasy within an hour of the first slow runnels sliding down her body.