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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

  • Choices
    Choices [X/fae/fem]

    "Choose your death, human. By pain or by pleasure, but I assure you that neither shall be quick, and in the end, you'll wish you had picked the other..."

    I'm not happy with this one... I couldn't get the face of the faerie to reflect what I wanted. I've been spending all my time playing with color and light. I really need to work on expressions more.

  • Circle of Pleasure/Coloring Tutorial
    Circle of Pleasure/Coloring Tutorial [X/tent]

    Curled into her fate, Bonnie finds herself giving in to the pleasure within the oily coils of a Rumaritus worm.

    This piece is featured in an online tutorial for coloring.

  • Comfy Chair
    Comfy Chair [R/tent] After months of searching, Anna finally finds a perfectly comfy chair...
  • Mallidrid Lasher Scorpions
    Mallidrid Lasher Scorpions [X/Tent]

    Created by the Mallidrid Genetics Core, this creature was designed with human females in mind almost exclusively. Hundreds of thousands of these are dropped onto the surface of a human world and simply left to do their work. Powerful tentacle arms allow the scorpion-like organism to traverse almost any environment, hiding in trees and on ceilings in wait for it's prey.

    It will seek to get it's forward limb up under the target, both cupping their sex, and positioning a unique organelle known as a "thumper" against the small of the back. Thin, but very strong tendrils hold the thumper in place, and it is generally said that once affixed in this way, any hope of escape is greatly diminished. The organelle emits a low frequency vibration coupled with carefully tuned electrical impulses which course through the back of the victim and interrupt the spinal nerves. In this way, the creature is able to not only immobilize it's prey, but cause them to experience sensation as well.

    Once fully captured, the construct will snuggle it's frontal mouth-pore against the female's sex and use it's long, powerful tongue to penetrate and arouse the victim. Few human captives are able to resist for very long, and will soon be forced into orgasm. The victim will be tormented in this way, driven repeatedly into ecstasy until their will is broken and they can be "collected" as puppets by their Mallidrid masters.

  • The Personal Journal of Dana P. Pellington - Hanging Limpet
    The Personal Journal of Dana P. Pellington - Hanging Limpet [X/Tent] Page 2 of Dana's Journal.
  • The Personal Journal of Dana P. Pellington - Milloper Flower
    The Personal Journal of Dana P. Pellington - Milloper Flower [X/Tent] Page 3 of Dana's Journal.
  • Here there be dragons...
    Here there be dragons... [X/creature] Old maps read, "Here there be dragons" to indicate areas of unknown. The vicious creatures were thought to live just beyond the borders, and posed a danger to any foolish enough to venture into their realm. But as Leala found out, it wasn't their vicious nature that proved the most dangerous, but rather the ability to seduce...
  • Millie's Impregnation
    Millie's Impregnation [XX/preg/tent] After three hours of relentless sexual stimulation, Millie can do little more that watch as the hideous creature finally reveals it's ultimate purpose for her. To tired to resist any more, she watches in horror as the vile egg slowly makes it's way down the strange phallus that is even now continuing to plunder her depths.
  • Elfmaid Part I
    Elfmaid Part I Just a quick fun piece. Sha'lia the elf has a bad day in the tunnels under a mountain. Yes, there might be a part II.
  • Flying Lessons
    Flying Lessons [PG/AOD] From The Academy of Dana.