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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Book of Enoch

Chapter 13 – Partners and Lovers

“All I’m saying, Beth, is that the Captain is going to start asking questions, and he’s NOT going to like it that you’re shacked up with the man who a week ago was your primary suspect in a multiple homicide!”

Beth winced a bit and glanced over at the Professor. The man was fully engaged in his Tinkering and almost certainly missed the conversation she was having with her partner Patrick Fennel on the laptop. They decided to try to stay together as much as possible, if only for safety, and so had moved her down with a little work table of her own near Manatee’s. The video link had completely surprised Alvin, who wasn’t even aware his computer had a camera.

“Please tell me you have at least made some progress…” he asked.

“Tons, actually. Unfortunately, it’s nothing I can show to the Captain.”

“I don’t understand. Maybe if you tell me what you’ve got, I can do something from this end…”

She shook her head. “No, Pat. It’s too dangerous. Besides, if the shit starts hitting the fan, I don’t want you taking any heat for it. I HAVE to do this, and I may lose my badge for it, but you don’t.”

“What’s so damn important that you would risk giving up your career? Did that Professor finally change your mind about demons or something?”

She blinked in surprise, but couldn’t find the words to respond.

“Christ,” he continued. “That’s it, isn’t it?” The man went a little pale.


“No, Beth, listen. How long have we been working together?”

“Three years in November,” she answered, relenting.

“And in that time have I ever failed to back you up on a case?”


“Then why would you think I’d do so now?”

“This is different, Pat. It doesn’t matter if you believe me… the Captain’s not going to.”

“Gah! Forget the Captain for a minute. If this is for real, and you’re not just having a fling with Herr Professor…”


“Don’t give me that, Beth. I know you like older guys, and I read the reports you wrote on your interview with him. He’s just your cup of tea.”

She found herself blushing slightly and staring down into her lap to try to conceal the slight smile on her face.

“… If this is for real,” he continued, “then I sure hope Manatee knows his stuff, because you’re in WAY over your head.”

She was caught off guard again. “You surprise me, Patrick. I knew you were religious, but…”

“Hey, I’m fourth generation Catholic,” he said, his hands rising up into something that actually reminded her of the Madonna and she grinned. “My mother used to tell us that demons would come steal away our souls if we didn’t eat our oatmeal for breakfast.”

She laughed aloud, and then checked herself lest she disturb the Professor’s Tinkering.

“Look… Just be careful, okay? I’m no expert, but the demons the Priests told us about when I was a kid were some seriously nasty players. They scared the crap out of me. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

She sighed and had to really work to keep the emotion out of her face.

“Thanks for that, Pat. It means a lot.”

He nodded. “Anything else?”

She thought for a minute. “Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t mind being notified if any new homicides show up using the same criteria we applied before.”

“More missing nuns?”


“No problem. I can set up a running search this afternoon.”

Then an idea came to her. “Do you think you could also send me a current missing persons list, restricted to a twenty mile radius of any of the dead Sisters… or Professor Manatee’s place? Females only.”

“Sure. Care to share why?”

“Hmm, not yet. It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing you might get a few hits. Maybe it might even be enough to keep the Captain off my back for a little longer.”

“That would be good…”

“Yes it would.”

“You do know, though, that if we bring too many more bodies into this, the Captain is going to have to turn it over to the Feds…”

“I’ll risk it. I think our perps are going to stay local, and if they do, the Captain will tell the Feds they can go fuck themselves… oh, sorry.”

Her partner laughed. “You’re forgiven, child.”

“He’d never give up a case like that in his own precinct.”

“No, I don’t believe he would.”

“Alright, Pat. I’ll let you go. Thanks for… everything, especially believing in me.”

“Hey, that’s what partners are for. I’ll get you that list as soon as possible.”

“Right.” She waved and then dropped the connection.

“He really does care about you, you know.” Said the Professor without looking up from his work. Beth jumped at the sound of his voice.

“You… heard that?”

“Enough. It’s well and good that I put my full attention into my work if I am alone, but with you here…” He let the implication hang.

“So… you heard the part about…”

“You having the hots for older men?”

She scrunched up her face in embarrassment. “Yeah… I hope you’re not too bothered by that?”

He stopped what he was doing for a second and turned his head in her direction. She couldn’t even see his eyes, but she knew he must be looking at her. She found her cheeks a little warm.

“Bothered by the fact that a beautiful woman finds me, an older man, attractive? Preposterous!” He turned back to his work.

Beth bit her lip at the indirect compliment and smiled to herself.

“How are the modifications coming?” She asked, only half wanting to change the subject.

“I am… just polishing off the last one.” He replied, handing a tool to one of his helpers. The little clicking gizmo took the item and quickly ran it over to the edge of the work table where another helper then lifted it up and into the empty space on the wall where it belonged. Alvin had been right, she was already getting used to seeing the impossible little toys moving about as if alive.

She smiled and whispered to herself, “Old hat…”

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Oh nothing. Were you able to work in that other change I mentioned?”

“The one about avoiding humans?”


“I was indeed. Though I’m not sure I understand the value of telling the bullet to purposely miss human targets. That could prove… awkward in the wrong situation.”

She nodded. “I’ll risk it. These bullets are special. They’re for demons, not people. I think there’s going to be a lot more innocent lives lost, but I’d like to minimize that number any way I can.”

The Professor removed his head piece and set it on a nearby hook. “That’s very good of you, Beth.” He replied solemnly. “Here.”

He handed her an open box. Inside on display was a full set of the ornate bullets he had been working on. Each one sat in a velvet lined recession, perfectly fitted to hold the tiny works of art. Even the box itself was lined with a breathtaking metal filigree and hinged with silver clasps.

“Wow!” She said, turning it in her hands. “Seems like a waste for something that gets destroyed when we use it.”

He grunted. “Perhaps, but presentation matters, and beautiful things deserve protection.” He was staring at her when he spoke, not the ammunition, and Beth found her cheeks warming yet again.


Wandering mostly aimlessly through the backyard party, Nichole wondered if she had stayed long enough to justify asking her friend Catherine to leave and return to the dorms. Most of the crowd around her was either drunk, or well on their way, and she certainly wasn’t looking for a hookup, at least not from this group. She was just about to go search for her roommate when she spotted the girl leading a random male back into the house by the hand.

“Aww shit,” she sighed, knowing that any chance for a ride back had just diminished to zero. Typical Catherine. She’d hang out with Nichole long enough to get the attention of some stud, then vanish and leave her to find her own way home. Well, at least now that she was free, she could bail on the party. She’d call for a taxi at the supermarket out by the park.

As she let herself out the gate, she took one last look back to see if maybe Cat had changed her mind at the last second. There was no sign of her. No doubt the girl was even now in a room upstairs getting her rocks off, because that’s how it always was. It wasn’t as though she’d turn away an offer herself, as long as it wasn’t from someone who was just as likely to barf all over her during sex as give her an orgasm.

For some reason she just couldn’t get sex off her brain as she followed the road around the campus. She kept imagining her roommate in various states of ecstasy and wishing it were her getting laid that evening. But the train of thought was doing nothing to ease the ache in her nipples, or the one down lower in…

She noticed a man sitting on a bench at the edge of the park and stopped. He was facing away from her with his arms stretched along the back of the seat, slouching and staring up into the night sky. It was his seemingly totally relaxed state that had caused her to mark him in the first place, but the longer she looked at him the more he just seemed… content. Moving a little closer, she could see that he was trim, probably worked out, but not to excess. He was dressed in black jeans and a nicely matching black shirt, and had slightly scruffy black hair and fine wire glasses. In short, he had all of the characteristics that Nichole found appealing in a man.

There was no streetlight by that particular bench, and she might not have seen him at all, except that there was one point on the road where the trees broke and light could be seen from the other side. He would be virtually invisible in the darkness from any other vantage point other than the one she was now standing in. And given that the light hitting him was that of the moon, even that small window would probably be closing shortly.

Deciding to trust her intuitions, she straightened her skirt and top, pushed up her boobs, and walked a little further down the road. Then she turned and walked slowly along, sometimes looking up at the clear warm sky herself. It really was a beautiful evening out, a nicer contrast to the heat of the day when even her miniskirt and light cotton top would feel overdressed. Finally, when she was about ten meters away, the man turned his head and looked at her. Without meaning to, her lips parted in a soft sigh. The sky had nothing on this guy.

Nichole swallowed once and stepped forward until she was just in front of the bench. The man moved only his head as she approached, his face passive but friendly, his eyes never leaving hers. Finally, when she was just standing there, she saw a slight smile form in the corner of his mouth.

“Beautiful evening tonight,” she said, her heart racing like mad in her chest.

“Yes it is,” he replied, his voice soft and smooth. “Would you like to sit down, Nichole?”

Her eyes grew large. “Do… Do I know you?”

He grinned even more and she could have swooned. “Well, we’ve never been formally introduced, but we share an art class together.”

She was stunned. “We do? Which one?”

“Figure Study in Compton Hall. Two o’clock on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

She frantically searched her memory but could come up with nothing. He obviously knew HER name, and she could have kicked herself for not recalling his. He certainly didn’t seem like the kind of classmate she would have forgotten. She took a seat next to him on the bench.

“I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble placing you… Where do you usually sit?”

He chuckled softly. “In the middle.”

“Uh, in the middle where?”

“No, just in the middle, of the room.”

Suddenly it hit her what he was talking about and she knew exactly who he was.

“You’re one of our models! You’re one of our…”

“Nude… models, yes.”

She briefly covered her face with her hand. “Oh my god. I… I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you.”

“Well, I am usually wearing a different suit…”

She laughed aloud at his joke and then blushed. She was quite familiar with his other suit. She should be. In the past month Nichole had had the pleasure of studying and drawing every inch of the man… EVERY single glorious inch.

“It’s Rick, right?”

He inclined his chin just slightly.

“But, since we’ve never been introduced, how did you know my name?”

“Well, you’ve seen me walk around and look at the sketches at the end of class, yes?”

She got it. “You look at the signatures.”

“Two for two.”

“So what brings you out here on a park bench in the middle of the night? Aren’t you afraid you might get mugged or something?”

“I can take care of myself, but I might ask you the same question.” He looked over at her above his glasses. It was a long look. “You’re dressed awfully nice for a stroll in the night air…”

“I was coming home from a party.”



He looked confused. “I wouldn’t think a girl like you would have much trouble finding a date.”

“Huh? Oh… Oh! No, it’s not like that! I mean, I wasn’t looking to, er… rather…”

He chuckled. “Hey, it’s all right. It doesn’t really matter.”

“I suppose not.”

There was a slightly uncomfortable silence, during which Nichole found herself sweating and nervous, but she couldn’t pin why. When he finally spoke again, she jumped slightly.



“Do you want to kiss me?”

Her breath caught. How could he know that was what she was indeed thinking at that very moment? Suddenly, she felt a little light headed, almost cloudy. She blamed her racing heart and the near inability to get enough oxygen. Her mind flashed through a rapid series of personal rules and safety lectures from her youth, but they all got muddled together and cast aside, almost as though a part of her mind was in rebellion. Did she want to kiss Rick? YES! Hell, she wanted to take him home and do a lot more than kiss!

But there was one small part of her that was resisting… warning her. It was telling her that her decision was more important than she realized, and that she should consider it carefully. For a second, she wavered…

“Yes…” she whispered… and the rest of the world seemed to flow into the darkness.

He slowly brought his arm around and removed his glasses. Holding her gaze he said, “Then go ahead.”

Her mind seemed flooded with cotton and lust. Her whole body was nearly shaking with desire for the near stranger on the bench next to her. Without even realizing it, she scooted over a bit closer, then closer still. She leaned forward even as he tilted his head so as to perfectly match their mouths when they met… And then they did.

It was wonderful. His lips were soft and gentile, his tongue playful, yet undemanding. His sweet breath seemed to mingle with her clipped moans of pleasure and travel deep into her lungs, filling her with a warmth that caused her to shudder softly.

More… she wanted more.

Bringing up her hands, she found the sides of his face and chin. She held him against her as the kiss gradually built in intensity and depth. She opened her mouth fully to his, reveling in the feel of his full tongue sliding against hers, thrusting in an odd intercourse all its own. She felt him turning his body toward hers slightly, so she should have expected his touch. But she groaned with pleasure when his hand found her hip, pressing against her firmly. He very subtly urged her pelvis to move, which she did, and then saw a few moments later how very much the gentle rocking resembled the the rhythms of sex and nearly fainted.

In her lap, she felt herself grow dangerously wet. Her panties would already be sopping, and in a few more moments she would be leaving wet spots on her miniskirt, if she wasn’t already. But she didn’t care. She wanted the kiss to go on forever… she wanted more.

As though reading her mind, his hand slipped from her hip and moved up under the edge of her loose shirt, coming to rest on her bare waist. She shivered with the feel of his fingers on her naked skin, and moaned against him, urging him on. His hand silently slipped along her torso, higher and higher. She knew at once where it was headed, and she pushed closer, her passion rising with each and every second.

When his fingers first brushed the underside of her left breast, she finally had to break free of his kiss, if only to breathe.

“Ughnnmmm…” She moaned, her eyes closed to his light caresses. His fingers were growing bolder however, first a thumb casually slipping over the hard point of her nipple, then a light squeeze. It felt absolutely delicious, but she knew she had better let the man know her intentions soon or they’d end up having sex on a park bench.

Then suddenly, she had a very wicked thought. Why not? It was dark here, the shadows would completely obscure their actions from the street. The warm summer wind was blowing north into the valley, so it was unlikely anyone would hear them either. It was possible that someone else might yet decide to take a walk through the park at 2 a.m., but she doubted it. It was so unlike her normal reserved self, yet it was perfect! She couldn’t have asked for a more secluded outdoor place or a better looking man to do it with, that was for sure. Why should Catherine be the only one to have fun tonight? She opened her eyes and looked at the man, her slightly lax mouth still panting with arousal.

“Make love to me… right here,” she whispered.

He paused for only a moment, then smiled.

“Stand up,” he requested.

She swallowed once and then did so. He slowly reached out and took her hand, urging her to move more in front of him. His legs were in the way, and and so at the last second she went to step over them, but he surprised her by parting his own thighs. The result was that she ended up standing between them, directly before the man. He let go of her hand and brought his other up, together they alighted on the outsides of her upper thighs, just below the hem of her miniskirt. His touch sent electric tingles up into her lap, and she started breathing hard. When his fingers began to drift upward under the garment, she was just about ready to faint.

He teased her then, tracing the edges of her panties with his fingers, tickling her and causing little tremors of ecstasy to run up her body. He send his digits curling around her buttocks, cupping her, then let them drift up another few inches, just touching her with his nails.

“Ahhh…!” She gasped and almost went weak in the knees. She had always been extremely ticklish there, and she squirmed slightly to evade his tormenting touch. Finally, he traced the top band of her panties around until his fingers had reached opposite sides of her hips. Then he curled inward, just dipping under the band.

When she realized what he was up to, she hardly had time to react before he was gently, slowly, drawing the garment down her thighs.

“Oh god…” She moaned, the arousal nearly overwhelming her. In a moment, the undergarment was looped around her ankles and he was lifting her feet one by one out of them. She could hardly believe that this was really happening – that she was about to do something so uncharacteristically rebel. But it felt oh so right… so amazingly good. She wanted it to happen with all her mind and soul.

He reached up and found her face once again, drawing her forward and down. When she ran into the edge of the bench, she was forced to put out her hands and bend at the waist. She grasped the back of the bench with her hands as he kissed her again, drawing out her lust and almost causing her to forget the fact that she was no longer wearing undergarments… at least until he broke their kiss and smiled. She was panting when she felt his knee pressing between her thighs, urging her to open up to him. She hesitated for only a moment, then stepped outside his own legs again. His hands were running down her body, her sides, all the way to her rear. She thought that he would pull her up into his lap, but he surprised her yet again by slowly shaking his head.

“Not yet…” he said cryptically. “Come closer… onto the bench on your knees. But stay upright. That’s it…”

She had to straddle the man as she did as asked, her heart pounding like a huge drum. When her knees were up on the bench, he pulled her forward against him, their bodies pressing together so that her breasts were pushed up into his face. He rubbed his cheeks playfully over the mounds like a cat and made her shudder again. He kissed her nipples through the cotton shirt and caused them to become even more pronounced. Finally, he grinned wickedly and started to slouch even further.

She was confused, and watched him move lower on the bench until all at once she understood and her eyes grew wide. He kissed and suckled her abdomen as he slowly moved lower and lower until he passed her belly button and the top band of her skirt.

There, he let his hands come around to rest on her hips while he moved his face under the pleated folds of the garment.

“Oh god,” she whispered, knowing that he was now staring at her bare sex in preparation to…

His hot breath fell over the soft hairs of her Mons and she gasped. A moment later there was a single light kiss on her lower lips which nearly took her breath away. Her fingers gripped the back of the bench with enough force to cause her knuckles to go white, and her mouth opened in wonderful shock as he placed another kiss on her flower, then another, and another. The kisses grew bolder, alighting for longer against her moist cleft. She felt his tongue flick out and slip along her and she moaned in wonderful arousal. His kisses turned to slow suckles, then languid licks. Finally, his hands reached around her buttocks and drew her forward against him as his slippery tongue eased right into her.

“UGHN!” She groaned, in wonderful torment. “Ughnnn…. UGHMMMM! Y-yesss….”

With smooth, slow pulses, the man licked the depths of her tunnel as far as the muscle could reach, letting the bulk of its base ride up and flick the jewel of her clit with each repetition. Her whole body began to twitch and tremble as her inflamed passion quickly grew. Higher and higher he pushed her, never increasing the pace of his attentions, until she was gasping and fighting to even draw a full breath.

“Ughn… Ughnn! Oh.. AH! UGHNN! Ohmygod…UGHMM!” Her hips shifted and rolled against the wonderful feel of his mouth, and Nichole felt her belly begin to tighten as the growing rumble of an approaching orgasm built quickly and spread through her body. Her face flushed with blood as she held back, trying to prolong the blissful sensations as long as possible, knowing that each second longer she could wait would multiply the final wave all the more.


A wet rush of pleasure convulsed through her as her climax finally snapped up from her sex and buried her mind in overpowering ecstasy. It was easily the best orgasm she’d had in her entire life, and she found herself laughing when she was finally able to breathe again. In fact, she was nearly squealing with over-stimulation as her lover continued his fiery ministrations unabated.

“AHH! Haaa! Ughnn! OH! Ummmm… No f-f-fair! Hahaha! UGHNN! UGHMMMM!” She called out, enjoying his enthusiasm and the game of trying to make her come again that she knew he was playing. She closed her eyes and just let him work her while she continued to put up a mock resistance. And it was a game Rick was winning. To her surprise, her body was already heating up towards a second giant blast of pleasure. It surprised her because she rarely came more than once during a night of sex. It was a minor miracle that a man was able to get her off at all. Nichole did not come easy… except for tonight it seemed.

She all but screamed into the warm night air as her body flushed with pleasure and spasmed in bliss again. This time, her orgasm seemed even more wet than the first, with runnels of her juices flowing down the insides of her thighs like molten iron cooling in the open air.

Her model lover had changed his tactics, but still had not slowed in his sport. Now his tongue was lapping inside, from the bottom up, and it seemed, greatly adding to the overall slickness of her tunnel. Did he really think he could get her off a third time?! And yet, her hips continued to gently roll against his face, seemingly caught in the rhythm so long as he himself did not stop.

“Ugh…mmmm… a-again?… ughnn! I… I… ca-ca-CAAAHHHH! UGHHHNN!”

His tongue felt so deep, sliding well up inside her, its soft slickness touching her in places and in ways that left her utterly stunned and dizzy. She seemed so incredibly wet, and could feel more slow trails of honey inching down her thighs. Below her, she could hear the man making slurping noises as he just went on and on.

“AHH! AHH! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!! UGHNNN! UGHNNNN! AHHHHH!”

Her wail of ecstasy was pulled by the summer winds into the valley and lost. Nichole gasped and shuddered and tossed her head back and forth against the impossible pleasure. Three times, and each orgasm had been even more intense than the last. Sweat poured down her body, even as the man continued. She had to stop him if for no other reason than she was likely to pass out on top of him if he made her come any more. She first started to think something might be wrong when she realized that her body was still reacting. Even her very best solo sessions had never netted her more than two orgasms, and here she was working on her fourth… And working fast! Already her hips were clipping and faltering to the feel of him inside her. There was also the wetness. She was embarrassed to say that she sometimes squirted during orgasm, but this was well beyond even that. Her thighs felt slick with her juices, and it was almost as though the wetness from her lap had moved up as well as down, like runnels of the thick honey were slowly climbing up her belly.

She opened her eyes to cry Uncle, when she saw what was below her. What had been the handsome man, was now a flowing, roiling mass of thick black liquid. But it was unlike any liquid she had ever seen, since it could move on its own, like some giant black jellyfish. Part of it was pushed under her skirt and was obviously responsible for the stimulation that was even now going on in her sex, but another part had reached up and surrounded her hands on the bench. She tried to pull back, away from the vile living oil, but the substance resisted as though her fingers were stuck in some kind of sticky dough. She found her legs to be similarly trapped on the bench, meaning that she couldn’t even close her thighs against what the rest of the thing was continuing to do at her sex.

“Oh my god! Ughnn! W-What is this?! AHH! R-R-ick?! Ughnmmm! H-help! Someone hel…UGHNN!”

She couldn’t pull away, and and she couldn’t resist against the deep, flowing cunnilingus. Her body was, even now, still pumping away atop the horrific lover, her rising passion building toward yet another impossible orgasm. Frantic, she pulled and thrashed to break free, but the slick black creature was strong… And it also appeared to be consuming her.

She could see now, as well as feel, the runnels of black honey that were climbing over and under her shirt. Like a hundred fine fingers, the tendrils of pleasure gradually worked their way over her belly and abdomen, then up her torso. They were behind her as well, slipping around her rear and climbing her back. All around her the trails of warm black death swirled and combined. Higher and higher the mass traveled, and as it did, so also did Nichole’s arousal. She couldn’t focus. Her mind was dizzy with lust and numb with sexual overload. She knew she had to break free, that her very life was at stake, but she no longer had the will or the strength to resist.

She nearly came again when the tendrils encompassed her breasts, hungrily enveloping her nipples in swirling bliss, and it only took moments to encase her shoulders and continue up her neck towards her face. Even as she felt the fine tentacles of black passion reaching around her head and into her ears, even as it slipped up into her nostrils and into her open mouth, even with death reaching over her eyes and closing off her view of the beautiful stars that night, still she was surprised and enraptured by the orgasm that sealed the deal.