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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Book of Enoch

Chapter 7 – Seduction

Two days later, Beth still hadn’t come up with any leads. The other references in the crime database had been dead-ends. Either they were listed as unsolved murders with little or no more information, or they had been closed as suicides. Only one held any promise, but it had occurred almost ten years prior and had only a vague reference to ‘some form of slime’ covering the victim. Whoever he was, he’d been at it for a long time.

Washing her hair, Beth savored the extra hot water on her knotted back while she showered in her apartment. The place wasn’t much, but it was in a decent neighborhood and had a vaulted ceiling. It was a serious bitch getting all her stuff up three flights of stairs, especially the ‘California King’ bed and mattress, but it was worth it. She just loved the openness. It made you think you were getting a lot more for your money. She’d probably change her mind when she moved some day, but for now, laying on her big bed and staring up into the open rafters was one of the few perks she had.

Absentmindedly, she thought of the Professor’s loft. Aside from the oddities on the ground floor, his three-story home was incredibly nice. She wasn’t quite the bibliophile that he was, but she could really appreciate the library/office. It’d be great to be able to just leave a current research project on a big table or desk that you didn’t need to clear in order to make dinner. Her stomach rumbled at the thought of the food he had prepared. It was probably the best thing she had eaten in months, and she wondered where their odd little relationship would have gone had she not basically accused him of being a murdering rapist. No. She shook that line of thinking from her head. She had pretty much burned that bridge to the ground.

Stepping from the shower, she wrapped a towel around her damp body and intended on making some toast with jam before getting dressed. It was her libido’s way of rebelling against having the fantasy shut down. She was halfway across the large, cotton spiral rug on her floor when her foot caught. The floor covering was definitely on its last legs and should have been replaced years ago. Loops of the rug kept braking free and tripping her in the night, but she hated to walk barefoot on a cold hardwood floor so she had left the thing on her ‘replace as soon as possible’ list until she had some extra cash. Of course, there was always something that took priority, and the disheveled mat had been repaired by hand a number of times.

So she wasn’t surprised when she found her foot stuck in what she assumed was a loop of the thing, but when she couldn’t disentangle her limb, she sighed and vowed to move the ragged decoration up to her ‘critical’ list. Then, looking down, she frowned in confusion. Her foot was certainly caught, but it wasn’t a piece of the rug that was looped around her ankle, it was something completely alien. It also seemed to be alive.

Slowly, over the next few seconds, her brain adjusted from what she expected to see, to what was actually under her. The old mat on her floor had been replaced by a writhing mass of what looked like headless white eels. It felt like eels as well, and Beth yelped and would have jumped away except that both of her feet had been wrapped up now, effectively binding her to the ground. Below her, the slippery floor of tangled flesh was slowly unknotting so that her feet slipped downward and disappeared from view. Her ankles and lower calves followed shortly after.

“Oh my god, what the fuck IS this? Get off of me!” She fought to free herself, but the agitated tendrils of pale muscle seemed single-minded in their effort to gradually pull her downward into what seemed to be a bottomless well. Somehow, her mind understood that this was impossible; that the thing on her floor couldn’t be more than a few inches deep without existing in the apartment downstairs as well. Yet, there she was, now sunk almost to her knees. When she saw that several tentacles were reaching up her legs, trying to get a grip on the towel, she squealed and leaned away, not wanting to touch the slimy-looking things. But she obviously couldn’t go anywhere and nearly put her balance off enough to topple her in the effort. A second later one of the tendrils managed to snag a corner and tugged the wrap loose from her bare body where it fell to the surface of the pit and was almost instantly drawn down into the mass and out of view. Naked and nearly panicked, Beth was helpless as her calves and knees sank into the warmth. Staring down at her own nude body, she had a sudden realization – she had seen this before…

The etching. What was happening to her was exactly like that of the etching she had inadvertently turned to in a book at the home of Professor Manatee. Only now it was real, and it was her who was sinking into a pit of pleasure. Somehow she knew that the long tentacles slowly curling around her thighs and hungrily drawing her downward had only one purpose… To arouse her. In a few moments she would be hip-deep in the slithering mass, and those same slick tendrils would be turning their attention to her apex. She vividly recalled the expression on the face of the trapped girl in the etching. Torturous pleasure. Inescapable ecstasy. Unless she were able to find a way out very quickly, that girl would soon be her.

Beth scanned the room around her for anything that might help her as inch by inch her still dripping body gradually sank from view. There was nothing. She was about to give up hope when she noticed her purse. Her cell phone! If she could just make a call, then maybe they could get to her before… before whatever came after the etching.

Leaning forward, she reached in the direction of the bag. It seemed an impossible distance away, but she felt her legs move slightly and the distance grew shorter. Some of the tendrils were climbing her upper thighs now, winding around and upward as though they had lost patience and were eager to reach her sex ahead of the others. They were strong like snakes, but also flexed and bulged like the body of a slug. She swallowed, trying unsuccessfully to avoid imagining what it was going to feel like to have those tendrils sliding into her… fucking her.

“Shit! Come on….” She said to herself, her hands only a few inches from the bag. Suddenly, a half dozen tentacles shot up out of the mass and wound around her wrists and lower arms. Immediately she felt them pulling her free limbs down and away from her only chance at escape.

“NO! Oh god! HELP!!”

Her voice rang out in panic, echoing through her small apartment. She knew her time was quickly running out as the first of the pale tentacles reached her apex and begin to probe and stroke her labia. The instant wash of sexual arousal could not be denied, nor was she able to push the invading organism away now that her arms had been dragged uselessly to her sides. Already, her hands were vanishing into the swirling maelstrom of living flesh. A few moments later she found herself nearly sitting on the surface, and dozens more tendrils reached up and slithered around her hips and waist, up between her buttocks, and over and into the petals of her womanhood.

“NOOO! Please… no! Ughnnn….” She begged to the ear-less creature that hungrily enveloped her pelvic region as though the thousands of individual tendrils were all part of a single entity. In pulsing, sucking motions, the tentacles moved her body – undulating her deeper into the mass which had tightened around her as if excited by the coming meal. She could feel them trying to draw her thighs apart and she clenched her muscles to keep her legs together. But the monster consuming her was clever. It teased her sex, stroking over her clitoris and through her outer labia with its slippery appendages. It sucked at her in quick pulses that caused her to lose her focus and tense her body convulsively. Unfortunately, she also relaxed momentarily after, and it was during those times that her thighs were gradually being forced apart, exposing her for more complete access. She knew that once it had her positioned to its liking, the foreplay would be over…

Already, Beth’s body was reacting against her will. Even through the revulsion she felt at the limbs molesting her, there was a quickly rising sense of arousal. The creature was playing upon her own natural response to sexual stimulation; the uncontrollable instincts that took over when a female was caressed a certain way or touched in certain places. Even knowing that she was being raped, she was helpless against the growing desire to give in and let the pleasure take her. She fought, but she knew that every time she struggled, resisting, it only weakened her already aching muscles, allowing the creature to gain more and more control. Her whole torso bobbed up and down as the mass or tendrils engulfed her to her bellybutton. By that time, her thighs had been pried wide open, and her own hips had begun to rock back and forth beneath the surface. They had been tricked into the sexual undulation by a soft, sucking caress to her jewel every second or so. Each time, she tensed and shifted to escape the fiery pleasure that washed up her belly until after a less than a minute her hips had taken on the motion all on their own. Of course, any movement she made only caused the slippery tendrils at her sex to shift and slide, stimulating her all the more.

“Oh g-god…” she moaned as her breathing turned into a series of staccato gasps. She was trembling, and her heart raced in her chest in fear for her life, but also because she knew she was loosing the battle to control herself. It scared her that she was going to have an orgasm in the clutches of something so foul and obviously evil… That she could be enslaved by her own lust so easily.

Finally, she felt a number of tendrils opening her, pulling back her gates, knowing that on the next sucking convulsion of the mass around her; the next pulsing rhythm of her hips, it was going to come inside her.

“Ughnnn! N-n-no!.. UGH! UGHNNN!” At the last moment, it paused. The tip of the phallic limb pressed right to the entrance of her open flower… and waited. It was playing yet another trick on her, forcing Beth herself to make the final move that would draw it inside. She knew that this was her one last chance to resist and break the strange erotic spell that held her, but it was already beyond her. The creature had done its work well and her passion soaked brain was incapable of holding her pelvis still against the wave of lust that filled her. Knowing that it most likely sealed her doom, Beth allowed her hips to thrust forward and plunged the creature to her depths.

Instantly, the motion of the tendrils took on a new intensity; drawing her body up and down in a faster, more powerful rhythm. The tentacles within her sex were drawn in and out in long, sharp thrusts that literally took her breath away. Her back arched, and her head went back as incredible pleasure brought flashes of light to the edges of her vision. Almost at once, Beth felt the slightly nauseous sensation in her belly of an approaching orgasm and started to panic. There was nothing holding it back now. It was going to make her come just like the girl in the etching; over and over and over… and there was nothing she could do to resist.

“AHHHHH!” Her high-pitched scream was both in fear and ecstasy as her mind tumbled into timelessness. Her whole body bucked and shuddered for nearly a full minute as her orgasm replaced any and all conscious thought.

When at last she was once again able to think for herself, she felt as though she had just run a marathon. She was no longer just damp, she was soaked, both with sweat, and with the slippery coating from the tentacles. Her hair was plastered to her face, and her breathing was labored. And, although the phallic tentacles that had fucked her into a stupor had slipped out of her, she also noticed that she was sinking again.

Another two inches of her slick midriff was engulfed by the pale fingers of pleasure before she slowed and stopped. And just as before, the tendrils began to slowly tease her gates; stroking her clitoris until her hips once again picked up the rhythm of intercourse. She moaned, knowing that the seduction would be much quicker this time. It wouldn’t take long at all to draw her passion anew. Just as the first time, it let her lust build until she was nearly shaking with need before opening her. And right on cue, it brought itself right up to her flower and paused.

“N-n-noooo! Please!…. ughnnnn!” She whimpered, finally understanding the trap she was in. Each time she had an orgasm the devilish creature would let her body sink down a little further into itself. And each time, it would be her choice to do so. Beth held on for as long as she could, her face becoming a mask of painful resistance. She clenched her eyes shut and tried to force the erotic torture to the back of her mind. Inevitably, her hips moved the tiniest bit against the tip of the waiting phallus and a jolt of pleasure rolled up her body. That was all it took, and her pelvis rocked forward in one smooth, deep motion, taking as much of the tentacles as possible within her trembling sex. She uttered a long sigh of delight, almost laughing at the relief before her face once again morphed slowly into panicked ecstasy as the creature resumed its deadly rape.

When it came, Beth’s orgasm hit her so hard that she very nearly broke her own neck as she convulsed. The white hot flash in her vision was far stronger, as was the loss of strength. By the time the creature had slipped out of her again, she was submerged in the pale mass to just below her breasts. Her eyes were half-lidded with over-stimulation and her mind was soggy and slow. But her tormentor wasted no time and began its next wave of teasing kisses to her jewel.

Beth could do little more than sob and gasp as she was forced into the deadly pattern for the third time. Her body was no longer hers to control, and like a puppet she felt her hips take to the undulation without resistance. With her torso so far down, however, the creature now had new toys to play with in the form of her breasts. Dozens of long slick fingers curled over the mounds at her chest, sensuously caressing her nipples, which brought forth a deeply guttural moan of primal lust from the girl. She was so caught up in the new sensations that she was only able to resist for the briefest of seconds when the moment of choice came. Her orgasm was not nearly as intense as the last, but carried on much longer.

Now, her body was consumed to the tops of her breasts, and she felt right away that her nipples were being exploited to their fullest without pause. Her hips had never even broken rhythm, and were still pumping slowly against her slippery lover as though they knew what was coming. Regardless, the organism sent pulsing strokes to the swollen bud of her clitoris, locking in her fateful cadence. And crying out weakly, there was no pause at all this time as Beth willingly, hungrily, took the tendrils to her center. Just before she came yet again, she knew that the evil surrounding her body had won. She could no longer resist in the slightest, and in only two or three more orgasms her face would slip beneath the surface of the pale tentacles and she would suffocate.

Her fear was confirmed when she regained her composure, or what was left of it. She was chin-deep, and her hips were still slowly fucking the insatiable monster around her. The next orgasmic cycle would be her last. Thoroughly held helpless, she looked feebly at her empty apartment, knowing that no one was going to rescue her. She was about to be consumed by the erotic apparition that had somehow invaded her life and seduced her body completely. She knew that when the time came, that she would willingly take the slippery death inside her. She would do so automatically, without hesitation… even wanting it.

And as if on cue, she felt the first feathery kiss against her pearl. The cycle had started.

“… nooo… ugh! ummm!….” she sobbed, aware her time was short. She was powerless to resist the pattern of lust that gripped her. As if in one final act of torment, the creature slowed its devilish touch, causing Beth’s hips to falter in their rhythm and she gasped. The following stroke against her was even later, almost as though it were purposefully slowing her down. Each time it touched her center she jerked violently, her hips spasming to escape the white hot pleasure. But now, the motion of her pelvis had been slowed to a deep rocking that repeated at an agonizing pace every four seconds or so. The torture seemed to go on and on, never changing, and never letting her get aroused enough to put her over the edge. Whimpering in frustration, Beth’s tired body was too exhausted to do more than shudder as it was mercilessly teased and tormented. Her legs burned with use and lack of energy even as her hips forced them to continue the gentle rocking undulations. She tossed her head back and forth in erotic anguish even as the fingers of her phantom lover found her center and once again drew her petals slowly open, readying her for penetration. Any second now she would feel the touch of the pulsing appendages at her womanhood. She understood that once they were within her it would seal her fate. But it was a fate she welcomed now. Anything would be better than the hell she was in. Her hips undulated back again, and again, each time she expected to thrust forward and take her lover deeply. What was it waiting for? Why would it not finish her?

Finally, after an eternity, she felt the hot flesh at her gates as she brought her hips back one more time. She was just about to finish the motion when there was a crashing ringing in her ears that nearly knocked her unconscious. The moment was suddenly broken and she felt the warm flesh around her evaporating. As her body was freed, she heard herself screaming, in fear, but also in terrible frustration at having been denied her release. Now unbound, her naked form was falling into darkness, faster and faster into an empty pit.

With a huge gasp, Beth sat straight up in her bed, her nude body drenched with perspiration. She was staring wide-eyed at her darkened apartment, trying to get a grasp of what had just happened when her cell phone rang for the second time causing her to jump. Her phone? How? And what had happened to the monster on her floor? She let the phone ring a third time as she caught her breath and peered over the edge of her mattress at the simple cotton rug. It looked anything but the twisting mass of flesh she had been about to perish in.

She was still shaking, but she snagged the device from the side of her bed on the fourth ring and answered the very late-night call with both dread and happiness. She was glad to be out of the nightmare, but knew that almost any time she got a phone call at two in the morning it meant that she was needed at in the office.

“Hello,” she answered weakly.

There was a pause before she heard a man’s voice. “Miss LaHeron? Please don’t hang up!”

Recognizing the rather gravely tenor she was shocked. “Professor Manatee?”

“Please forgive my calling at such an ungodly hour…”

Beth nearly laughed aloud with joy.

“No… It’s alright. Really. I was having a… lousy night anyway. Nightmares.” It was then that she reached over and turned on her table lamp. With the light on she was able to get a better look at herself. It wasn’t just sweat that covered her. Her entire body was literally coated with thick slime. “Oh my god!

“Miss LaHeron?”

“Oh shit… oh shit… This can’t be real…. no…” She was shaking her head in denial of what she was seeing. The substance covering her was exactly like the slippery lubricant in her dream, and the wet and tingly sensations from her lap left her feeling queasy. Was it all real? Was she really raped nearly to death by some horrendous organism? She felt exhausted, but nothing like she had in her nightmare.


The use of her first name brought her momentarily out of the panic that was slowly raising her blood pressure and fear. “Please help me! Oh my god, it can’t be real! Please, Alvin, what’s going on?!”

“Where are you?!”

“I’m at home… but the floor… that… THING!”

The Professor’s voice was urgent but calm. “Beth, where is your apartment? I can’t help you unless you tell me where to go.”

“The Park District,” she replied, giving him the exact address.

“Beth, I want you to listen carefully. It’s very important that you do NOT leave the apartment. In fact, don’t do anything. I assume you are in bed?”

“Yes,” she answered as she stared at the rug on the floor. “But I need a shower…. I have to get this stuff off…”

“NO!… No. I know it’s hard, but it’s critical that you stay where you are. Stay in the bed. Don’t shower, don’t eat, don’t use the toilet… Just stay there. I’m on my way right now, but you must not leave the bed until I get there. I want you to count out loud. Nice and slow. Just think about the numbers and keep counting. I’m about five minutes away…”

“Okay. I think I can do that.”

“I know you can. I’ll be there soon. Don’t get out of bed until I knock on the door and identify myself. And under no circumstance should you do anything before you reach at least 250, do you understand? No matter what or who you hear, even if it’s me, do not get out of bed until you have counted to 250. Got it?”

“I… Yes. I can do that.”

“Good girl. It’s going to be alright. Start counting now.”

“Please hurry…” she whispered.

“I am.” There was a click and the phone went dead.

Beth looked around the room fearfully. Even though it looked the same, everything was somehow different now. Count he had said… So she began counting.