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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Book of Enoch

Chapter 1 – Preface

Sister Laura Clemens stepped off the bus and started the three block walk to her apartment. It was a very warm mid-summer evening, but even though she was literally covered from head to toe the young woman was shivering. She seemed to be fighting to hold on to the paper-wrapped package she was carrying, her fingers trembling against something that had nothing at all to do with cold.

As she walked down the somewhat busy street, she passed a number of shops and restaurants, most of which had already closed for the evening. A couple passed her, staring back at the lone woman having noticed that she swayed a bit as she walked, almost as though she were drunk or hurt. At first, it looked as though the man would stop and ask her if she needed help, but then the female with him shook her head and urged him away. When he faltered, she took his hand and seductively slid it over her own bare belly while she held his eyes. Distracted by the very clear signal she was presenting to him, the pair continued down the street and away from the odd scene. The nun had never even noticed them.

Groaning, Laura paused briefly and rested herself against a tree. It was getting hard to even stand up now. Her knees felt weak and shaky, as though they might give out from under her at any moment. If she could just make it to her apartment, she would be safe again for a while, but looking up, it seemed like the sanctuary of her home was a million miles away. This late in the evening, nothing but the bar on the corner would be occupied. She knew that was bad. She needed to be around people. She would be safe in a crowded bar room, no matter how unorthodox that might appear. She needed to be seen. They were limited while others were present.

Not that how she felt right now was any picnic. She had experienced worse, but not by much, and certainly for not such a long period of time. They must have really wanted whatever Sister Agina had sent her. She stared at the brown paper-wrapped box with her own name scrawled loosely on the label and had a brief compulsion to rip open the package right there and then. It WAS addressed to HER after all.

“Oh no you don’t…” She said to the empty street. “I’m not that easy.”

As if in reply, she suddenly felt more hot and itchy under her clothing, and the sensations that had plagued her for that last forty-two hours seemed to blossom anew.

“Ughnnn….” She moaned, fighting her own body for control. “You… aren’t much… for subtlety… are you.”

She needed to move. She was a sitting duck out here. She had to get to her apartment. The tree seemed cool and safe, and she hated to leave it, but if she had any chance, she had to keep pressing on. It was only a block more. With effort, she stood upright and started walking again. Even before she had taken a half dozen steps, she felt the unpresent wind pushing her back. They didn’t have bodies to touch her, but damned if they didn’t try. She could almost imagine them racing in quick succession past her in an effort to drive her back by force of will alone. But she wasn’t going to give in.

She felt the slick sweat from her body soaking her undergarments as droplets of moisture agonizingly slid over her flesh under her clothing and settled in her creases and folds. She would need a bath. Yes, a bath in her apartment would definitely help. Not much farther. Soon she would be nestled in clean, fresh water and rinsing the stink of Watchers from her body. She could almost imagine herself languidly floating in the steaming bliss. Almost there. Only a few more stairs.

She was so caught up in the desire to be clean that she hardly remembered opening her door, entering and locking it once more. She had only a fleeting recollection of setting down the package and heading for the bathroom. She recalled starting the water, and then stripping out of her clothes, but couldn’t remember waiting for the tub to fill. It didn’t seem like it had been long enough, yet there she was, with bubbles to her chin and the fragrant smell of rose soap to her left. But something wasn’t right. The sensations of arousal hadn’t lessened like they should have. In fact, they seemed only worse now. They almost seemed to be enhanced by the slippery water that felt thick around her. A sudden sick feeling filled her soul. Was it real?

Remembering what the Mothers had taught her, she focused on a single tiny detail. She found one small pile of bubbles and squinted into it, peering with all her concentration. The Watchers made very good illusions, but they couldn’t stand up to hard scrutiny. But even a few moments into her test she already knew her answer. She knew because of the instant increase in the other distractions they were pouring over her. Her vision blurred at the edges and her eyelids felt heavy and itchy. She wanted to close her eyes, to stop concentrating… They wanted her to stop. Her body seemed to be covered in crawling things that tickled and itched everywhere. Her nipples almost hurt they were so engorged with blood. They pulsed and tingled with pleasure. Her belly felt queasy with sexual excitement and her sex was hot and squishy. The Mothers had taken her in off the streets, so she was no virgin. She had used sex to get drugs, though she had never gone into the realm of prostitution. Image started flashing through her memory. Images of her naked body wrapped around that of an early lover, then arching back as she rode atop a different man. She saw herself as though she were viewing a movie, her hips bucking back and forth as she drove herself to a quickening climax. She looked radiant and powerful, not the meek and helpless nun that she had become. More images, of yet another man with his head between her legs as she lay on her bed. She saw herself smiling and laughing as she came again and again and again. Her voice was growing louder… clearer. Her cries of passion as she tossed her head back and forth in ecstasy seemed close. She could almost feel the next rising moment of the girl in her memory; her memory. Her passion. Her room. Her life. Her past life…

Laura snapped her eyes open and stared around her in complete confusion. She was indeed in a bathtub, but it was not one she recognized. Nor did the bathroom she was in look familiar. And it hit her. This was not her apartment. The layout was similar, but the decor (or lack thereof) belonged to someone else. They had fooled her. They knew she would have been safe in her own residence. She had carefully followed the instructions the Mothers had given her to do so. What to place and where. But here, she would have been safer on the street. At least outside she had a chance to be seen. Her heart sank as she realized that they had tricked her into going to the most dangerous of places and letting her guard down. They had made her think she was safe when in fact she was in great peril.

Looking down at herself it took every ounce of courage she possessed not to scream. She had indeed stripped off her clothing and was laying in a tub, but it was not filled with the soapy clean water she had envisioned. Instead, she was chin-deep in what looked like a clear slime. It was heavy and thick, like honey, resisting her movements and pining her down as though she were in cement… And it was vibrating.

She hadn’t been aware of it at first, but the whole tub was literally buzzing. Something, an old water pipe perhaps, was oscillating in contact with the bath in such a way that the vibrations were transferred into the heavy goo around her. She probably wouldn’t have felt it as much in normal bathwater, but the slime almost seemed to amplify the coursing noise such that it resonated all around her own naked flesh. Subtle, yet inescapably arousing.

She was lifting her arms in order to try and get herself out of the erotic trap when she first heard the Watcher’s voice. She had heard them before so she recognized it at once. Someone inexperienced might have simply confused it for their own thoughts, but not Laura. She knew the oily sensation well. She also knew that the voice wasn’t something she heard with her ears, but directly through her soul. It came as though spoken by her own tongue, in her own voice.

>why resist?>

“You know why, damn you!” She yelled aloud.

>you don’t want to resist. you want the release.>

It was right of course. She did want it. Her body ached to be fulfilled sexually. Every pore on every inch of her naked flesh cried out for release as it was tormented with simulation. She hadn’t had a lover in over three years, and the few times she had awakened to a flash of pleasure had left her only wanting the experience even more.

“I am NOT giving in to you!” She couldn’t find the strength to get her arms out of the goo. She also found that whenever she tried to lift them, her body started to slip so that she threatened to roll over. The thought of the slime covering her face sent a shiver down her spine.

>i can make it wonderful for you.>

As if to prove the point, a rapid succession of images flashed through her mind. She saw herself at the peak of ecstasy in each one, crying out in wondrous bliss, snapping her head back, gasping in the lost time of orgasm, over and over. It seemed that every sexual peak she had ever experienced had been recorded and was now played back for her in shocking detail. She could see the droplets of perspiration on her own brow and chest from a long session of lovemaking. She heard her own cries of passion as though they came from within her mouth now in the present. She could almost feel the final, deep, satisfying thrust of her lover atop her as they came in unison. And then it stopped abruptly.

“No…” She whimpered, the longing hitting her as though it were a physical blow.

>let go>

“No… oh god, please…” She knew that begging was something the Mothers had warned her of. You can’t show a Watcher that weakness. They would only feed on it and turn it against you. They didn’t know mercy.

>why resist when you can’t escape?>

>why not enjoy? you aren’t responsible. you can’t resist what is in your nature – how you were created.>

She knew she shouldn’t listen to the Watcher’s words. She had been warned of their lies and half-truths. More scenes played out in her mind, nearly obscuring the reality before her. She saw close-up’s of her own body being lovingly caressed, her nipples licked and suckled by an early gentle lover. Then slow penetration as seen through her own eyes, then from a different view in which she could watch as the man’s phallus gradually eased deep into her sex. She heard her own satisfied sigh of pleasure and even briefly thought she could feel the length of him sliding within her. But then it was gone again, leaving her shaking and desperate. Her body was trembling with unmet need, and she was certain the the Watcher was holding her back, refusing to let her mind slip over the edge into bliss.

“Oh g-god…. help m-m-me!”

>you have fought well. no one will fault you if you give in. sister agina would understand.>

Laura struggled to hold on to her sanity as her breath started to become choppy under the weight of the sexual arousal that held her. She thought of her friend and fellow Initiate, and how the other had put so much trust in her. Sister Agina might indeed understand. She was certainly aware of what they were dealing with. Of course, Laura did not fathom the half-truth that the Watcher had told her. Sister Mary Agina would understand because the Watcher had taken her in much the same way only a few weeks before.

“Ughnnmmm…. no… I can’t…. please!”

>you must. you will. you need only ask and you shall be given complete release.>

More images. Now they showed her relaxed and happy. Cuddled. Laughing. Satisfied.

“Ummm… oh god… M-m-mary, please f-forgive me!”

>just say yes>

“Ahhhh! Ughnnn… yes… j-just let me c-c-come!”

The change was immediate. Now that the Watcher had permission, it was no longer restricted to influence. Now it could manifest directly. The small bathroom took on a new light, as though the single lamp mounted to the ceiling was no match for the shadows that threatened to squeeze the dim bulb out of existence. Instantly a deep amber tone settled over the tile and walls, making everything in the room appear as though it were part of an old sepia photograph. Laura’s fear was momentarily greater than her arousal and she gazed around her, open-mouthed and panicked. Then she heard it. It was a squishy flopping sound, like a fresh caught fish on the floor around the tub. Movement caught her eyes above her and she glanced up to see a dark, tar-like blackness spreading from the edges of the ceiling light. She also saw the blackness along the walls from the plug and light switch. It was creeping under the door and covering the floor around her. Helpless, she could only sit there, still shaking with arousal as it slowly covered every surface in the room and began to move inward… toward her.

“Oh g-god… ugh… What have I done?”

>you have asked for release.>

The Watcher’s answer only frightened her more and she started to whimper and struggle under the heavy slime once again. Only now, it was useless. The ooze around her seemed to be alive. No longer was it the passive but restricting gel-like substance. Now it actively held her arms down and her thighs parted. Like a huge clear jellyfish, it rendered her immobile while the sounds below the tub increased. Suddenly, she noticed something moving around the rim of the bath, and this time, she did scream, moments before a dark, slimy, tentacle-like appendage reached around her head and neck. She expected it to cover her mouth or strangle her, but it merely held her head firmly so that she would be forced to watch as a hundred other tentacles of dark flesh rose over the sides of the tub and wriggled in around her body right through the ooze.

“Nooo! Wait, please!! I didn’t…. no! AHHH!”

The tentacles swirled around her thighs and torso, over her chest and down her belly into her lap. At her apex, they wasted little time but got right to work. She felt herself being opened, her folds lovingly parted as thought the Watcher were peeling a delicious fruit to feast on. Then it tilted her head down so she could watch as one of the appendages slowly slipped itself inside her, twisting and pulsing as it did so.

A wave of pleasure so intense that it threatened to knock her out washed up from her center and Laura gasped in shock and ecstasy. Her limbs were bound and her head held firm, so she was unable to do more than writhe and cry out as her body was finally given what it desired so much. And again the half-truth lies of the Watcher dawned on her. It was going to give her release all right. It just wasn’t going to stop.

The helpless female’s body shuddered into a second orgasm, then a third before she even had the chance to catch her breath. And the pleasure seemed only to grow and grow until Laura’s world began to gradually fade. Again and again and again she came, unceasingly, impossibly, her body willingly accepting her fate with or without her consent.